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Epidemiology of sporadic forms of colorectal cancer in terms of preventions and the possibility of early diagnostic.
Schneiderová, Michaela ; Bencko, Vladimír (advisor) ; Krška, Zdeněk (referee) ; Hudečková, Henrieta (referee)
Thanks to the latest achievements in diagnostics, surgery and oncology, the overall perspective of colorectal cancer has changed significantly. There are no doubts that we deal with a complex disease, requiring multidisciplinary approach and assessment. Only this approach can enable patients to survive longer and maintain acceptable quality of there lives. Taking a long view over several decades, the steep rise in incidence of this malignancy was strongly alarming. It is partly a penalty for a prolongation of life expectance, since one of the risk factors is age. Knowing the way of life and dietary customs of our ancestors, one cannot deny that the change of lifestyle including dietary habits, as well as decrease of physical activity, obesity, stress, unsuitable thermal processing of food produced in bulk, consumption of immoderate amount of red meat, limited intake of raw vegetable and fruits, excessive intake of xenobiotics, such as medication or cosmetic products, excessive alcohol consumption, particularly beer, nicotinism, environmental pollutants, etc. contribute to the increase of this cancer incidence. All the above mentioned factors have led over the time to a formation and development of numerous so called civilization diseases, among which rates the colorectal cancer (CRC). Despite the...
Colorectal cancer - nutritional risk and protective factors
Juránková, Lada ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šuta Kimle, Katarína (referee)
The thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical and research. The theoretical part deals with the issue of colorectal cancer. Discusses about the risk factors of CRC such as bad dietary habits, alcohol consumption and nicotinism and protective factors mainly intake of vegetable and fruits and physical activity. The aim of the research part is real verification of these factors among patiens with colorectal cancer.
A heterologous expression of alpha-amino acid ester hydrolase from the strain Achromobacter sp. CCM 4824 in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3)
Schneiderová, Michaela ; Kyslík, Pavel (advisor) ; Lichá, Irena (referee)
On the chromosomal DNA of the microorganism Achromobacter sp. CCM 4824, which was gained in the Laboratory of enzyme technology MBU AVCR v.v.i., there was identified a gene coding an enzyme capable of hydrolyzation of semi-synthetic β-lactam antibiotics ampicillin and cephalosporin with a D-phenylglycine as a side chain. This enzyme belongs to a group of α-amino acid esterases, which are interesting because of a potential use in kinetically controled synthesis of β-lactam antibiotics. In several aspects α-amino acid esterases might be better than actually used penicillin acylases and that is why these enzymes are subjects of a big interest. The gene for α-amino acid esterase coded by chromosomal DNA was cloned, characterized and heterologously expressed in constructed highly-producing bacterial system Escherichia coli BL21(DE3)JM5. Produced enzyme was purified and its properties important for possible use in the production of semi-synthetic β-lactam antibiotics were determined. Key words: alpha-amino acid ester hydrolase, Achromobacter sp., recombinant expression system, β-lactam antibiotics
Dying and death from health care professionals perspective
Klokočková, Šárka ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Votroubková, Michaela (referee) ; Machalová, Iva (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyzes - from a health care professionals perspective-an issue of dying and death. In the theoretical part ,terms concerning dying and death are highlited and described. Attention is also given to needs of dying patients, grief and some ethical questions are raised. Paliative and hospic care is also mentioned. Main component of this thesis is a quantitative research. The research investigates health care professionals opinion on some issues related to care in terminally ill and dying patients. A level of composure in care givers is also being discussed.
Application of tailor-made enzymes for biosyntheses of beta-lactam antibiotics
Schneiderová, Michaela ; Kyslík, Pavel (advisor) ; Vopálenská, Irena (referee)
Nowadays beta-lactam antibiotics are widely used as bacteriostatic agents. The chemical synthesis of antibiotics or its derivatives could be replaced with biocatalysis. This work deals with basics of industrial synthesis beta-lactam antibiotics and, mainly, with used enzymes. This work acquainted with methodes used in enzyme modifications and improving, so they could fit the best for the industrial syntheses.
Perioperative care from the point of view of a nurse anaesthetist
Vyskočilová, Jitka ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Dostálková, Šárka (referee) ; Machalová, Iva (referee)
Author: Jitka Vyskočilová Department: Institute of Social Medicine Charles University in Prague Fakulty of Medicine in Hradec Králové. Department of nursing Title of thesis: Perioperative care from the point of view of a nurse anaesthetist Consultant: PhDr. Michaela Schneiderová Number of pages: 85 Number of appendices: 3 Session: 2010 Key words: Anaesthesia, patient, perioperative, nurse, care SUMMARY: Bachelor thesis "Perioperative care from the point of view of a nurse anaesthetist" presents a perioperative period as a part of comprehensive medical care. The theoretical part of the theses introduces a role of a nurse anaesthetist as a participant in perioperative care. There is described required operating theatre equipment as well as preparation of patients and care before, during and after anaesthesia. A focus of the theses is an empirical part based on a quantitative research realized by non- standardized questionnaire research. The research records sequence of care for patients, a level of cooperation and possible risks for patients during a perioperative period. Fifty respondents from nurse anaesthetist community took part in the research in August 2010; 25 of respondents work in Faculty Hospital Královské Vinohrady Prague; 25 of respondents work in Faculty Hospital Brno.
The importance of dispather-assisted basic life support in the CPR
Holubová, Zuzana ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Mašek, Jiří (referee) ; Kupečková, Ivana (referee)
ANOTATION Zuzana Holubova The importance of dispather-assisted basic life support in the CPR Bachelor thesis deals with the importance of telephone-assisted CPR in the CPR. The theoretical part introduces the koncept of first aid, it is meaning and it is legislation. It focuses on cardiopulmonarz resuscitation in the light of the kontext of the formation and development of life-threatening conditions and introduces the koncept of telephone-assisted CPR and it is important role in providing basic life support. The focus is the empirical part, which is repared on the basis of quantitative research prepared by a questionnaire survey. The sample consists of 80 participants from non-medical public Hradec Kralove region, residing in the district of Nachod. The aim of the research is to map the importace of telephone-assisted CPR in the provision of basic life support.
Nursing errors
Votroubková, Michaela ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Kutnohorská, Jana (referee) ; Machalová, Iva (referee)
Keywords: nurses mistakes, nurses violence, motivation, nurse, burn out syndrom, relation of nurses to patient, prevent aquisition Evevery of medical institutes are trying to offer the best care of their patients. All of hospitals want to aspire of acreditation and try to find every risks to prevent of patients damage. This problems including nurses mistakes also. In part of theory of my bachelor thesis I tried to explain problems bear on nurses mistakes. I wrote about causes of patients damage, why nurses having bad behaviour to their patiens, which nurses také care about. I tried to propose to prevent aquisition againts nursing violence of patiens. Mistakes of nurses can't be forgot, but every mistakes could be a chance to be better in our work. In part of research I choose research of quality and I used standardized interview. I spoke wit six patiens, who was lying in the hospital and I wrote everything, what they said to me. I asked them about problems of damage of patiens by nurses. I asked of their experiences with this problem. Endly I asked them of prevent aquisition againts nurses violence of patiens.

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