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The Grid
Gajdošík, Andreas ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Krekovič, Slavomír (advisor)
Work aims at consequences of fully developed infrastructure of web 2.0 and its wide social acceptance, which with cheap computing power leads to massive data interpretation. In relation to that this work uses public Facebook's data about user activity at right wing oriented Facebook pages which gathers and statisticaly analyzes. Result is then showed at web page which is designed to look close to the look of extreme right wing webs. Positive first sight impression of right wing sympathizers is then eroded with not so good empirical statistics. Under 100 users are commenting quite often so this right wing craziness looks like a small movement in the end. Therefore Grid stands somewhere between amateur sociol research and artistic intervention into public media space.
Diploma work
Němec, Jakub ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Mikyta, Svätopluk (advisor)
The aim of my work is to reflect expression coincidence that reflects the theoretical basis of cellular automata and quantum mechanics. I think that art should point to examples of accurate knowledge and in this way spread among potential viewers. This is how I try to get closer to the subjective utopian society WERP-VEGA. I am not entirely convinced that fine arts can change the political situation or address fundamental civilization complications, but I believe that art is able to predict freely one of the possible scenarios of the future because one is only able to do what he can imagine.
Vrba, Martin ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
Presented work tries to reflect the structure of human world, which is able to create an overman as an artificial intelligence through its self-destructive tendency. It investigates the possibilities of our imagination and if we are able to think about artificial intelligence as a sui generis continuation of human species. Hand in hand it tries to create a tension between particular ethico-political decisions and subsequent binding structure, which they implies.
39 days on the plain
Magdoňová, Hana ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Alster, Darina (advisor)
This thesis is a theoretical part of the diploma project "39 days on the plain" by BcA. Hana Magdoňová (Performance Studio, FFA, BUT, Brno). The content deals with the theoretical and documentary elaboration of the practical part of the diploma project of 39-day stay in the abandoned quarry at Hády near Brno (May 17 - June 24, 2021). The documentary part of the thesis will note specificity of this performative residence and it's processes. Especially it's focus on the description of the gradual retreat from civilization, the change of human tempo rhythm and the transformation of the author's sensory perception within 39 days as well as a description of typical activities and practiced sensory and meditation exercises. The theoretical part of the thesis analyzes this 39 days performance in the context of Posthuman theories. In lived experience explores gradual distance from Anthropocentric thinking as well as transformation of body and sensory perception from separate to open and previous to local environment.
Collective items
Tománek, Adam ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Malý, Břetislav (advisor)
The topic "Collective items" is from personal experiences from various specific places of society and environment, for example construction sites, marketplaces, prefabricated housing estates. The symbol of this theme has become things for daily using, through which I recognized the interconnectedness of people from different classes of society. It fascinates me to watch people and look for their connections or divisions in certain situations. For example, as they meet in supermarket near store shelves, or they are clustering next to water tank during a water breakdown in a panel housing estate. I decided to work with this fascination because I see some overlap. The overlap is that people can be in different situations where they can be joined by one thing. Ordinary aspects of daily life are close to me because I was in similar situations or I am in them very often. The topic I will make in series of painting and installations. I chose the painting deliberately because I can capture a certain emotion with an existential dimension. Due to paintings, I can present to viewers my searching a connectivity between different groups of people.
Volfová, Marika ; Sterec, Pavel (referee) ; Magid, Václav (advisor)
My diploma work is focused on topic of environmental responsibility, priviledge of mobility, nomadism, borders and dreaming of utopic un/realities. In site-specific instalation I combine sound, video, painting and text.
Panel Art
Váňová, Gabriela ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Artamonov, Vasil (advisor)
The main theme of the thesis are surface mines in northern Bohemia, the Most. Grasping the subject is moving mainly in personal as well as social aspects. The basis for practical thesis served theoretical thesis. Exploring the phenomenon of a block of flats in theoretical thesis led to turn to the topic of the panel surface mines. At first glance unrelated topics, however, contains an important connection. The coal industry forms an essential part of the development of the current form of North Bohemia, a form of large prefabricated housing. Interest in the originality of the construction in the settlements led to this issue. The work consists of several authentic records and materials from surface mines in Bílina processed in painting and video.
Noble, generous and cultivated
Jamrichová, Kristína ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Kvíčala, Petr (advisor)
It moves on the frontiers of the sides it looks from and the media it uses following the vision to assemble miscellaneous knowledge so that a certain truth (or a semblance of a truth) could come to the jigsaw that just has been created. Starting in a context originally coming from another argumentation field (social) and in the subsequent topic (the moment of effect of power), which may not necessarily be explicitly readable, it wants to examine what does it take to activate "the image" to be a (partial) autonomous comment about real spaces, even if translated to fictional or virtual. On the background of this heterotopic matter they want (the images and processes of their creation) also to test themselves, to ask on their own sense, to negate the conceptual difference between static and moving images.
Polách, Jakub ; Bělohradský, Václav (referee) ; Magid, Václav (advisor)
With the accessibility of graphic editors and the development of social media, visual communication has reached a state where images that are important for cultural, social or political events are created by internet subcultures. Visual artists or graphic designers with academic degrees then just thematize their activity or directly exploit them on walls or objects housed in brick-and-mortar institutions, which include art and design schools. These can be characterized as a market-driven recombination of fragmented assignments, skills, guests, lectures or conferences, the nature of which is subordinated to the automated algorithm configuration of digital platforms. Schools fulfil the role of browser extensions instead of becoming browsers themselves. Paradoxically, the outputs of intensive training that are part of this non-stop, passively received infotainment of a consumer-randomized approach to education cannot be capitalized on by themselves – it is not the formal quality of the outputs that plays a role, but their skillful entanglement in the social fabric of purposeful relationships. The thesis therefore draws on the assumptions that expertise can have extremely low visual resolution, that a pointer in an orientation system may not be a vector arrow but an interpretation of Marxism on TikTok. The thesis may not only thematise these and other approaches but actively participate in them through the formation of memethodology as a formally and content-inclusive open-source medium.

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