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Design of Electric Kettle
Drápalová, Jana ; Buganská, Tamara (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The topic of my thesis is to design a kettle and the main goal is to make a new look at the topic that was made many times and to improve, innovate and move the existing design, while maintaining ergonomic, technical and esthetic requirements.
Design of Hot Melt Glue Gun
Kopkášová, Katarína ; Rubínová, Dana (referee) ; Sládek, Josef (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is the design of a hot melt glue gun. The aim is to design an innovative, functional and practical melting gun. Based on design and technical analysis, a product is designed that meets aesthetic, ergonomic and technical aspects. Emphasis is also placed on ease of use and intuitiveness, safety, cleanliness and accuracy of work and on ecology, which is very important at this time.
Design of Industrial Planetary Mixer
Škodová, Nina ; Rajlich, Jan (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the design of an industrial planetary mixer with a volume of 40 liters. The goal is to create a design that takes account of ergonomics and design and technology requirements.
Design of the Machine for a Roadside Compacting
Šoltysová, Michaela ; Chorý, Tomáš (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
Subject of this master thesis deals with the concept of the machine for a roadside compacting. After analysing of current market situation the aim of this work is not only to replace the vibration plate by new machine with a cab and vibration rollers but also mainly the design of the machine. The reason is easier work and it fulfils all constructional and ergonomic requirements and puts emphasis on aesthetic. So it fills a gap in the market.
Design of Laboratory Centrifuge for Sample Separation
Kašná, Marie ; Rubínová, Dana (referee) ; Fridrichová, Eva (advisor)
The project deals with the design of laboratory centrifuges with regard to aesthetic, ergonomic and technical parameters. Emphasis was placed on stability, ease of use and further possibilities for use. The project also includes an analysis of the current market. The resulting device design can be widely used, but is most suitable for small laboratories.
Design of Golf Cart
Drápalová, Jana ; Karásek, David (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The main contribution of this work is a new perspective on design of a golf cart for 2 players. The aim is to create a cart which will be innovative in the design but retaining necessary technical, ergonomic, aesthetic and ecological requirements. The final draft should be able to compete to existing products in this market.
Design of Desktop Spirometer
Monsportová, Kateřina ; Buganská, Tamara (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is a design of tabletop spirometer. The main goal is to design a device with innovative appearance and shaping, which will provide complex and professional pulmonary examination. The thesis is based on an analysis of the current market and was created with a regard to ergonomic and technical aspects. The final product finds its application in specialized consulting rooms and in general practitioner's office.
Design of coffee maker
Švancarová, Jana ; Chorý, Tomáš (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the design of a coffee machine. The design focuses on a professional automatic high-load coffee machine intended for use in dayrooms and meeting rooms of companies. The final proposal should meet all constructional, technological, aesthetic and ergonomic requirements. The aim of the thesis is to design a coffee machine following the expected requirements while the visual appearance and functionality of the device corresponds to the individual needs of its users and operators.
Design of bathroom accessories.
Rajchl, David ; Buganská, Tamara (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The task of this work is to analyze and propose a set of the bathroom accessories in respect of functional, technical, technological, aesthetic and ergonomic laws.
Design of all-terrain vehicle
Brostíková, Amálie ; Karásek, David (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design Quads. Specifically, a type of terrain utility quad, often referred to as the ATV. To drive the machine uses two electric motors. The ultimate designer's proposal responds to the significant social trends that support the economy and ecological design. These parameters together with the yield of the machines are non-traditional solutions to this type of field machinery.

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