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The role of proofreading in modern media
Platil, Daniel ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
Bachelor's thesis "Proofreading and its role in today's media on the example of the magazine Respekt" consists of two parts. The first theoretical section mainly focuses on the definition of key concepts, proofreading work, conventions, and rules concerning interventions into the texts. It also attempts to put the change of the profession into the historical context, which is mainly related to the rapid technical development of the polygraphic industry. The practical section subsequently analytically verified readers' satisfaction with the level of linguistic competence of the magazine Respekt through a questionnaire. Following the results of the questionnaire that indicated worsening quality proofreading of ten selected issues from the years 1997, 2007 and 2017 was made to assess whether there have been any changes concerning the level of linguistic competence. This thesis attempts to put uncovered shortcomings both into the context of the era and the editorial work of the analysed media. On the occasion, language editor Petra Švehlová directly from magazine Respekt was approached - she attempted to interpret and evaluate the acquired data. Proofreading that was made did uncover certain misconducts, however, did not confirm the initial hypothesis itself that was supported by the research mentioned...
The tranformation of the visual style of Czech televison form 1992 to the presence
Šmejcká, Tereza ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Géla, František (referee)
This diploma thesis investigates the transformation of the visual style of chosen news and journalistic programmes, chosen news programmes are Události (main news programme), Branky, body, vteřiny (sports news) and Předpověď počasí (weather forecast), chosen journalistic programmes are 168 hodin, Reportéři ČT, Objektiv and Toulavá kamera. In its theoretical part the thesis is focused on history of Czechoslovakian and Czech television. Furthermore there is a description of visual communication and visual style with detailed focus on typography and colourfulness. Next the theoretical part focuses on the characteristics of logo and its important attributes. Another chapter depicts a visual style of a television channel in the sight of selfpromotion, on air and off air applications and the graphics of a television, its current trends, effects, typography and current approaches. The last chapter of the theoretical part focuses on description of chosen programmes. In the frame of empirical part the picture analysis appended with semiotic analysis of chosen programmes and logo of Czech television were conducted. The picture analysis consists of five technical and two symbolical codes, the values of the codes are written down in tables. The transformation of each programme in tracked period is written...
Graphic design of Czech interwar avantgarde magazines and its creators
Moučková, Kristýna ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
Diploma thesis Graphic design of Czech interwar avant-garde magazines and its creators deals with yet not very well covered topic of analysation of visual form of First Czechoslovak Republic cultural magazines that contains some of the avant-garde methods in its graphics. This thesis in its theoretical part relies on foreign influences, mainly on Russian constructivism, Dutch De Stijl artistic movement and German school of Bauhaus that played major part in shaping of the Czech avant-garde. With regard to the main topic of the text the emphasis is on specifics of graphic magazine creation and design, specifically on the works of Karel Teige, Ladislav Sutnar and František Muzika. The practical part of the thesis is then dedicated to three avant-garde magazine analyses. Journals ReD, Žijeme and HOST represent three different approaches of how the creators were able to work all avant-garde elements in the graphic form of the periodicals. In the analysis the attention is paid mainly on the front pages, composition, fonts, image components, other graphic elements that make up the whole visual aspect of every page and graphic form of advertising. In the end all three magazines are compared with one another to provide at least elementary overview of avant-garde graphic methods used in Czech magazines in...
Media responses to The End of Punk in Helsinki of Jaroslav Rudis
Džoldoševa, Seda ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Slanec, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis aims to capture and dissect the response of both printed and online media to Jaroslav Rudis' book "The End of Punk in Helsinki" - from the date of publication in 2010 until the present day. For such analysis, the critical acclaim is even more important than just raw quantity of reviews. Therefore the goal of the thesis was reached by the analysis of critics' opinions. The text finds frequent, both praised and critized, matters in author's body of work. The critics' responses to the book were mostly positive. The most common criticism is author's tendency to simplify the content, trying to appease the masses at the expense of quality. The thesis also includes an interview with the author and his response to the criticisms, in order to cover the response of media to the book from all angles.
Application of social media in broadcast jouranlism (regarding Český rozhlas)
Sikora, Rostislav ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Slanec, Jaroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis analyzes the use of social media in radio journalism. The theoretical part describes social platforms that are widely used in the Czech Republic by both public and radio broadcasting companies on a daily basis. The first part theoretically characterizes each social media and describes its purpose. It also reveals phenomenons closely adherent to new digital technologies. Specifically convergence and participative culture. The practical part focuses on practices of radio journalism regarding its social media platforms. It particularly analyzes social media presence of Český rozhlas (the public broadcaster). The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out up to what degree radio uses social media and to find out their importance in radio journalism.
Magazine Dikobraz 1968 - 1970
Parolek, Jan ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
This work concerns the question whether it is possible to consider Poland a new regional power in the Central and/or Eastern Europe. The work is based on constructivist viewpoint and it therefore examines the self-perception of Poland and the perception of its role by other relevant actor. It establishes a definition of a regional power, by which a regional power is a state that considers itself to be such power, that is considered to be such power by other relevant actors, that provides public goods in its region and the projects its ideology onto the secondary regional actors. I examine how well does Poland fit into these criteria. It surely considers itself a regional power and is even considered one by its western allies. Its actual acting as a regional power is complicated, though by its insufficient economic power (in comparison with, for example, Germany) as it does not allow him an effective provision of public goods. Also its regional ideology is not sufficiently coherent and inclusive and interesting for the other actors. Besides all that, it is faced by a Russian competition in the Eastern Europe and by the indifference of the potential secondary actors in the Central Europe, as they tend to orientate themselves to Germany, rather than Poland. Poland undeniably has the potential to...
The History and Transformation of Czech Magazines Focused on the Fantastic Genres on the Example of the Magazine Pevnost
Koláčková, Gaja ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Slanec, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis aims to introduce the history and transformation of the Czech magazines oriented on the genre Fantastika (also known as SF magazines), using the example of the magazine Pevnost, which is considered to be the flagship of the contemporary Czech fantastic arts journalism. The thesis focuses on a comprehensive analysis of the evolution of the magazine Pevnost between 2011-2015, based on which it's possible to uncover more general characteristics and tendencies of contemporary Czech market of SF magazines. Theoretical basis of the thesis defines popular fantastic arts (also known as Fantastika), introduces major theoretical concepts of this term and defines its various genres. It also provides a basic definition and history of the fandom in Czechoslovak, as well as in Czech environment. Fandom is considered to be the basis for the emergence of so called fanzines - amateur or semi-professional SF magazines. On the basis of this, the thesis introduces the evolution of the Czechoslovak and Czech fanzines, as well as professional SF magazines. Practical part of the thesis analyzes the changes of the content and graphic layout of the magazine, as well as the changes of the layout of the magazine's cover during the mentioned era. The practical part of the thesis is ended with the analysis of the...

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