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Consequences of NAFTA Trade Agreement for the Car Industry in North America
Dobeš, Petr ; Kozák, Kryštof (advisor) ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), signed between the United States of America, Canada and Mexico and its impact on the automotive industry in North America between the years 1994, when NAFTA came into force, and 2009, when two major American car manufacturers, General Motors and Chrysler, went bankrupt during the global-scale recession and the industry changed significantly. The thesis is based on the theory of comparative advantages, as it was described by a British economist David Ricardo in the 19th century. It subscribes to the general principle that a free trade is beneficial to all engaged parties, because it enables more effective allocation of resources and provides for more specialization of production. The thesis argues NAFTA was a complex and ambitious international trade deal that had profound impact on the evolution of this branch of industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico, however its impact on the economy as a whole was limited and many of the changes, attributed to NAFTA, would likely have happened even without its passage due to the natural process of evolution of the industry and modernization. The creation of a continent-wide zone of free trade enabled local and foreign car makers to establish international supply chains that...
Seal Hunting in the Canadian Arctic:Conflicting Perspectives on EU Regulation 1007/2009
Jírová, Anna ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Kýrová, Lucie (referee)
On September 16, 2009 the European parliament adopted a Regulation (EC) 1007/2009 prohibiting the seal products from being imported and placed on the European Union market. Adoption of a Seal trade ban was a result of an effective anti-sealing lobby and increasing public concern over the perceivably cruel seal hunting methods that emerged in reaction to growing popularity of seal fur in early 2000s. Even though the Seal ban includes an exception for Inuit who hunt seals traditionally for subsistence and depend on monetary income to maintain their traditions, it proved to be highly ineffective as the demand for all seal products declined dramatically, threatening Inuit way of life in the process. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the key actors involved in the conflict, specifically the Inuit, the European Union, animal welfare NGOs and the Canadian government and to contextualize and analyze the specific narratives of the seal hunting discourse and their implications. By looking at the motivation and justification of the EU Seal ban as well as the implications of the different perspectives on the issue, this research will try to test the hypothesis that the seal hunting discourse is based on a colonial mindset and that decolonization of the mind is yet to be achieved by Western society.
U.S. Public Diplomacy in Iraq After 9/11
Komrsová, Anna ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (referee)
This Diploma Thesis is a case study that, on the example of Iraq, examines the development and importance of American public diplomacy in the Middle East. The thesis deals with the revitalization of public diplomacy projects and its budget increase, which started to occur as a result of changes in American foreign policy after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Efforts to renew public diplomacy began to appear during the administration of President George Bush. However, it was his successor, Barack Obama, who became a strong supporter of "soft power" in US foreign policy and who stressed the need to restore credibility of the US in the world and cooperation with the Arab world. This thesis also deals with the development of public diplomacy in Iraq in the context of the war in Iraq, the subsequent American occupation and the increase of sectarian violence and violent extremism. Although Iraq has been the largest recipient of financial support for public diplomacy for several years, the biggest limit of public diplomacy in the country is its inadequate security situation. Based on the analysis of exchange programs between the US and Iraq, the thesis aims to prove that public diplomacy is an important tool for establishing a dialogue with foreign publics.
The Special Canadian-Cuban Relations under Prime Minister Diefenbaker
Valdajeva, Božena ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Perutka, Lukáš (referee)
The thesis titled "Special Canadian-Cuban Relations under Prime Minister Diefenbaker" examines the roots of the Canadian Cuban Relations set during the reign of Prime Minister Diefenbaker. Whilst Canada's role is usually minimized during the events of the Cuban Revolution as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis, Canada will be discussed as one of the major players in the present thesis. The relationship of the two countries will be discussed mainly through the concepts of "other diplomacies" as the means of Canadian soft power diplomacy and Canadian "othering" of the United States as a part of Canadian nationalism. Both concepts will be introduced in the theoretical framework. The thesis is based on the assumption of Cuba's importance for Canada's national independence. Therefore greater focus will be payed to Canadian nationalist policies of Prime Minister Diefenbaker. The aim of the thesis is thus to discuss whether Canadian nationalism was the main factor influencing Canada's policy towards Cuba during the set time period. We will examine whether the means used by Canada towards Cuba during the late 1959 and early 1960s period can be linked to Canada's need to be seen as an independent country. Thanks to this approach we will be able to assess whether Cuba can be seen as a means of Canadian...
Analysis of Donald J. Trump's twitter campaign during 2016 US presidential election
Neumahr, Martin ; Klvaňa, Tomáš (advisor) ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (referee)
In the first part of the thesis, I will generally introduce marketing to the meaning of US candidates or their electoral teams in the US presidential election in 2016, describe the negative campaign in political marketing, and explain how important part of the US presidential election was Twitter. The second part of the thesis aims to analyze the campaign of the Republican Party candidate in more detail. On a sample of 1458 twitter posts, I will examine whether and how Donald Trump used a negative campaign against his rival candidate Hillary Clinton and also to assess the extent to which his false claims had changed over his campaign in three specific topics. The thesis examines the period from the nomination congress on 18 July 2016 to 8 November 2016, when the US presidential elections were held. At the end of my work, I will try to answer the research questions.
The Specific Role of Quebec within Canadian Fiscal Federalism
Bandžak, Richard ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
Canadian fiscal federalism is a set of complex relations on both federal and interprovincial levels. As each province faces different geographic, economic or demographic situation, federal government runs equalization program that aims to diminish potential economic gaps. Despite vaguely defined purpose, the transfers are unconditional - provinces could use them for any purpose they find appropriate. That could possibly cause distorted incentives such as flypaper effect in which politicians tend to adjust spending behavior according to source of income. Equalization payments are distributed based on potential capacity of each province to raise revenue. As Quebec has been the largest recipient of equalization grants with slow, if existent, convergence to the rest of provinces, it is subject of the analysis in the period from the year 1981, which marks breaking points in both Quebec and equalization system history, to 2016. Quebec tends to be blamed for taking advantage of the system by deliberately undervaluing its fiscal capacity through subsidized prices of electricity and by boosting its social expenditures. By incorporating descriptive statistics and discussion, this thesis concludes that Quebec's policymakers likely deliberately implement fiscal policies that in turn undervalue its fiscal...
Canadian-American Relations under Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King
Jeziorská, Kristýna ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Pondělíček, Jiří (referee)
Canada's indepedence in making its own foreign policy has not always been a matter of course. In the times of the British Empire until 1931 it was formed and coordinated from London. For years, Canada's leaders fought for recognition by the foreign countries and the possibility of making their own foreign policy. The bachelor thesis is focused on development of Canada's foreign policy towards the United States during the third term of ofce of Canadian Prime Minister William Lynn Mackenzie King (1935 - 1948). The thesis analyzes the development of Canadian foreign policy during the 1930s before the outbreak of World War II and the subsequent development of events during the war years. In the early 1930s Great Britain started loosing infuence and after the arrival of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, there was a close co-operation between Canada and the United States in the defense and economic feld that did not change even with the outbreak of war.
Approach to Gun Control Issue in Canada Under Stephen Harper's Governance (2006-2015)
Sochor, Jan ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the change of argument in the debate of gun control issue in Canada during Stephen Harper's governance. Gun control approach in Canada went through significant changes throughout the history. Until 1990s gun laws were mostly responsive to the events of the 20th century. The change of gun control approach occured during Harper's conservative governance. Since then, the safety issue of the gun control approach has started to be less prominent at the expense of the financial issue. That is due to strict gun laws which brought considerable financial expenses. The method of content analysis which was used in this thesis utilizes particular speeches of Members of Canadian Parliament when taking into consideration other primary sources such as official statistics and laws. The first part of the thesis deals with the approach towards firearms since 1867 until Stephen Harper's governance in 2006. This chapter also points out the reactivity and safety reasons why those particular laws were adopted. The second chapter compares selected speeches of Members of Parliament in order to prove the fundamental research question of this thesis, which is: Has the financial argument replaced safety argument presented by Conservative party during the reported period? The bachelor thesis...
Problematic Issues in the Negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
Cimalová, Natalie ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed comprehensive trade and investment agreement between the European Union and the United States of America. This Master's thesis applies Robert D. Putnam's Two-Level Game Theory to the TTIP negotiations, as well as analyses the activities and influence of various stakeholders and factors within the EU and USA that have put pressure on the chief international negotiators and contributed to the freeze of the TTIP negotiations process. This thesis reveals that the anti-TTIP arguments of the second-level stakeholders in the European Union and United States differed. The European stakeholders opposed to TTIP because they thought that it would harm EU's relatively higher standards; consumer safety; environment; and agricultural market. They also claimed that TTIP's negotiations process was non-transparent, and they protested against the inclusion of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanism (ISDS). Their anti-TTIP campaigning was also supported by the presence of anti-American sentiments in the EU. In the USA, the main barriers to TTIP negotiations started with decision of the Congress to grant President Barack Obama the so called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), because it is frequently designated as unconstitutional and...
Framing Climate Policies: Discourse Analysis of Carbon Pricing Debates in Canada and Australia
Davidová, Kateřina ; Hornát, Jan (advisor) ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (referee)
Framing Climate Policies: Discourse Analysis of Carbon Pricing Debates in Canada and Australia Abstract The aim of this paper is to analyze and compare the discourses of Stephen Harper and Tony Abbot during federal election campaigns where climate policies played an unusually important role (2008 in Canada and 2013 in Australia). The study builds on a hypothesis, that according to the post-materialist theory and the Environmental Kuznets Curve, such economically advanced, democratic countries as Canada and Australia should be at the vanguard of climate action. However, in reality they are some of the worst performers when it comes to tackling carbon emissions. Both Harper and Abbott publicly promised to put in serious efforts to tackle climate change. However, when the question of setting a national price on carbon came up for discussion during the above-mentioned election campaigns, they both not only opposed it, but even tried to discredit it by framing the whole debate in overwhelmingly negative terms. In order to uncover what kind of frames and other discursive strategies the two politicians used to shape the debate, critical discourse analysis was applied to their public statements on the policy of carbon tax. Results of this analysis show that they used all of the frames that are typically associated...

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