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Production scheduling optimization
Kovářová, Karolína ; Šeda, Miloš (referee) ; Kůdela, Jakub (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with production scheduling and its optimization. Scheduling plays an important role in a wide variety of areas – e.g., manufacturing, services, transport, and distribution. The theoretical part is dedicated to a brief historical overview and development of scheduling problems, then the classification of these problems and the basics of optimization. A scheduling task for the practical part is selected and methods applicable for its optimization are described. Selected algorithms are implemented, applied to five test instances, and then compared.
Graph Colouring, Graph Clique, Algorithms and Applications
Valachová, Alžbeta ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee) ; Šeda, Miloš (advisor)
This thesis deals with the problem of graph coloring and finding cliques in a graph, with a focus on the description of algorithms and their applications. Graph coloring is the process of assigning colors to individual vertices of a graph so that adjacent vertices have different colors. This issue is important for solving various optimization problems. The work also focuses on finding cliques in a graph, which is an important problem in social network analysis or image recognition. The aim of this thesis is to provide a complex overview of graph coloring, finding cliques in a graph, introduce and analyze existing algorithms and show their applications in practice.
Gridlock Simulation with Petri nets
Dofek, Ondřej ; Šeda, Miloš (referee) ; Dobrovský, Ladislav (advisor)
Traffic jams are a phenomenon that most drivers in big cities have to deal with on a daily basis. In extreme cases, they can lead to the collapse of the entire transport network, when the queue of cars waiting in front of the intersection is so long that it becomes impossible to exit from the previous intersection. This work deals with the simulation of this collapse of the transport network using Petri nets, which have been widely used in recent years for modeling transport networks and are discussed in the theoretical part of this work. The practical part was written in the Python programming language. It was the creation of a library of intersections and their subsequent connection and creation of a network with the help of the PetNetSim library. A user interface was also created to simulate the collapse of the transport network. In this model, some factors that can lead to the collapse of the transport network have been simulated.
Optimization models for resource allocation
Franěk, Jiří ; Šeda, Miloš (referee) ; Kůdela, Jakub (advisor)
The thesis presents an overview of the issue of resource allocation optimization and construction processing of two models for the given example describing an engineering production company. The first of the created models, which was conceived as deterministic, was transformed into a stochastic one using different demand scenarios. The solution of the models itself was implemented in the Julia programming language using available optimization libraries. An analysis of the solution including its graphic representation was carried out and a production plan for the company was successfully created.
Analysis of 3D print integration capabilities in proactive machinery management
Cherniaev, Egor ; Šeda, Miloš (referee) ; Poliščuk, Radek (advisor)
This paper analyzes capabilities of additive manufacturing integration in proactive machinery management mainly from the economical point of view. Statistical data is analyzed to identify sets of parts, which could be produced using 3D printing techniques. Some parts are analyzed for manufacturing costs when using traditional and additive technologies.
Grid and Cloud Computing
Began, Jakub ; Dobrovský, Ladislav (referee) ; Šeda, Miloš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with cloud and grid technologies. The first part discusses cloud computing technology, its components, infrastructure, models, advantages, disadvantages, and security risks. The following section describes computing and data grids, their function, use and security. The last part of the thesis shows an overview of the commercial market of cloud and grid services.
Security Systems
Mikuláštík, Petr ; Dobrovský, Ladislav (referee) ; Šeda, Miloš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with modern electronic security of private objects. The aim of this work is to describe the function and principle of individual elements, including their comparison in terms of acquisition and operating costs. The individual parts of the work discuss the function and principle of detectors, access control systems, video surveillance and interconnection methods.
Software Support for Timetabling
Macků, Veronika ; Šeda, Miloš (referee) ; Roupec, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is the analysis of the current approaches to scheduling at BUT and other institutions of higher learning and the subsequent creation of a software for semiautomatic timetabling. The first part acts as an introduction to university timetabling problems, the analysis of the given problem and an overview of possible solving algorithms. The second part deals with the creation of the sofware itself and the implementation of the chosen heuristic method.
Tourist trip design problem
Benda, Tomáš ; Šeda, Miloš (referee) ; Kůdela, Jakub (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the Tourist Trip Design Problem. Designing a tourist route is non-trivial optimization problem which results in personalised tourist tour. The algorithms which solve the Tourist Trip Design Problem are implemented to work with real world data. These algorithms were used during development of mobile application.
Distribution Problems and Their Modifications
Kučerová, Anna ; Kůdela, Jakub (referee) ; Šeda, Miloš (advisor)
This paper describes various modifications of distribution problems. It deals with their models, solutions and corresponding complexity. For selected models, a solution script in GAMS is proposed

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