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Pilot Testing of Usability of the Nine Hole Peg Test in Occupational Therapy in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and in Patients with Hand Osteoarthritis
Nováková, Barbora ; Rybářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Pluhaříková-Pomajzlová, Jana (referee)
Title: Pilot Testing of Usability of the Nine Hole Peg Test in Occupational Therapy in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and in Patients with Hand Osteoarthritis Abstract: Occupational therapists can objectively assess manual dexterity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or hand osteoarthritis (OA) using Nine Hole Peg Test (NHPT). It is performed according to a manual that includes precise instructions. The subject is required to place nine pegs from the container into the pegboard as quickly as possible and return them straight away. The time required to complete the test is measured with a stopwatch. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to perform a pilot testing of usability of a new Czech translation of the NHPT manual in patients with RA or with OA. The partial goal is to obtain video documentation during the administration of the Nine Hole Peg Test and to create recommendations for using this test in practice in patients with RA or with OA. With an approval of the Ethics Committee of the Institute of Rheumatology Prague, 19 patients (8x RA, 11x OA; 14 female, 5 male) were tested using NHPT. Analysis of the data revealed that the instructions were comprehensible for the administrator and all patients. Some ambiguity was found in the part of the instructions where the patient should only listen and...
Peace Square in Brno
Nováková, Barbora ; Págo, Tomáš (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
The goal of my project is urban delimitation for social and cultural life of people. The multifunctional building takes place along the Lerchova’s street and it is a closing point of the square. The other side of affore mentioned square is opened towards the park on Kravi hora. The dominant place is a st. Augustin church, that is located on the north side. The closing point on the south is a cultural center, which is connected with community garden. My main intention is to change a traffic situation, that is currently quite problematic. To accomplish this I have joined the Udolni and Brezinova streets together with a perpendicular street. The tram loop is also shifted more into the parkside. The main object is the 5 floor multifunctional building, that is in elementary concept with passage. The object determines natural communication axis from the square to school in the Lerchova’s street. This concept is also reflected on the square. First floor is realized as a parter with commercial usage, the floor above is designed for living and parking is in the underground. Area for living is divided into a part of 1 floor housing units, that are accessible from a platform and a part of housing units inside the main building. Project comprises blue-green elements of grass surface for sucking the water into soil, trees in the square and perennial bed in the middle of tram loop.
Xuan Dieu`s Poetry Before August Revolution
Dinhová, Linh ; Lopatková, Marta (advisor) ; Nováková, Barbora (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to interpret Xuân Diệu's selected poems from collections Thơ thơ (1938) and Gửi hương cho gió (1945) published before the August Revolution. The description of the typical elements characteristic for this author is based on the grounds of thematic and motivic analysis, especially with regard to the earlier Vietnamese literary tradition. The introductory chapters of this thesis are devoted to presentation of the contemporary context of Xuân Diệu's work and his life. The main part of the text is dedicated to analysis of the individual poems based on identification of the key themes and interpretation of the constitutive motifs in the context of the collection as a whole. The thesis also deals with the author's conception of love and explores the influence of the French cursed poets on the work of Xuân Diệu. Keywords: Xuân Diệu, Thơ thơ, Gửi hương cho gió, New poetry, Vietnamese modernism, ca dao
Framing of Mental Illness in Selected Media Outputs Focused on Destigmatization
Nováková, Barbora ; Vranka, Marek (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
The dissertation called 'Framing of Mental Illness in Selected Media Outputs Focused on Destigmatization' explores how the documentary series 'Life Behind the Wall', online documentary series 'You are not alone', an audio documentary series 'My therapy' communicate the theme of mental health. The work aims to find out how selected journalistic projects framed the issue of mental illness. The theoretical part of the work first deals with mental illness, the concept of stigma and the role of the media in its transmission. It also focuses on destigmatization and defining the most important destigmatization approaches. The next part presents the theoretical basis of concepts such as the influence of the media, agenda-setting and framing. The analytical part presents 10 frameworks, which have been identified using the method of grounded theory. The results are summarized in a discussion, where found frameworks and their limits are being evaluated and compared with best practices based on manuals for journalists and professional publications on mental illness.
Cults of Water Deities in the Context of State and Local Deities' Relationship Under the Nguyễn Dynasty
Nováková, Barbora ; Maršálek, Jakub (advisor) ; Zemánek, Marek (referee) ; Otčenášek, Jakub (referee)
The topic of this work is water deities under the Nguyễn dynasty (1802-1945) in the context of state's relationship with local deities. Vietnamese rulers were striving to integrate locally worshipped deities into the state cultic system throughout Vietnamese history, and these efforts climaxed under the Nguyễn, the last Vietnamese dynasty, whose state cult stemmed from older Vietnamese tradition of the Confucian repertoire. Based on study of primary sources this work addresses the relationship of state power and local deities in 19th century. This relationship was differentiated, dynamic and full of compromises, despite the proclaimed state's power over local deities. Focusing on water deities and trying to classify them the state power's tendency to penetrate remote parts of the realm as well as its lowest administrative levels through official recognition of local deities is apparent. Within this process local water deities were transformed from ambivalent nature deities into quasihistorical heroes embodying state promoted Confucian values. These tendencies are apparent in the case of specific water deities, brothers Trương Hống and Trương Hát, worshipped in Bắc Ninh province in the north Vietnam. Key words water deities, religion, Vietnam, religious policy, Confucianism, Nguyễn dynasty
Love in Vietnamese Popular Music
Sekyrová, Andrea ; Nováková, Barbora (advisor) ; Crhák, Ondřej (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the analysis of the theme of love in the lyrics of Vietnamese popular songs from years 2015-2020. The first part of this paper describes the basics, such as popular music and popular music in Vietnam, but it also introduces Vietnamese social conditions, including the development of understanding love, relationships, and sexuality. The second part of this paper is devoted to analysis of a set of lyrics of contemporary Vietnamese popular love songs, divided into four groups (happy, unhappy, obsessed and motherly love). Powered by TCPDF (
Nam Cao`s novel Chi Pheo
Nguyen, Hoang P. Nhung ; Lopatková, Marta (advisor) ; Nováková, Barbora (referee)
Thisbachelor thesis deals with the short story Chi Pheo from 1941 by the Vietnamese realist writer Nam Cao (1917 -1951). The work presents the short story in the literary-historical context of the period of French colonial administration in the first half of the 20th century, with an emphasis on the 1930s and 1940s. The work also deals with the life of the author and presents the basic features of hiswork. The core of the bachelorthesis is ameaning-makinganalysis of theshort story, which focuses mainly on the three pivotalthemes of the short story, the characterization of characters and models for literary characters. Powered by TCPDF (
The Seal Skin: An Interpretation of the Icelandic Folktale and its Motifs with regard to the Old Norse Symbolic Frame
Nováková, Barbora ; Starý, Jiří (advisor) ; Kozák, Jan (referee)
This work presents an interpretation of icelandic narrative about the Seal Skin with regard to the Old Norse symbolic frame, so the possible paralel motifs and motivic "cores" could arise, even in spite of the temporal period between the origin of our primary text and the origin of Old Norse myths and sagas. The approach of this work is based in structural theories and tools used by Claude Lévi-Strauss, where these tools help us identify the basic narrative units called mythemes: primarily they include characters, objects and settings. The basic principle of founding these mythemes in different genres and cultural contexts is the method of amplification, which is used in psychological and clinical practice of Carl Gustav Jung. The aim of this work is to grasp and comprehend the narrative and its meaning and connect the Old North mythical tradition with modern folklore of Iceland. The result is in-depth analysis of the symbolical net, in which the narrative and its mythemes are embedded. Furthemore this analysis displays the contribution and benefits of the particular interpretation levels and its usefulness for future research. Key words: seal skin, seal woman, seal, icelandic folklore, Old Norse myths
Zhodnocení chovu westernových plemen v ČR
Nováková, Barbora
The goal of this diploma thesis is to evaluate the actual performance and actual status of American western breeds in Czech Republic. The statistical analysis is based on data from the Central register of horses, breeders associations and on the results of one of the accredited discipline by ČJF and FEI, reining. The results were collected between the years 2013 and 2015 from ČJFs archive. The analysis uses the GLM, dependent variables were points earned in the competition and placement in the competition, the effects were breed of the horse, age of the horse, year of the competition, level of the competition, the rider and the equestrian association. Also in the case of signification effect was Scheffes and Tukey-B multiple comparison test used. Through the analysis of data mentioned above it was found that the amount of bred western horses in Czech Republic has an increased trend, also their efficiency in reining competitions improves. The most popular breed of western horses bred in Czech Republic is American Quarter horse which is also in reining represented most often, followed by American Paint horse and Appaloosa.
Vietnamese Gastronomy in Trade Centre Sapa
Le, Duc Anh ; Nováková, Barbora (advisor) ; Lopatková, Marta (referee)
This bachelor thesis is dealing with the topic of Vietnamese gastronomy in Czech cultural environment, with the focus on its adaptation and the perception of Czech consumers. This work is using the Trade Center Sapa of district Praha - Libuš as a case study. The thesis has both theoretical and practical part. The first part is introducing the theoretical concept of gastronomy from anthropological view, continuing with description of Vietnamese gastronomy in the context of public restaurant facilities in Vietnam. In the second part, Trade Center Sapa is being introduced and its restaurant facilities are categorized and described. The last part is comparing perspectives of Vietnamese producers versus Czech and Vietnamese consumers on the issue of Vietnamese gastronomy in Sapa. Key words: Trade centre Sapa, Vietnamese gastronomy, public eating

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