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Optimization of Parameters Used in the Application of Elimination Voltammetry with Linear Scan
Navrátil, Tomáš ; Trnková, L. ; Hrdlička, Vojtěch ; Li, X.
Elimination Voltammetry with Linear Scan (EVLS) is a well-established mathematical method that aids in understanding an analyzed electrochemical system. In almost 30 years since its derivation, it has become a “black-box” technique that is applied automatically (in most cases due to its incorporation into a voltammetric software) without thinking about its fundamentals. However, the choice of optimum parameters under which DC voltammetric data (from which elimination curves are calculated) is crucial. This contribution deals with revealing the optimum ratio of applied scan rates and their absolute values (i.e., times of recording) in dependence on the character of the investigated system (diffusion-controlled process, adsorption-controlled process, etc.).
A New Hollow Fiber-Based Liquid-Phase Microextraction Method for the Determination of Antihypertensive Drug Lercanidipine in Biological Samples
Labzova, O. ; Hrdlička, Vojtěch ; Navrátil, Tomáš ; Šelešovská, R.
A new hollow fiber-based liquid-phase microextraction (HF-LPME) method for the determination of antihypertensive drug lercandipine (LCN) in biological samples was developed. HF-LPME was\ncombined with optimized square wave voltammetry (SWV) on a cathodically pre-treated screenprinted boron-doped diamond electrode (SP-BDDE). Optimum HF-LPME conditions were:\nsupported liquid membrane (SLM) dodecane, 0.02 mol L-1 Britton-Robinson buffer (BRB, pH = 3) acceptor phase, BRB (pH = 7) donor phase, and time of extraction 30 min. Limits of quantification (LOQ) and detection (LOD) were 3.3 and 1.1 nmol L-1, respectively. The applicability of the developed method was verified on human urine, blood serum, and blood plasma with 20 and 100 nmol L-1 LCN addition.
Dissolved and gaseous nitrogen losses in forests controlled by soil nutrient stoichiometry
Oulehle, Filip ; Chuman, T. ; Hruška, Jakub ; Krám, Pavel ; Navrátil, Tomáš ; Tesař, Miroslav ; Ač, Alexander ; Urban, Otmar
This study investigates the consequences of chronic nitrogen deposition in forests, including its effects on soil and surface water quality, and greenhouse gas emissions. To predict these effects, the authors explore the controls over dissolved and gaseous nitrogen fluxes in temperate forests. Their findings indicate that stream leaching losses of dissolved nitrogen correspond with the nutrient stoichiometry\nof the forest floor, with stream N losses increasing as ecosystems progress towards phosphorus limitation. Soil nitrogen storage increases with oxalate extractable iron and aluminium content. The authors estimate soil gaseous losses based on 15 N stocks, which averaged 2.5±2.2 kg N ha-1 year-1 , comprising 20±14% of total nitrogen deposition. They also extrapolate the current gaseous nitrogen loss flux from forests globally to be 8.9 Tg N year-1 , which represents 39% of current nitrogen deposition to forests worldwide.
The Mapping Survey of the locality Vilémovice
Čermáková, Markéta ; Navrátil, Tomáš (referee) ; Kuruc, Michal (advisor)
The subject of this thesis was to make thematical map in scale 1:500 for location in Moravian Karst in Vilémovice. The main task was to measure the location so the topografy, terrain skeleton and mainly the karst formation located there would be captured. The final map will be used by CHKO of Moravian Karst. All of the required standards were used to finish the mapping as well as the table of atributes given by CHKO of Moravian Karst.
DNS Service Attacks Simulation
Navrátil, Tomáš ; Kekely, Lukáš (referee) ; Kováčik, Michal (advisor)
The theme of this bachelor‘s thesis is the simulation and detection of cybernetic attacks on the DNS service. The goal was to simulate chosen attacks, analyze their behavior and create a tool capable of detecting these attacks in network traffic and replicating them for research purposes. The tool was able to successfully detect DNS attacks in normal network conditions. These results are discussed further at the conclusion of this paper, along with possible uses this application might have to other developers, and ways the program could be improved or extended in the future.
multi-functional building
Navrátil, Tomáš ; Komínková, Kateřina (referee) ; Čupr, Karel (advisor)
The Master’s thesis on the theme „Multi function house“ is drafted as a building documentation according to the relevant laws and standards. The project processes a documentation of a new multi fiction apartment house construction with overall 16 flats. Their sizes are from a flat 2+1 to a flat with 4 rooms and kitchenette. Every flat has a garage and a cellar in the first floor. In the house there are 2 offices with a capacity about 12 employees and also 3 commercial premises. Hairdressing parlor and an Apple store are going to by situated into two smaller premises. In the last premise with 263 m2 of floorspace there is going to be a cycling shop. The project is designed as a brick building without basement. The building has two parts with four floors and these parts are united by a single-storey part. The whole building is symetric. The roof is designed as a platform with tend of 3%. On top of the first floor there is going to be a vegetation roof and a roof teracce with a flagging. On the fourth floor there are going to be roof teracces with ceramic pavement. Over the fourth floor there is going to be a roof cllading laden by pebbles. The house is situated in the town Kroměříž, in the pacific neighbourhood near to the historical town center. The neighbourhood of the object is determined for a building-up of family houses. Nearby the house there is a primary school and an athletic ground. The brick object is designed by a construction system Livetherm on the wall footings. The ceiling constructions are from concrete. The Master’s thesis is made as a project realization of building construction part with studies and design fundamentals. The part of the thesis is also the thermal technical recognition, fire recognition of the object and concept of canalization.
Suggestions for improvement in long-termed material property economy
Navrátil, Tomáš ; Kotík, Vladislav (referee) ; Mikulec, Luděk (advisor)
This work solves the problems with taking care of capital goods in the firm Komponenty, a. s. The work is elaborated from the analysis of present situation in the firm, the heed is oriented to the most important areas, especially the organisation and maintenance activity and taking care of assets. The result of the performed analysis is identification of bad spots. Proposal is submitted in the second part of the work in order to solve the problems found by performing the work. At the end economical evaluation of the proposal and statement of assumptions for the applications of the extended work result to firm use is performed.
Bridge over the Knovízský brook
Navrátil, Tomáš ; Lerch, David (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the design of the ghrinder bridge over the Knovízský potok brook valley. The main topic is static calculation of supporting construction of five span structure. Three studies were executed and one of them, pre-stressed girder bridge was chosen. The langht of the spans is 27 + 3 x 32 + 27 m. Static model and effect of loading are solved in software Scia Engineer. Reviews are caltulated by hand according to current standards.
Monitoring device for level crossings
Navrátil, Tomáš ; Kovář, Jan (referee) ; Kolka, Zdeněk (advisor)
Bachelor‘s thesis deals with a design of a safety appliance. The device will be used particularly at grade crossing. The record device allows monitoring of digital signals with the basic board and with microprocessor ATMEGA 128. Signals are patterned each second. The device is equipped with a USB interface, RS 485, ethernet and SD card. The capacity of SD card is designed for 40 days. The basic development board Ethernut, to which additional circuits were connected, was used for testing basic functions. Records are saved on a removable memory SD card in FAT 16 format. Old records are overwritten when the card is full. The project includes a description of communication with USB interface, a technical design of USB interface with photography of the hardware. Bachelor‘s thesis characterizes features of the SD card, communication and a description of the file system FAT 16. I also introduce a design of connecting SD card to the microprocessor within the SPI interface. All software was written in programming language C. There are described main functions of the code and their parameters.
Design of the production concept of the part "Rear wheelhouse outside left of the AU40x" at the AUDI Neckarsulm plant
Navrátil, Tomáš ; Málek, Ondřej (referee) ; Simeonov, Simeon (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s thesis is the design and description of the operation of an automated line producing the outer wheelhouse for the left side of the rear part of an Audi AU40x car. Furthermore, a virtual commissioning of 3D model of a cell with a welding station, which is the first part of the line. Siemens Process Simulate is used for this.

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