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The use of community planning in addressing homelessness, the benefits and impacts on the social inclusion of homeless people
Jašek, Jakub ; Pěnkava, Pavel (advisor) ; Hudcová, Eliška (referee)
The use of community planning in addressing homelessness, the benefits and impacts on the social inclusion of homeless people. The bachelor thesis aims to compare approaches within the method of community planning of social services, in addressing the issue of homelessness and social exclusion in selected parts of the capital. The issue of homelessness is a very complex phenomenon, the solution of which requires a comprehensive approach to the social system. services, responsible authorities and, last but not least, the involvement of the local community.
Interdisciplinary social and health work with clients of the Methadone Substitution Center Drop In
Braunová, Tereza ; Janečková, Hana (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is dedicated to "Interdisciplinary social health work with clients of the Centrum metadonové substituce Drop In". The work is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The aim of the theoretical part is to describe the current situation on the drug scene and clearly define the importance of interdisciplinarity in substitution treatment. The empirical part shows a case study of work with the client of the Centrum metadonové substituce Drop In, o.p.s (Methadone Substitution Center). The aim is to point out the greater need for individual interdisciplinary work with the client in Centrum metadonové substituce Drop In, o.p.s.
New concept of the treatment program in Jiřice prison, pilotproject "Open Prison", and its impact on resocialization, and the possibility of reintegrating convicts into the majority society.
Shevchenko, Andrii ; Prokopová, Hana (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
Recidivism in the Czech Republic is one of the highest in the European Union. According to the representatives of the prison service, justice and non-profit organizations, a certain solution is the systematic support of persons released from imprisonment (hereinafter referred to as "VTOS") in their integration into society and active work with individuals in VTOS. The aim of the diploma thesis is to find examples of "good practice" from already implemented, in the conditions of the Czech Republic, an innovative project for the treatment of convicts in OV. The emphasis here is mainly on the analysis of the application of professional treatment methods in OV, the composition of sub-activities of OV treatment programs according to individual phases, setting the goals of treatment programs in relation to creating optimal conditions for, if possible, a successful reintegration process. At the same time, in this thesis, I will compare the treatment programs and the way they are implemented in the department with a medium level of security with the treatment programs and their implementation in the facility "Open Prison" KEYWORDS Reintegration, reeducation, resocialization, treatment program, Open prison, VTOS, prisons, recidivis
Occurrence of domestic violence among women from Ukraine utilising social services in the Czech Republic. Possible causes of uprise of this issue and following support.
Velát, Anna ; Pěnkava, Pavel (advisor) ; Poláčková, Ester (referee)
Domestic violence in the Czech Republic is an ongoing phenomenon, which affects not only native Czech women, but also immigrant women from foreign countries. Dealing with domestic violence can be especially difficult for immigrant women, as they may also be subject to issues like language barriers, having an insufficient social network, or stress from being in a new environment. Domestic violence perpetrated upon women of Ukrainian descent is especially relevant today, since the number of Ukrainian residents in the Czech Republic is steadily rising. Social service providers focusing on domestic violence are increasingly having to deal with cases of domestic violence affecting women who are third country citizens. The goal of this work is to draw attention to this topic, point to its possible causes, and show its occurrence in practice using casuistries. This work describes intimate partner violence on a theoretical level, where the woman is in the role of victim, and the man in the role of perpetrator, where both partners are interconnected with the cycle of abuse. Furthermore, this work outlines the factors contributing to occurrences of domestic violence in Ukrainian society, to which end it utilizes multiple foreign sources, which have not yet been translated into the Czech language. These...
Is current social work with the community in the Czech republic a theory or a practice?
Deutschová, Barbora ; Pěnkava, Pavel (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to draw the reader's attention to the importance and necessity of community and social work with the community, which is not anchored in the Czech Republic by any legislation. The thesis draws attention to a number of ambiguous definitions of terms and different perspectives on social work with community, although many professional materials emphasize the need for functional communities, which are often replaced by social services. My thesis presents a deaf understanding of terms relating to community and community work. The emergence and gradual development of community social work then expands and refines the understanding of community work and its impact on society as a whole. The role of the social or community worker themselves then plays a crucial role in social work with the community, with clarification of their remit and job description being an essential part of social work with the community. The starting point for this work is the national and regional strategic documents that influence the direction of social work. The thesis then turns to research to answer the key question of whether current social work with the community in the Czech Republic is theory or practice.
Social risk phenomena and their esponse to the approach of working with clients Shelter Speramus
Puskajlerová, Ingrid ; Mašát, Vladimír (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
The presented bachelor thesis analyzes a social phenomenon named the homelessness. The thesis focus on the problem as a whole and subsequently describes a social service, which tries to deal with this social problem. The thesis also describes the process in composition of users of the homeless shelter named Speramus in the city Liberec. The quantitive research explores the development of social pathologic occurrence, which brings new ways of dealing with homelessness in the shelter. In conclusion, the thesis summarizes the new strategies, which came into action due to the new pathologic occurrence among users of the homeless shelter Speramus. Powered by TCPDF (
Social aspects of ageing regarding homeless people in connection with systemic measures taken in the city of Prague
Pěnkava, Pavel ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee) ; Vágnerová, Marie (referee)
Homelessness is a socio-pathological phenomenon, caused by the inability of an individual to deal with crisis situations and leading to the lost of relationships but also the material environment. As a result of the above, the social exclusion of the individuals gradually becomes unchangeable. Here, Pěnkava (2013) describes the vertical decline within the social stratification, which brings a deep frustration and in a number of cases leads to resignation on the efforts to deal efficiently with the unfavorable situation. The causes of such collapse are multifactorial and hence, in order to solve them there is cooperation on the level of multidisciplinary teams needed. However, numerous issues are currently being solved by social workers only, who in many cases are forced to replace experts in fields such as law, psychology, pedagogy of leisure time, geriatry or medicine. The central theme of the dissertation is dealing with the possibilities and limitations of people without home in old age living in the Capital City of Prague. Considering the factors of age, the diversity in satisfying their needs and the associated risks involved, is this a specific group of people that is, moreover, at immediate risk to their lives and health. As a consequence, the dignity of these people is being hurt not only...
Analysis of Practical Implications of Changes in Family Law Introduced by §655 - §975 of the Civil Code.
Veselá, Soňa ; Tomeš, Igor (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
(in English) This bachelor thesis deals with new legal regulations of Family Law listed in new Civil Code Act No. 89/ force from 1. 1. 2014 with it simplifications for the practice of Social and Legal Protection of Children departments. According to this new act the preceding Act No. 94/1963 Coll. concerning the Family, which has regulated Family Law, and Act No. 40/1964 Coll. on the Civil Code, are abolished. Hypothesis: This breakthrough change in our legislation influences Fundamentals of Family Law and current administrative a juridical practice. Aim: analyse new Family Law regulated by articles nos.655 to 975of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., compare the legislations with Act No. 94/1963 Coll., evaluate the expected impact on people concerned, as indicated by the abolishment of Act No. 94/1963 Coll., and identify the impact on proceeding and practice in departments of Social and Legal Protection of Children. Methods used in the bachelor thesis: analysis, comparative study, deduction.

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