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Motivation and Satisfaction of Managers in the Selected Company
Dlabajová, Eva ; Kruntorádová, Markéta (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with the satisfaction of managers and the correct grasp of the motivational style by management and society. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and empirical. In the theoretical part, basic concepts are defined: manager, management, leader, leadership. Next, the types of leadership styles of managers are defined and compared. Subsequently, the concept of need, motive, motivation is explained here and the most basic tools for motivation are presented. The empirical part contains a qualitative research study carried out through semi-structured interviews, the aim of which was to answer the main research questions. At the same time, it was investigated what influences this phenomenon and what type of cooperation or help the respondents would welcome to improve their work performance. The goal of this work is to make a concrete proposal that will lead to an increase in work performance.
The personal well-being at work of the probation officer
Vachoušková, Veronika ; Drahoňovský, Jan (advisor) ; Novák, Petr (referee)
The work focuses on the personal well-being, specifically in the work environment, of officials of the Probation and Mediation Service at the center in Prague. The method of solving the problem is qualitative research, for which data were collected using prearranged interviews with randomly selected officials of the center. The aim of the research was to map individual areas of personal well-being for individual respondents. The method of comparison and contrast was used in the data analysis, the data are then interpreted and made clear in the created tables. The result of the research is more frequent positive comments from the respondents on the given topics, no significant difference was detected between people with a shorter and longer tenure at the center, in some opinions, center leaders differ from their subordinates or from officials with little work experience. In addition, deviant and contrasting answers appeared in the interviews. The validity of the data was subsequently discussed in the Discussion chapter, there is a possibility of distortion of the answers due to the recent relocation of the center or due to the questions presented to the respondent in advance. The research was compared with the mentioned research from the chapter Overview of existing knowledge. For a more in-depth...
Measurement of working environment parameters in machine assembly
Kutík, Miroslav ; Křivánek, David (referee) ; Kotek, Luboš (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor's thesis is the investigation and measurement of selected parameters of the work environment and their effect on people. The measured environment is a newly built hall, which is supposed to prove the stability and relevance of quality in the investigated area. An essential part of the issue is extensive research dealing with the concepts of ergonomics, human understanding of ergonomics, and selected parameters of the work environment. These chapters explain how to achieve healthy workplace well-being to increase productivity. The practical part deals with the processing of measured values, which include climatic conditions, dangerous compounds, and lighting. Each mentioned variable contains a measurement procedure, the measurements, and evaluation. This evaluation connects theoretical knowledge with practice.
Construction and application of mobile robots suitable for industrial (production) use
Botek, Martin ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
This thesis deals with the application and design of automated guided vehicle trolleys and autonomous mobile robots and the trends towards their use. In the first part, a system analysis of the implementation of robotization of the work environment using a mobile robot is carried out. The second part focuses on the history of robots, their definition, the classification of types of mobile robots and the analysis of the subsystems that make up a robot. The last part of the thesis focuses on the trends that occur in the design and application of new technologies for mobile robots.
Measurement of working environment parameters in machine manufacturing
Novák, Lukáš ; Křivánek, David (referee) ; Kotek, Luboš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with description, measure and practical evaluation of working environment parametres. There were four parametres evaluated – temperature, relative humidity, concentration of CO2, concentration of airdust and lighting. The measurement took place at three different workplaces.
Communication and corporate culture in construction engineering
Macinková, Martina ; Molnár, Josef (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on communication and corporate culture in the construction engineering, with an emphasis on importance and improvement. The thesis aims to capture the importance of this topic in the context of the construction engineering. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the issue of communication and culture in the construction industry is examined in detail to provide a comprehensive overview. The practical part presents the results of the research conducted, combining quantitative and qualitative approaches. The data was obtained through questionnaire surveys and guided interviews with employees of selected construction companies. The paper concludes with a summary of partial conclusions and formulates recommendations for improving communication and corporate culture in construction companies. This work included a proposal for a more effective survey methodology and tips for making the industry more attractive to young people.
Proposal for Motivational System Changes in a Selected Company
Drahokoupil, Vojtěch ; Pfeifer, Marcel Rolf (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
Hlavním cílem této práce je návrh změny motivačního systému ve společnosti Dobrá autopůjčovna, která provozuje jednu autopůjčovnu se sídlem v Brně. V teoretické části této práce jsou vysvětleny základní pojmy a různé druhy motivace, její vliv na zaměstnance a různé motivační teorie. Tato část slouží jako základ pro analytickou část, ve které je velmi podrobně vysvětlen a popsán současný motivační systém. Toho bylo dosaženo prostřednictvím rozhovorů se zaměstnanci, rozhovoru s majitelem a pozorování. Na základě těchto analyzovaných informací byly nabídnuty změny ke zvýšení výkonnosti a spokojenosti zaměstnanců se zaměřením na zachování firemní kultury.
The influence of the working environment on the performance of employees in services
ČERNÁ, Kateřina
The diploma thesis deals with the influence of the working environment on the performance of employees in services. The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the impact of the working environment on the performance of employees in a selected company providing services with emphasis on ergonomics and, as a result of indentifying any shortco-mings to propose steps to improve it. Ergnonomics aspects that influence satisfaction with the current situation that prevails in the workplace in a selected company are examined. The theoretical part is focused on ergonomic factors that are important for empoyees in the work environment and that significantly affect it. The practical part is focused on the evaluation of the current situation in the company and proposals that aim to improve the physical characteristics of employees, but also to increase their motivation and satisfaction in the company. For individual proposals, there is a cost calculation that the company can use in case of interest in their implementation.
Organizational climate, competing values and employee well-being
Zábrodská, K. ; Mudrák, J. ; Machovcová, Kateřina ; Cidlinská, Kateřina
The concept of organizational climate may facilitate an understanding of relationships between work environment and employee well-being. In the paper, we present a research project focusing on organizational climates at academic workplaces and their relationship with employee well-being. We implemented the Competing Values model as the theoretical framework and a mixed-methods research design including large-scale questionnaire study and in-depth interviews. Based on k-means cluster analysis of the questionnaire data, we identified four types of organizational climate (“self-actualizing”, “collegial”, “performance”, “fraternity”) localized in the dimensions of the Competing Values model (flexibility-control, internal-external focus). We found significant differences between the ways in which members of these types perceived their work environment and well-being. Based on the interviews we discuss some psychosocial processes taking place between different organizational climates and employee well-being.
Employee Satisfaction and Motivation in the Selected Company
Havlátová, Tereza ; Jobánková, Lenka (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of satisfaction of employees in selected manufacturing company. Theoretical part of this diploma defines basic concepts and factors of satisfaction of employees based on literary research which then proceeds to the main practical part – quantitative survey research. Proposal part of this diploma thesis comes from results of analysis in the practical part with a purpose to make recomandations and to improve current situation in selected manufacturing enterprise.

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