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The Process of Adopting a Stepchild throught the Eyes of the Stepparents in the Czech Republic
Kočárníková, Tereza ; Vágnerová, Marie (advisor) ; Procházková, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with the process of adopting a child through the eyes of step parents in the Czech Republic. In the theoretical part, with the help of external sources, it explains the current substitute family care with its conditions in the Czech Republic. More emphasis is put on the conditions of an adoption, legal release of a child, mediation of an adoption, and lastly the steps that lead to a child adoption in the Czech Republic. The practical part is written with the help of data acquired from a qualitative research with adoptive parents. Based on the adoptive parent interviews, it introduces their experience with the process of child adoption and explains the shortcomings which they encountered in the process. The results of the research imply that the average waiting period for a child is 25 months in the Czech Republic. One of the largest downsides for adoptive parents is that each Czech region acts on its own and a centralized adoption system is non-existent in our country. Keywords substitute family care, adoption, adoptee, adopter, foster care, biological parent
Numerical Methods of Image Analysis Focused on Intersecting Objects
Weszter, Juraj ; Procházková, Jana (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
This theses presents an image processing approach to estimating the length of cynobacteria strands in digitally acquired images. An algorithm utilizing the Hough transform to determine strand continuity at strand intersections is presented. The algorithm is demonstrated on selected images, the examined strands are separated and their lengths are estimated. A Delphi implementation of the algorithm is included.
Approximation surfaces for 3D data
Valachová, Alžbeta ; Novák, Jiří (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is dealing with approximation surfaces for 3D data using methods such as RANSAC, least square method and B-spline surface. Its goal is to study and program these methods. First, the methods are described and then the actual programs are analysed. In the end of the thesis, we compare all three methods using data from 3D scanning. Through this effort we can assess their positives and negatives.
The comparison of edge detectors
Dula, Marek ; Loučka, Pavel (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis we focus on the comparison of different methods for finding edges and filtering noise in the image. In the introduction, we focus on basic concepts related to the issue. Subsequently, we describe the individual methods of edge detection and noise filtering in the picture. The next part contains software processing of individual methods in Matlab software. Finally, we compare the individual noise filters and edge detectors.
Crisis - family brake-up - as seen by the child
Nevoralová, Monika ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
This graduation thesis topic is "Crisis- family break up- from a child's view". As the name Prompts, this paper is focused at the crisis in general, at the crisis in family and also? in detail? at the situation of family break up (or divorce) from a child's view. It is without doubt that the family plays a key role in child's development. It is the first community that a child meets in its life and from which it receives main ways of behavior which are necessary for its social existence. At the same time family is also a place, which is predisposed for getting into crises, family crisis is a period of explosive atmosphere and the family is more endangered by break up. At Present, divorce or family break up are widespread in our society. Beside divorce or partners break up a l s o informal family break up exists husbands or partners still live together but their mutual relationship is *i Very conflictful. Therefore it is possible to say that many children are endangered by disadvantageous s»uation in the family. In this work attention is aimed to children behavior during family crises, childrens' ideas about sřlving critical situations and knowledge of supportive measures. Closer attention is also given to children reactions to parents divorce, parents break up, forms of communications between children and...
Self-harm in children
Tvrdoňová, Anna ; Procházková, Jana (advisor) ; Sotáková, Hana (referee)
Title: Self-harm in children Abstract This thesis deals with the topic of self-injury of adolescents. Its goal is to analyze the adolescents' view of self-injury, how the youth themselves define self-injury and what they perceive to be self-injurious behavior. The work is divided into two core parts. The first section focuses on the definition of the self-injury and reviews both current Czech and international literature. Particular attention is devoted to the inconsistent terminology, definitions and presentation of the recent classification system of self- injury. The second part is devoted to the research of explorative character. The data have been collected through a survey using anonymous self report questionnaire from 73 pupils between the ages of 13-15 and they were analysed using categorization and the method of factor and cluster analysis. Factor analysis extracted ten factors which served as the meaningful units and can be interpreted as adolescents' viewpoints of self- injury. Findings suggest the adolescents consider not only direct destruction of one's own body as example self-injury but also behavior that indirectly leads to negative health outcomes (eating disorders, smoking, abuse of alcohol). Interestingly, the youth reported ambivalent viewpoint of self-injury. They reported not only the...
The role of cytokines in development and differentiation of regulatory T cells
Procházková, Jana
The development and function of T helper (Th) cells and regulatory T cells (Tregs) are plastic processes that are regulated by cytokines. In our project we first analyzed the effect of different cytokines on the development of induced (i) Tregs. It has been demonstrated that iTregs arise from CD4+ CD25- T cells upon stimulation with alloantigen in the presence of transforming growth factor β (TGF-β). The development of these Tregs and their proliferation were inhibited by interleukin (IL)-4 and IL-12. The aquired results also demonstrated distinct responses of naturally occuring (n) Tregs and iTregs to the regulatory action of IL-4 and an opposite role of IL-4 in maintenance of nTregs and iTregs phenotype. An important role in the induction of T cell subsets may play also mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) which can, under specific conditions, produce TGF-β and IL-6. Depending on the current production of TGF-β or IL-6, MSCs can qualitatively regulate the ration between Tregs and Th17 cells. Anti-inflammatory Tregs and pro-inflammatory Th17 cells are induced upon stimulation in the presence of TGF-β and TGF-β and IL-6, respectively. In addition to our previous work we studied the role of IL-12 in the development of Tregs and Th17 cells. It was shown that Treg and also Th17 cell differentiation was...

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