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Geochemical and isotopic dating of floodplain sediments
Nováková, Tereza ; Mihaljevič, Martin (advisor) ; Borůvka, Luboš (referee) ; Rohovec, Jan (referee)
River systems are the most widespread sedimentary environment in many European countries and can be hence used for study of historical development of contamination and for evaluation of the anthropogenic impact influence at the local or regional level. The study of river sediments, however, is complicated by changes of channel morphology and sedimentation dynamics and redeposition of old sediments, whether caused naturally (flood events) or by human impact (land use changes or building of water management structures), which leads to deposition of various sedimentary facies. Identification of sedimentary facies within floodplain fill is hence necessary - character (lithology) of deposited facies influences the spatial distribution of pollutants within floodplains. Suitable sampling sites strategy and chemostratigraphic correlations of depth profiles guarantee a correct interpretation of obtained data. However, in many countries, there are still no legislative tools or universal methodology for contamination assessment respecting natural variability of sedimentary records. Regional contamination during the last centuries and identification of local pollution sources of risk elements (Pb , Zn , Cu , ...) and magnetic particles have been studied in the sediments of the Morava River, in the area between...
The methodology of hydrogeologic tracer tests in fractured environment using fluorescent tracers
Bílý, P. ; Rohovec, Jan ; Baier, J. ; Vašíček, R.
The aim of the methodology is defining of optimal tools and effective work flow to perform and well evaluate tracer tests using fluorescent, non toxic tracers. The methodology focuses on in-situ tests in fractures rock environment, applying artificial hydraulic gradient and monitoring of changes in tracer concentration during test period. Data record is continuous and provide inputs into the numerical models.
Estimation of Migration Parameters of Rocks with Fracture Permeability using Fluorescent Solutions : Research Report considering Work Progress and Results Achieved in 2013 Intermediate Report Covering the I. Phase : bibliography and preparatory works
Lachman, V. ; Kovářová, R. ; Novák, P. ; Rohovec, Jan ; Vašíček, R. ; Frydrych, V. ; Patzelt, Z. ; Šigut, R. ; Vachudová, L. ; Durajová, M. ; Koděrová, K.
The proposed project focusing on the use of fluorescent properties during tracer tests reflects the absecne of tracer substances not modifying the hydrochemical properties of the environment and not being radioactive. A positive result of the proposed research will enable more accurate evalutation of absorption properties of the rock environment in case of leakage of hazardous substances than it is for chemical tracers. Fluorescence salts offer the possibility of continuous monitoring of fluorescence changes without endangering the environment and without negative effects on hydrochemistry. Research will proceed according the fillowith scheme: bibliography-laboratory research-field tests-mathematical modeling. The project proposer has already acquired a patent and design rights in the frame of previous research project concerning the developed facility and technology enabling continuous monitoring and evaluation of fluorescence changes in liquids. The investigation of interaction between fluorescent salts and migratory pproperties of the rock environment will focus on rock with fracture permeability. Further selection of fluorescence salts accomplishing the objectives of the project will be based on the detailed bibliographic study. Particular fluorescent salts will be investigated in laboratory scale on selected rocs. Most promising fluorescence solutions will be consequently used for migration tests in specified rock environment with fracture permeability. The research polygon will be equipped with small-diameter boreholes interconnected by fracture network with two network section - with and without sorption properties. The results of both, laboratory and field tests, will be validated by mathematical models.

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