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Lay (informal) support of parents with lethally ill child
Poštová, Lenka ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Mašková, Eva (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of the families taking care of an incurably ill children with the particular focus on the support of the parents by the general public. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part describes the current situation of the families with an incurably ill children in the Czech Republic and their needs and problems as well as the support provided by the society. In addition the theoretical part is focused on the sources of the support by the general public. The practical part contains a qualitative analysis which aims to investigate whether the respondents would provide the support to the families taking care of an incurably ill children or if the respondents would expect to get the support in a difficult life situation.
Social worker as a member of the hospital palliative care team
Michalcová, Zdislava ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Janečková, Hana (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of "Social worker in the team of palliative care in hospital". The thesis consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. In the theoretical one, there is firstly covered the topic of death and dying from the Christian theology point of view. Then, the definitions of the palliative care are mentioned and is described its history both in the world and in the Czech Republic. Consequently, the thesis deals with the current state of palliative care in the Czech Republic, what kind of projects are nowadays in process to implement the care for the environment in hospital and the importance of multidisciplinary team itself. Another part is devoted to social worker in palliative care. It is deeply described how the social work has been evolving in this field as well as its position. It is also pointed to the activities of social worker and described the professional and personal credentials he or she should have. The end of theoretical part is focused on the right worker's attitude to seriously sick people and accompanying their relatives. In the practical part, the example of good practice of palliative care is described in Ústřední vojenská nemocnice in Prague. It was answered on the following questions: What was the development of palliative care in that...
Poverty and exclusion in Czech schools
Šantorová, Kateřina ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on poverty and social exclusion in Czech society with a special focus on teenagers. The theoretical part addresses poverty and social exclusion in both traditional and modern society. It includes methods of identyfying poverty and social exclusion socio-political measures for prevention and resolving of poverty. The theoretical part concludes with discussing the impact of poverty in childhood and adolescence for developing people and endeavors to actively avoid exclusion from schools. The aim of the field research is the collection of qualitative data to explore the extent of poverty in society and exclusion in selected schools, as well as how poverty impacts the educational plans and development possibilities of teenagers. Keywords: Poverty, social disadvantage, social exclusion, childhood, adolescence, pupils with social disadvantage, education, inclusion.
The site of pilgrimage in the centuries: Past and present of the pilgrimage site Neratov in Orlické hory
The work deals with the history and contemporary pilgrimage site of Neratov in Orlické hory. It follows the emergence, destruction and reconstruction of the pilgrimage church. It describes the restoration of the pilgrimage site and the life of the community nowadays. He gives testimony to the witnesses and the natives who were born there before the 2nd World War.
Perception of professional identity by social workers
Kaňková, Anna ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Křížová, Eva (referee)
This master thesis researches a social identity of social workers. It deals specifically with a perception of this identity based on the age of the workers. The aim of the work is to compare the perception of social identity by social workers in two age categories and find out if there exist any signifiant differences between them. The theoretical part explains the key terms of identity and social identity, the definition of social work and the role of a social worker. The thesis refers to both Czech and international qualified literature, articles, fundamental documents and some experiments that have been done so far. The parctical part describes the research focused on the perception of social identity of two age groups of social workers. It analyses the collected data.
Street pastoral care as innovative approach in prevention of criminal behaviour
Klenovcová, Daniela ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Beneš, Ladislav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a topic of pastoral street work as a new form of crime prevention and opens up the theme of this new approach inspired by the international Christian movement Street Pastors. The goal of this diploma thesis is to describe the possibilities how to implement pastoral street work idea in environment of the Prague I Municipality District. As being traditional centre of culture, science, business, public services and tourism, Prague faces today to many associating problems resulting from increase in number of tourists. First, the author describes these problems such as increasing noise, higher criminality, noise disturbance or alcohol consumption in the night streets. Further, the author defines the basic concepts of social work, and describes briefly the history of Christian mutual help in terrain. Then she focuses on the movement Street Pastors that could be an alternative solution to these problems and describes on it's mission, vision, values and principles. Street Pastors is an international network of Christian volunteers, that focuses on similar problems in many cities worldwide. Finaly, the author proposes how ideas of Street Pastors could be applied in Prague.
Use of social theatre in social work
Šindelková, Marie ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Janečková, Hana (referee)
In the following text I will consider possible ways of using social theatre in social work. Studying connections between these fields is preceded by a brief introduction of chosen terms of the theory of social work and theatre, with definitions as the frame. The main objective of my work is the basic division of forms of social theatre and desribtion of its conditions in the Czech Republic. Social theatre as a self-contained system is not defined in the Czech literature yet. Comparing foreign sources and the terminology used in the Czech literature with knowledge of the protagonists' way of work were used to make the structure, so that the main representatives, authors and organizers could be named in relation to particular forms. Based on such a map of contemporary social theatre in our country using definitions and theoretical terms, the answer is offered to the question , whether theatre is a valuable tool of social work, what areas could benefit from it most, and what the specific benefits are from the point of view of values and objectives of social work. Keywords social work, community work, anti-oppressive practice, creativity, social theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, theatrical creation in the specific groups, community theatre
Success in life seen by an employee of social work
Trojanová, Jana ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Procházková, Jana (referee)
The subject of the graduation thesis is a success in life seen through the eyes of a social field worker. The theoretical part explains terms such as value and motivation. It brings information obtained from the literature about the values of the contemporary Czech society and contemplates about its development. It also includes a short presentation of the individual results of the specific student works. It tries to use the words to describe success, success in life, to summarize the factors influencing the success in life. Last but not least, it brings closer the social work and the specific facilities of the social services, in which the research occurred. The practical part describes and analyzes opinions, ideas, observations of four employees of a low-threshold social services facility helping people without a shelter, in relation to the success in life. It tries to describe their idea of a success in life, which is seen in connection with a diligence, own initiative, commitment, knowledge and honest work. It brings a perspective of their prevailing life values, motivation and quests for the relationships with the choice of their occupation. The work in social services changes the life values of people doing it. They are more oriented at a functioning family, background, friends, there is a greater...
Social Service's Satisfaction Research
Rovná, Miroslava ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Drábková, Hana (referee)
The satisfaction with the service is the essential part of system of quality and the main resource of my thesis. In the theoretical part I summarise certain knowledge of quality and its systems, also knowledge about service and social services research. At the end of theoretical part of my thesis you can find a system of methods which are used in research in empirical part of this work. Standardized interview is used as a research way. The main aim of research is to verify methods written at the end of theoretical part. As the best method were chosen interview, focus group, opinion poll and method called "Beads" which uses the straight feedback. The output is made by model of the methods which can be used in process of satisfaction detection of social service users. The research was made in Senior's house Rožďalovice.
Holistic Medicine as a Phenomenon Now Days Time
Horáková, Daniela ; Janečková, Hana (advisor) ; Křížová, Eva (referee)
This thesis focuses on the comprehensive approach to human health. She attempts to shed more light on this topic, to document current circumstances related to the psychosomatic medicine and the so called holistic medicine, and to clarify the manner of understanding these concepts nowadays. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis constitutes a rough summary of the comprehensive approach to human treatment, a view of fundamental theories of psychosomatic medicine and its current position in the Czech health system. The thesis also includes an outline of applied terms which are connected to the comprehensive approach to human treatment, especially in the specialized literature. The practical part of this diploma thesis monitors the way in which the media use the terms of holistic medicine and psychosomatic medicine. Further, a general understanding of these concepts is demonstrated by the means of a questionnaire survey on a sample of 454 respondents. Moreover, the practical part is completed by interviews with two specialists of the Czech psychosomatic scene. The thesis is concluded by the author's polemic regarding the topic of this diploma thesis itself. Powered by TCPDF (

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