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Labor Movement in Minnesota as a Means of Struggle for Equality of African Americans in Minnesota: Activism of Nellie Stone Johnson
Navrátilová, Barbora ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Kýrová, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis Labor Movement as a Means of Struggle for Equality of African Americans in Minnesota: Activism of Nellie Stone Johnson analyzes the role of the Labor Movement in a struggle for equality of African Americans in a state that belongs on the periphery of academic research of African American population of the United States of America. In the first two chapters, the study uses the probe method, which analyzes the manifestations of the Labor Movement and the Civil Rights Movement of the African Americans in Minnesota within a historical context. In case of both movements, key influences and actors are primarily identified. The second chapter then analyzes in more detail the impact of racism and discrimination on the Labor Movement's development, and vice versa, the struggle of the Labor Movement to overcome racial segregation. In the third chapter, the case study relies on the biographical method and the oral history method. Using these methods, this chapter constructs a specific story of activist Nellie Stone Johnson, whose life demonstrates the importance of combining quality education with economic self-sufficiency for the success of the African American struggle for racial equality in Minnesota. Nellie Stone Johnson came from a farming background that was traditional for Minnesota...
Czech and US Democracy Assistance: Case Study of Myanmar
Grmelová, Lucie ; Hornát, Jan (advisor) ; Sehnálková, Jana (referee)
Democracy assistance aims to encourage democratization process or solidify already existing democratic system in a foreign country. The strategy that should accomplish such goal differs according to donor country. Similarly, there are differences between Czech and American democracy assistance approaches. Diploma thesis Czech and American democracy assistance: the case study of Myanmar examines contrasts between Czech and American democracy promotion in Myanmar within the period of major political changes. The Asian country underwent transformation starting in 2011 when military junta passed several reforms, opened up a dialog with political opposition and arranged partly free parliamentary elections in 2015. The thesis focuses on Czech and American assistance and its evolution from the prerevolution period starting in 2007, through the peak of reform changes, up to NLD winning the majority of parliamentary seats and their governance in 2018. Czech democracy assistance appears to be characterized by their focus on civil society activization and bottom-up approach. On the contrary, the United States stress more than Czech assistance projects marked with political approach, thus securing free and fair election processes and other functioning democratic institutions. The case study of Myanmar and...
Voting rights or voting wrongs? Voter suppression in the USA: Case study of Georgia
Barková, Tereza ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of voter suppression in Georgia. It is divided into historical and contemporary part. Within historical part, it analyzes relevant laws, constitutional amendments and court rulings that were behind gradual expansion of voting rights. It also focuses on discriminatory measures enacted in Jim Crow era, such as poll taxes, tests of literacy, white primaries or disenfranchisement for committing certain types of felonies. Historical part closes with the 2013 US Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder which ended federal preclearance of Georgia's changes in election laws, resulting in enaction of new barriers for the exercise of voting rights. Current methods of voter suppression in Georgia include strict registration rules, voter identification requirements, voter roll purges, unsatisfactory accessibility and functionality of poll places and disenfranchisement of felons. Thesis concludes that these barriers disproportionally affect minorities and poor voters. Moreover, thesis identifies main strategies used by local civil rights organizations in the fight against voter suppression - litigation, legislative lobbying and mobilization, education and empowerment of the voters.

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