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Téma občanství ve výuce Občanské výchovy a Základů společenských věd
STRNAD, Ladislav
The thesis focuses on the topic of citizenship in primary school subjects of Civic education and Social studies. It consists of two parts, a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part deals with the concept of citizenship and the development in the territory of the Czech Republic in connection with the historical development of our republic from 1918 until present. The practical part presents teaching activities focusing on the understanding of the concept of citizenship and the changes in ways of acquisition and loss of citizenship in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, respectively.
Lead isotopes distribution in selected podzol profiles
Václavková, Anna ; Mihaljevič, Martin (advisor) ; Strnad, Ladislav (referee)
Lead (Pb) as one of toxic elements occurs naturally in nature. Its use in metalurgical activities, mining and combustion of coal, waste incineration and use as a additive to gasoline in the past has endangered environment and health of oranisms. We determined the Pb isotopic composition in two podzol profiles, in a forest and nearby a road, using ICP MS. Based on the 206 Pb/207 Pb vs 208 Pb/206 Pb ratios we assesed the main source of Pb in O, Ah, Bhf, and Bf horizonts in both soil profiles and Ep horizont from profile P2 to be coal combustion. The source in eluvial Ep horizont from profile P1 and C horizonts originated in lithogenic Pb with values 206 Pb/207 Pb 1,126; 1,198 and 1,193. From Pb isotopic ratios we can conclude that during podzolization antropogenic Pb move to the deeper parts of soil profiles.
Determination of Pb sources in small catchment using Pb isotopes.
Krajíčková, Michaela ; Mihaljevič, Martin (advisor) ; Strnad, Ladislav (referee)
The contents and isotopic composition of lead (Pb) were studied in a small forested catchment Lesní potok. The catchment is located 30 km southeast from Prague near Jevany. Monitoring inputs and outputs in GEOMON, a network of small forested catchments in the territory of the Czech Republic, has been coordinated by the Czech Geological Survey since 1994. It was analyzed litter of spruce and beech, collected between 2013 and 2014, and an archival sample litter of spruce from 1997. Lead in soil was studied at two profiles cambisols in each diagnostic horizons. Samples of profile LP 38 were collected in 2005, the LP 39 a year later. Surface water and bulk precipitation were sampled monthly for one hydrological year 2013. The ICP-MS method was used to determine the concentration and isotope ratios of lead. To determine of sources Pb were used isotope ratios 206 Pb/207 Pb and 208 Pb/206 Pb. In spruce litter (3,87 ) was measured average Pb concentration higher than beech (0,98 ). Topsoil horizons contain elevated concentrations of Pb (up to 100,70 ) decreasing towards the deeper horizons. The Pb concentration in the soil was 61,28 . Bulk precipitation in with average Pb concentrations206 Pb/207 Pb = 0.87 µg.l-1 contained more Pb than surface water 206 Pb/207 Pb = 0.50 µg.l-1 ....
Variation of Pb-isotopic composition in coal basins
Čurda, Michal ; Strnad, Ladislav (advisor) ; Mihaljevič, Martin (referee)
This Bachelor Thesis is devided into three main parts. The first part has a character of a research and describes the presence of lead in coal, in deposits of ore, in peat bogs, or in lake and flood sediments. The second part briefly describes the analythic methods used to determine lead in natural material. The third - practical part is focused on measurement of samples taken from the sokolov brown coal basin. It describes the laboratory method of the preparation of the samples for the analysis of contents and isotope composition of lead using ICP - QMS.
Lead isotopic ratio determination in soils
Kotrč, Vlastislav ; Mihaljevič, Martin (advisor) ; Strnad, Ladislav (referee)
This barchelor thesis deals with the issue of lead in the environment, with its main focus being on describing the right analytical method for determining the isotopic composition of lead in soil. First part this thesis summarizes the most important characteristics and properties of lead. Next part is concerned with the methodology of collection and preparation of soil samples for the analysis itself. The thesis then contains detailed description of the analytical method, which is being currently the most used for determining the isotopic composition of soil - mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma. Since this is not a research thesis, in the fifth part, results of studies from the Příbram region are presented, alongside other possible uses of this method. Key words: lead isotopic composition, soils
Trace elements and Pb isotopes in selected bone samples
Bartoš, Jan ; Mihaljevič, Martin (advisor) ; Strnad, Ladislav (referee)
The aim of this work is briefly summarize the current theoretical knowledge about trace elements and their inputs into calcified body tissues in a form of search. Here are described mechanisms of their inputs and depositing into human body and principles, which allows maintenance of their optimal levels. In this paper are also described the properties of bones and teeth and simply explained concepts such as an essential and toxic trace elements. The next part of this work is mainly about trace elements, which have the biggest potential to be used in an archeological research, particularly in paleodietary research. These elements are mainly Sr, Ba and Zn. Lead and its isotopes are discussed more here in relation to the effect of Pb to Romans in the past and to the identifying sources of pollution by this element. In the same chapter are also described principles of post-mortem alteration processes, to which are bones after burial exposed and which they have to face during analyzing and interpretations of data related to the amount of trace elements in origin bones.
Rare earth elements in electronic waste
Pospíšilová, Eliška ; Šebek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Strnad, Ladislav (referee)
Rare earth elements consist of 15 lanthanides, Y and Sc. They are currently very important materials in many industrial branches (metalurgy, pollishing). One of these options is the usage as the compound of phosphors in electronic devices (television and computer displays. Because of their manufacturing cost, options of recovery from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) are investigated. This thesis deals with compoud elements of phosphors from displays of type CRT (cathode ray tube) and plasma TV. The 37 samples of phosphors from different displays were taken and processed for study of the compoud elements. Phosphors were separated to 4 subgroups in accordance with the corresponding type of displays: black-and-white CRT television displays (CRT_CB), color CRT television displays (TV_B), color PC displays (PC_B) and monochromatic PC displays (PC_M). The study was carry out by multiple features analysis that combined the inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), the inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES), the resistance furnace with infrared detector (RF-IF) and the atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS). Based on the results of this analysis, main elements and potentionally hazardous elements of phosphors subgroup were defined. Concentration of rare...
Problematic of behaviour of APC residues from metallurgical recycling of Pb in soil environment
Vrtišková, Růžena ; Strnad, Ladislav (referee)
Fly ashes from the metallurgical processing of Pb represent the main pollution source of soils in the vicinity of the smelters. The purpose of this thesis was to determine the leaching behaviour of the metallurgical fly ash in simulators of soil solutions - low-molecular-weight (LMW) organic acids. Batch leaching experiment was performed in the time span of 168 hours, at the solid-to-liquid ratio of 1/10 and in 500 µM solutions of organic acids (acetate, oxalate and citrate). In the leachate of acetate and oxalate were measured high concetration of heavy metals as Pb, Cd and Zn. Whereas the leaching efficiency of citrate was lower due to higher pH of suspensions, which is the main factor in this leaching process. According to the calculations using the PHREEQC-2 program the amount of Pb and Cd organic complexes in the leachate are minor (0,1 - 2,1%). Suprasing is the amount of organics complex of Zn and Cu (ZnCitrate- , CuCitrate- ), which is expected to be less mobile due to sorption onto positively charged surface of hydrous ferric oxides and organic matter. As far as acetate and oxalate are concerned, Pb concentrations at the end of experiment are controlled by precipitation of solid Pb acetate and oxalate. This phenomenon can represent a key mechanism of Pb immobilisation in soil systems, in...

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