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Annual report 2018 National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture (NIPOS)
Lázňovská, Lenka
Základním posláním NIPOS je podpora rozvoje kultury, především rozvoje kulturněspolečenských a tvůrčích aktivit občanů v místech a regionech, se zřetelem k oblasti neprofesionálních uměleckých aktiv. NIPOS je odborným pracovištěm pro amatérské umění, pro rozvoj dětských estetických aktivit a mládeže a pro rezortní statistiku. Je odborným garantem řady uměleckých přehlídek.
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Normalization-era cinematography in Czech current television broadcasting
Jabůrek, Václav ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Cebe, Jan (referee)
There are lots of studies about normalization cinematography, its content or historical context of its creation. But there was no research about its presence in post-communist television broadcast in the Czech Republic. This work takes a look on five biggest TV channels - ČT1, ČT2, Nova, Prima and Barrandov - in eight chosen years between 1994 and 2015. Content analysis shows, how are Czech televisions dealing with movies and series from communist era, and whether there are any long-term trends connected with this genre. Thanks to the research method, we can see how the usage of those titles has developed up to present. Study also focuses on programmes during weekends and holidays and the amount of normalization movies on these occasions. One part of this work is dealing with communist propaganda and its presence in current broadcast. As Harald Welzer's studies show, old movies are hugely affecting people's understanding of historical events. Therefore, this survey focuses on Czechoslovak movies, which are falsifying modern history such as TV series Thirty Cases of Major Zeman or comedy Bourlive vino. Apart from those cases, less propagandistic movies have also been examined. For example those showing idealized image of normalization society and values of the former regime.
Statistika & My (č. 1/2019): měsíčník Českého statistického úřadu
Český statistický úřad
Měsíčník informující o aktuálním dění v Českém statistickém úřadě. Přináší analýzy, komentáře, výsledky statistických šetření realizovaných a organizovaných ČSÚ, statistické údaje o ČR, jejich obyvatelích včetně mezinárodního srovnání. Uveřejňuje informace o ediční činnosti úřadu, odborných úspěších pracovníků, již uskutečněných a plánovaných tiskových konferencích, seminářích, akcích a dalších aktivitách.
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Diagnosis of game performance by statistical analysis in ice hockey
Baláž, Matúš ; Arnošt, Pavel (advisor) ; Vojta, Zdeněk (referee)
Aim of the thesis The aim of this thesis is to show usage of analysis of basic and advanced statistics to evaluate the game performance in ice-hockey. Using this analysis can be more accurate because it is based on facts. This statement is compared with evaluation of the game performance by the experts that used direct observing method. The main aim of this thesis is to bring this idea to the Czech ice-hockey community which can be helpful to improve the club hockey in Czech Republic or improve Czech ice-hockey itself. Methods of thesis The method of analysis of statistical data to evaluate the game performance is used in this diploma thesis. Statistical data were acquired by indirect watching of video records of the games. This analysis is compared with method of direct observing of the game to evaluate the game performance which was used by experts. Conclusion By analyzing current situation in evaluating the game performance it was found out that many teams are still using method of direct observing to evaluate the game performance. In practical part of the thesis the experts after using method of direct observing of the game came up with different conclusions. In comparison with statistical analysis conclusions of the experts are not based on facts. In the discussion the experts talk that...
Prediction of Betting Odds Based on Logistic Regression
JANDA, Pavel
Betting odds in various areas of human life is becoming very popular. This Bachelor's Thesis deals with the prediction of betting odds based on logistic regression. This work describes general information about betting odds, the history of betting odds both here in the Czech Republic and abroad, the forms of betting odds, who is a bookmaker and how betting odds are created. There are 3 sets of data. Specifically, it is the advantage of the home ground, the pre-match table and previous matches. Data is processed by lo-gistic regression to predict betting odds. The three above conditions are included in the Statistica program, which calculates the probability of each variant based on logistic regression. The results from the Statistica program are then compared to the actually listed betting odds.
Diversity dynamics across scales
Macháč, Antonín ; Storch, David (advisor) ; Remeš, Vladimír (referee) ; Ricklefs, Robert (referee)
Charles University, Prague Diversity dynamics across scales Antonin Machac 2018 Abstract Diversity dynamics remain controversial. It has been suggested that the dynamics are expansionary, such that the number of species across regions and clades increases constantly. However, the opposite has also been suggested, namely that species numbers are relatively stable, following equilibrial dynamics. Both views (expansionary and equilibrial) have been supported by compelling phylogenetic, biogeographic, and fossil evidence and, currently, it remains largely unclear how the two seemingly conflicting views could be reconciled. My dissertation addresses this question, based on the premise that diversity dynamics change systematically with scale. Specifically, I hypothesize that expansionary dynamics typify regionally distributed, small, and young clades whose diversity tends to expand, driven by a variety of regionally relevant factors (e.g. habitat-level adaptation, biotic interactions, or montane shifts leading to ecological divergence and speciation). Conversely, equilibrial dynamics typify large, ancient, and globally distributed clades, whose diversity is environmentally limited (e.g. by the total amount of resources that can sustain only a limited number of populations and species). Consequently, it seems...
Mathematical and Statistical Methods as Support of the Development of Software Applications
Medek, Jiří ; Šustrová, Tereza (referee) ; Novotná, Veronika (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focus on the analysis of development of financial indicators and selected items from profit and loss account. Analysis is realized using time series and regression analysis. Part of thesis is developing application that allows automation of calculations and graphical display of calculated values.
Comparison of patent law in the EU countries
This Diploma thesis, called "Comparison of patent law in the EU countries", deals with legislation of invention patents and their protection in selected countries such as Germany and the Czech Republic. Within Europe there is an attempt to harmonize the legislation in the field of intellectual property rights in all member countries and to create a unified legal system. A patent is the most important object in protection of industrial property. The secondary objective of this thesis is focused on the identification of the re-sponsible authorities and to determine the financial and time requirements for obtaining a patent. Next major objective is the evaluation of the use of the patent protection within the Czech and German universities, research organizations and private companies and then their transfer of technologies. The practical part contains the analysis of both selected countries from the per-spective of patent law, valid legislation, the responsible institutions and patent statistics for the last ten years. Additional chapter discusses the results of research and development in the university environment at three universities in the Czech Republic and Germany. The analysis is focused in particular on the procedure of obtaining a patent, then also the influence of the local authorities. The comparison of these two countries has revealed some certain similarities, but also striking differences between them. The Czech Republic is currently also slowly dis-covering the benefits of patent protection, but the results can be evaluated only after some time interval.

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