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Czech and US Democracy Assistance: Case Study of Myanmar
Grmelová, Lucie ; Hornát, Jan (advisor) ; Sehnálková, Jana (referee)
Democracy assistance aims to encourage democratization process or solidify already existing democratic system in a foreign country. The strategy that should accomplish such goal differs according to donor country. Similarly, there are differences between Czech and American democracy assistance approaches. Diploma thesis Czech and American democracy assistance: the case study of Myanmar examines contrasts between Czech and American democracy promotion in Myanmar within the period of major political changes. The Asian country underwent transformation starting in 2011 when military junta passed several reforms, opened up a dialog with political opposition and arranged partly free parliamentary elections in 2015. The thesis focuses on Czech and American assistance and its evolution from the prerevolution period starting in 2007, through the peak of reform changes, up to NLD winning the majority of parliamentary seats and their governance in 2018. Czech democracy assistance appears to be characterized by their focus on civil society activization and bottom-up approach. On the contrary, the United States stress more than Czech assistance projects marked with political approach, thus securing free and fair election processes and other functioning democratic institutions. The case study of Myanmar and...
Voting rights or voting wrongs? Voter suppression in the USA: Case study of Georgia
Barková, Tereza ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of voter suppression in Georgia. It is divided into historical and contemporary part. Within historical part, it analyzes relevant laws, constitutional amendments and court rulings that were behind gradual expansion of voting rights. It also focuses on discriminatory measures enacted in Jim Crow era, such as poll taxes, tests of literacy, white primaries or disenfranchisement for committing certain types of felonies. Historical part closes with the 2013 US Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder which ended federal preclearance of Georgia's changes in election laws, resulting in enaction of new barriers for the exercise of voting rights. Current methods of voter suppression in Georgia include strict registration rules, voter identification requirements, voter roll purges, unsatisfactory accessibility and functionality of poll places and disenfranchisement of felons. Thesis concludes that these barriers disproportionally affect minorities and poor voters. Moreover, thesis identifies main strategies used by local civil rights organizations in the fight against voter suppression - litigation, legislative lobbying and mobilization, education and empowerment of the voters.
Use of African Americans in Medical Experimentation: Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
Vondrášková, Tereza ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Mertová, Viktorie (referee)
This Bachelor Thesis deals with the topic of experimental studies on African Americans in the United States during twentieth century. As a racially discriminated group, African Americans have long been abused in a number of experiments. Due to segregation, especially in medical facilities, experimental treatments were performed without informed consent of the patient; experiments with radiation were also performed in medical facilities; drugs, cosmetics and the effects of diseases on human body were tested in prisons and many more. The Thesis aims to describe these different types of experiments and discover how and whether the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s was influenced by these experiments. The Thesis is divided into two parts, the first part reflects a broader view of the issue and its subchapters represent different types of experiments along with specific examples, while the second part examines the syphilis experiments in Tuskegee, which is, because of its scope, length and influence one of the most infamous symbols of unethical experimentation on African American subjects. The work concludes that due to the lack of information about the ongoing experiments and their revelation in the early 1970s, therefore after the end of the Civil Rights Movement, use of African Americans...
Can China rise peacefully? The South China Sea Issue
Petreková, Patrícia ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Kučerová, Irah (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the rise of China in the context of its behavior in the South China Sea over the past decade. The significant economic growth of the People's Republic of China over the last few decades is expected to affect not only the regional balance of powers, but also its position within the international system. There is a wide-ranging debate in academia about how China will grow and how it will affect the international community. As a reaction, in order to explain its growth, China has introduced the concept of "peaceful development", according to which its growth should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat to the international community. An offensive realism approach was chosen for this work and the ideas of its main advocate John Mearsheimer will be applied to the specific behavior of China in the region. The role of the United States, which influences China's behavior, will also be discussed. The diploma thesis will further deal with the increased Chinese assertiveness in the area of South China Sea and the means it uses in it to enforce its claims. The basic aim of this work is to underscore the contrast between the declared official policy of China and its actual behavior.
Portrayal of Journalists in Netflix' Series "House of Cards"
Linhart, Tomáš ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Szobi, Pavel (referee)
This thesis examined the contemporary U.S. popular culture, specifically the Netflix series House of Cards, and the analysis was focused on the representation of the media reality portrayed in the first two seasons of the series. The credibility of given model situations or their exaggeration is examined based on thirteen research interviews with Czech and American journalists in March, April, and May 2020. The public trust in media, the influence of popular culture on mass society, specifics and ethics of investigative journalism, and broadly the representation of media in cinematography were presented in the first part. The analysis of the portrayal of journalists and media in the series and research interviews with experts followed. The main objective of this research was to evaluate the credibility of the portrayal of journalists. The secondary research question was focused on the public trust in media and the potential harm that the depiction in culture might cause. The views of Czech and American journalists on the portrayal of media in popular culture and the discussion about their diverse opinions are the primary asset of this thesis. The results prove that the perception of ethics and journalistic behaviour in given specific situations differ individually. Therefore, aspects such as...
Food Waste in the United States as an Issue of Federal Public Policy Making
Hlaváčková, Anna ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
The Master's thesis "Food Waste in the United States as an Issue of Federal Public Policy Making" analyzes the role of the federal government in dealing with food waste. It mainly focuses on federal legislation, but it also examines actions on the state level to illustrate the contrast between the two. In the thesis, the author examines the causes and sources of food waste, federal jurisdiction for intervention, and the history of passed legislation, as well as proposed legislation, and solutions. The main goal of the thesis is to demonstrate that federal involvement is fundamental in achieving any significant change, but so far has failed to do so. Primary literature consisting largely of bills, materials published by federal agencies, and reports by non-profit organizations were used to uncover the character of passed legislation. Academic secondary literature in the form of articles, reports, and factsheets offered context to understand the scope and impacts of the legislation. Analysis of those sources revealed federal authority to deal with the issue, as well as possible obstacles standing in the way of an extensive federal intervention. Research also showed that in the absence of federal action, some states have stepped up to introduce legislation to reduce food waste, but this legislation is...
Fossil Fuels Lobby and Climate Change: Influencing the Discourse in Politics and Media
Balková, Tereza ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (referee)
Climate change denial is a widely spread phenomenon in the United States that has for decades shaped the country's response to the numerous environmental challenges it has been facing. This thesis deals with the role of the American fossil fuels lobby in the analyzed matter, as it constituted the main force behind its rise. The main goal of the thesis is to prove that the success of the climate change denial orchestrated by the fossil fuels industry was enabled by its ties to the political establishment. Moreover, it argues that this was done by using professionally drafted strategies, which turned a once-widely-accepted fact - backed by a scientific consensus - into a matter of debate, opinion, politics, ideology, and identity. In order to do that, the thesis firstly covers the historical development of the climate debate in the United Sates. It looks at the major milestones in the country's approach in dealing with the problem of the environment as well as the emergence of the climate change denial campaign itself. Secondly, it analyzes the various connections between U.S. politics, special interests, and climate science from the 1970s until the end of the George W. Bush Administration. Next, it introduces the specific tactics and methods employed by the climate change denial campaign. Moreover,...

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