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Interactivity of ilustrations in the Children's Books
Filipová, Martina ; Novotná, Magdalena (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
The text searches for the key aspects of interactivity in selected books for children, that activate the child reader in terms of a thought and manipulation. The thesis focuses on the process of how children browse, read, and play with the books Cirkus ulice and Maškary by Dagmar Urbánková. It aims to answer the question of how browsing through the author's books develops visual and reading literacy of a child. The case study is realized applying a method of participant observation. Using the Bloom's revised cognitive taxonomy, we employ the qualitative analysis method to analyse the participative process of a game of eight children from their thought activity viewpoint. We identify the game, participation, communication, variability, experience, and a possibility to change something to be the key principles of interactivity. Based on these identified principles of interactivity and their mutual ties, we propose activities with the examined books, that can be further elaborated on and realized with children in the art or literature education classes. The thesis is processed in the context of reading and visual literacy and their representation in current curricular documents, that serve as a pedagogical background to this thesis. Its professional frame is given by the notion of visual culture and...
Painting and animation in art education
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Arbanová, Linda (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
Bachelor thesis Painting and animation in art education Zuzana Kocourková, April 2018 ABSTRACT Bachelor thesis is focused on interconnections of painting and animation. In the theoretic part the thesis analyzes examples of different approaches and ways of using colorful material in painting and animation. It compares attitude to painting in animation and free art. The thesis charts history of painting and extraordinary approaches in animation. In the didactic part, the bachelor thesis presents the ways how to connect painting and animation in art education. In the practical part is described a realization of animation made by experimental method.
Author's book on the theme of water
Hromířová, Magdalena ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with an author's book. The thesis describes sorts of artistically made books and a development of the author's book. It has also the intention to present several Czech and foreign authors whose creation is related to the author's book. The author researches, which artists work with a topic of water and nature in their author's books. She is concerned with various types of visual expression of water in wide area of fine art in 20th and 21st century. The author also dealt with the topic of water in her own author's book called Otava. Illustrations show specific features of this river and also the general features of water. Apart from that, the author points out the life of people and animals around the river. A didactic project is made up of tasks, which should lead pupils to look at water in an artistic, social and environmental context.
Contemporary illustration, bases, principles and their application in art education
Janitorová, Magdaléna ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
My thesis investigates contemporary illustrative art and tendencies occurring in the work of the youngest generation of the Czech illustrators. My objective is to bring an overview of the current forms, shapes, applications and overall state of the contemporary Czech illustration scene. The paper divides the illustration art into four categories, that are then more closely examined in individual chapters. My major focus is on the book illustration in all its current forms. This thesis contains regulatory principles that govern the standard of published illustrated materials through various recognised competitions and awards. I mention different associations and clubs that are currently active in the field of developing contemporary illustration. This occurs not only through grouping of illustrators but also through organising different events and festivals. In the didactic part this paper deals with the role of illustration in child development, specifically its natural artistic expression. This part also includes proposals of teaching materials and curriculum focused on illustration where I introduce my own designs. This appendix follows the above structure and constitutes my own project delivering authorship of visualised illustrations.
Toy as a visual form
Vojteková, Markéta ; Novotná, Magdalena (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
1 ABSTRACT A toy is a method in encultury. The deals with a toy in context of contemporary visual culture like a product of culture industries. It solves how the specific toys could manipulate children's perception. It examines types and basic principles of children's games in relation to toys. In case study it examines a proces of children's game for two children in a home environment in relation to specific toys. It documents and characterizes the toys which are available for children and a way how a children plays with them. It observes, records, analyzes and reflects children's game and tracks constants and a transformations of ideas, concepts and skills which are entering gaming proces. Following a research probe, it suggest a set of art activities. KEYWORDS Child, formation, game, toy, observe, advertisement, visual, visual culture

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