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Dying at home: The possibilities of hospice care at home and its importance for the patients and their families
Řepová, Lucia ; Ulrichová, Monika (advisor) ; Křížová, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis is concered with the provission of domestic hospice care and its effect on patient and their family. The theoretical part decribes the basic concepts conected with the provision of domestic hospice care. It biefly describes the history, the emergence of the development and growth of domestic hospice care in the Czech republic. Its describes the organisation of the services provided, their legal basic, related services and also their limitations. The main concern of the work is describe the access to the patient in home care in the context of three levels of home care provided: the provission of social and medical services and spiritual support. The provision of domestic home care, its effect and influence both on the family as a whole and patient their is an aditional purpose of the work wich is desribed in the practical part of the thesis. This part concentrates mainly on an analysis of the principal and component parts in the context of the needs of seriously ill patient and their desire of longing to be at home with their family. It describes the possibilities and extent od hospice care in a doestic setting. It also defines the meaning and role of the family in the care of a seriously ill member and their anxiety in connection with the care of the patient. The conclusion...
The impact of social disadvantaged family on children school education
Koščová, Jana ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
The bachelor thesis entitled The influence of socially disadvantaged family background for education of children focuses on the possibilities and access of these children to education. One of the most important factors in this area is the family, where the child was born and its attitude to education. There are specified parental duties, which according the law, are connected to education and also the importance of pre-school education. The thesis also deals with other factors, which influence the issue, such as economical situation of family, lack of quality accommodation or cultural, language or ethnical differences. The casuistries in the empirical part describe the chosen problems.
Success in life seen by an employee of social work
Trojanová, Jana ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Procházková, Jana (referee)
The subject of the graduation thesis is a success in life seen through the eyes of a social field worker. The theoretical part explains terms such as value and motivation. It brings information obtained from the literature about the values of the contemporary Czech society and contemplates about its development. It also includes a short presentation of the individual results of the specific student works. It tries to use the words to describe success, success in life, to summarize the factors influencing the success in life. Last but not least, it brings closer the social work and the specific facilities of the social services, in which the research occurred. The practical part describes and analyzes opinions, ideas, observations of four employees of a low-threshold social services facility helping people without a shelter, in relation to the success in life. It tries to describe their idea of a success in life, which is seen in connection with a diligence, own initiative, commitment, knowledge and honest work. It brings a perspective of their prevailing life values, motivation and quests for the relationships with the choice of their occupation. The work in social services changes the life values of people doing it. They are more oriented at a functioning family, background, friends, there is a greater...
Medical sociology - medicalization of society
Sojková, Tereza ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the theme of medical sociology, especially with the concept of medicalization of society. The first part focuses on the historical development of the medical sociology and describes three main theoretical bases: the functionalist approach, political economy paradigm and social constructivism perspective. Further it describes the theory of medicalization, which appeared in the medical sociology in the late 1960s. Medicalization is defined as the process when originally nonmedical problems are classified and treated as medical ones. This phenomenom is specified in the section dealing with the medicalization of women's health.
Business aspects of healthcare waste
Mrázek, Martin ; Křížová, Eva (advisor)
Thesis "The market in health care - aspects of business management 'I chose to the basis of its interest in the health economy. waste in health are a big problem. I would like in this thesis work focused on the possibility of disposal of infectious waste by new technologies. The amount of waste continues to grow and the future will certainly be very important to seek more efficient and environmentally friendly use of these materials will also need to takemore more sensitive to the environment.
Quality of life in patients with hepatitis C
Ander, Štěpán ; Křížová, Eva (advisor)
The topic of his thesis quality of life of patients with hepatitis C , I opted for very interesting perspective on quality of life as such, its evaluation methods , not only in relation to medicine , but also in relation to other social sciences. To estimate the quality of life of patients afflicted with Hepatitis C , I decided , therefore , that the hepatitis C virus is spread across world and affects approximately 180 million people. It is the most common form causes chronic hepatitis presenting with modest and non-specific symptoms that this virus to make a clinical diagnosis difficult. Infection can take decades without the patient realizing her presence. Another aggravating factor is protracted antiviral therapy, which exposes the patient to potential side effects. In addition , 50% of the total effectiveness of the treatment is still under expectations. All of these factors lead me therefore to think how this course disease and its treatment can affect or change the quality of life of affected
Spiritual Needs in People with Cerebral Palsy and Their Saturation in Social Care
Rohlenová, Alžběta ; Křížová, Eva (advisor) ; Janečková, Hana (referee)
Master's thesis called Spiritual needs in people with cerebral palsy and their saturation in social care focuses on expressing spirituality in people with cerebral palsy (CP) and studies what the spiritual needs may be and if personal care assistants (PCAs) can help to fulfil clients' spiritual needs. The theoretical part shows the issues of CP and the view to people with this disability, with the emphasis to the options of their participation for life in society. It deals with the topic of spirituality and spiritual dimension as one of many dimensions of human personality. After presenting several important theories of needs it continuous with the role of PCAs and their role in fulfilling the clients' spiritual needs. The practical part proceeds from the combination of quantitative and qualitative research; from a questionnaire inquiring the expressiveness of the spirituality and its sharing with PCAs, and interviews seven people with CP inquiring their spiritual needs and possibilities of their fulfilling by PCAs. The results show concrete and stronger spirituality expressing in people with CP than in major population and that the spiritual needs come out from their live situation. Besides spiritual needs and forces that allow them to fulfil their needs on their own. The PCAs are also a rich...
Holistic Medicine as a Phenomenon Now Days Time
Horáková, Daniela ; Janečková, Hana (advisor) ; Křížová, Eva (referee)
This thesis focuses on the comprehensive approach to human health. She attempts to shed more light on this topic, to document current circumstances related to the psychosomatic medicine and the so called holistic medicine, and to clarify the manner of understanding these concepts nowadays. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis constitutes a rough summary of the comprehensive approach to human treatment, a view of fundamental theories of psychosomatic medicine and its current position in the Czech health system. The thesis also includes an outline of applied terms which are connected to the comprehensive approach to human treatment, especially in the specialized literature. The practical part of this diploma thesis monitors the way in which the media use the terms of holistic medicine and psychosomatic medicine. Further, a general understanding of these concepts is demonstrated by the means of a questionnaire survey on a sample of 454 respondents. Moreover, the practical part is completed by interviews with two specialists of the Czech psychosomatic scene. The thesis is concluded by the author's polemic regarding the topic of this diploma thesis itself. Powered by TCPDF (
Antimicrobial consumption in children aged 0-14, international comparison
Laštík, Jozef ; Křížová, Eva (advisor)
Antibiotics are nedůležitějším means that the company has in the fight against bacterial infections. The discovery of penicillin by Sir A.Flemingem in 1928 , its isolation Chaine and Floreym in 1940 and subsequent clinical use have meant that until serious or fatal bacterial infectious diseases are today curable . In the following years there have been many more antibiotics or chemotherapeutics , which expands treatment options microbial infections . The high popularity of antibiotics in clinical practice over the course of a few decades taken their toll. Substantial consumption of antimicrobial agents and their misuse has led to the emergence of bacterial resistance with which the discovery of antibiotics planned. Adverse the result is a reduced capacity in the selection of antibiotic therapy in the causal infection. This poses a huge risk to the current population , but especially for the next generation . It may even occur to the fact that the antibiotics used today lost due to bacterial resistance efficiency, and we will not be able to fight against bacteria . One of the branches of medicine where there permanently increased consumption of antibiotics , pediatrics . Children have limited immune mechanisms , and therefore constitute a population that is more susceptible to infections. Most often ,...

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