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The Selection of a Singing Repertoire for primary school pupils of classes 3. - 5.
Pakandlová, Martina ; Jiřičková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Tichá, Alena (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibilities of working with the selected writing repertoire in the 3rd-5th year of primary school. The aim is to present a wider range of musical activities with a focus on vocal activities for the five selected songs. The first part of the thesis consists of a theoretical part, in which we characterize the physical, psychological, musical and vocal development of pupils of younger school age. In the following chapters, we set out the criteria for selecting a singing repertoire and analyze selected publications in which we can be inspired in its selection. Based on the selected criteria, we present a sand repertoire compiled according to the course of the school year. For each selected song we present the introductory motivation, suggestions for talking about the song, training vocal exercises, recommended method of its rehearsal, dance rendition and instrumental accompaniment. For these songs, the reader will also find possibilities of inter-subject connection, for example with art education, drama education of homeland science or natural science. Some of the submitted initiatives partly meet cross-cutting topics, namely multicultural and environmental education. From the proposed activities we compiled models of teaching hours with a focus on song rehearsal, through...
Wages and salaries - development in the Czech Republic
Juřenčáková, Soňa ; Mrňová, Zuzana (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the development wages and salaries in the Czech Republic. The first part of the thesis is theoretical and describes the basic concepts of remuneration legislation, labor - law relationships, wages and salaries. The theoretical part also describes the development of wages and salaries in selected period. The practical part bears on standartizion and remuneration in selected construction companies in the Czech Republic.
Cost estimating of the construction as a basis for determining the bid price
Jelínek, Petr ; Roudná, Veronika (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
This batchelor´s thesis is focused on calculations of construction orders. This work is dividend into theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical part describes basic terminology and processes related with calculations of construction orders. Practical part focuses on specific construction and is analysing its parts and comparing prices of realization and calculation program. The construction is two-story family house situated in the town of Městečko Trnávka.
Parametric budget estimation - Innovation of the method of determining bid prices in a construction company
Vrbka, Marek ; Comorek,, Martin (referee) ; Elingerová,, Helena (referee) ; Mésároš,, Peter (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
Today's trend in construction is the emphasis on the most extensive unification. There are a number of building systems and technologies that can be clearly defined in terms of their technological solution. This trend opens up opportunities for innovative pricing approaches, or prices at which their construction products are offered by construction companies to their potential customers. From the customer's viewpoint, the offer price for the building, determined by the construction company, is the dominant part of the purchase price of the building work. The traditional way of determining the offer is the itemised budget. Creating itemised budgets is costly for companies and time-consuming, especially due to the costs of specialised budgets and their hardware and software equipment. The main idea of the dissertation is the effort to innovate in the area of budgeting of building structures designed for housing in the Czech Republic. The dissertation focuses more on the innovation of bidding in construction companies in the form of parametric budgeting. Parametric budgeting is an innovation based on parametric cost estimation methods. The principle of parametric budgeting correlates statistical analyses by calculating the cost of model cases with specific cases using the regression functions set for a given data set. A link between model and specific cases is spatial, technical, technological and material parameters. The dissertation’s overall objective is to evaluate in particular whether parametric budgeting makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the bidding process in enterprises. In the thesis are used calculation methods to determine construction costs in the form of item budgets. In addition, mathematical methods are used to determine the regression function of a particular data set for creating and examining cost estimation relationships. In the dissertation are used investment procedures to determine simple payback period, cash flow, etc.
Cost of variant solutions of houses
Sokol, Patrik ; Roudná, Veronika (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the problems surrounding costing variants of building constructions, as well as creating an itemized budget for a single house in civil engineering. The first part of the thesis focuses on theory divided into two sections. The first section looks into the pricing in the civil engineering sector, the second contains explanations of technical terms related to the thesis. The second part of the thesis focuses on practical solutions to the researched topic of creating an itemized budget for a new building. Costing variants of projected buildings are proposed while meeting the projected thermal insulation parameters. New itemized budgets are created on the basis of chosen costing variants evaluating their price and how time demanding they are. Itemized budgets are used to create price indicators of a built-up area, a usable area, a living area, and an enclosed area.
Methods of building price determination
Pěnčíková, Kateřina ; Vázlerová, Marcela (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
This thesis defines the methods of building price determination. In my work I tried to explain the concepts related to budgeting and valuation, to describe and use methods for determining specific prices for my chosen family house in the town Bílina. The first part is used to get acquainted with the terminology related to the creation of the budget and the use of valuation methods in construction. I also tried to describe the principles and rules of budgeting and specific valuation methods, which I used on my chosen family house. The second part contains a practical solution to the problem. First, I create a budget in the budget program BUILDpowerS and then, here I use valuation methods and create prices for a family house. Finally, I compared the prices, which were created using valuation methods and the created budget, evaluated and its subsequent use.
Wages and prices in construction
Massabni, Raghid ; Aubusová,, Alena (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The aim of my diploma thesis entitled Wages and prices in construction is to introduce the methods of remuneration, types of wages and the calculation procedure, as well as to introduce the types and forms of prices and procedures for creating the price of a construction work. The diploma thesis consists of four basic sections divided into eight chapters and other subchapters. The first section, Wages, contains information on wages and the determination of types of wages. In the second section we will focus on prices in general, their types and forms and prices in construction with budgets. In the last part we will focus on an example item budget of a family house,
Contract management for earthworks with a focus on price
Krátká, Taťána ; Tichý,, Jan (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The aim of the work is to explain the procedure of performing earthwork orders for electrical installations. Furthermore, a budget indicator of the construction company FA KRÁTKÝ is created here, based on previous executed orders. Eventually, a budget for a specific order of the actual construction is made, which the thesis is focused on.
Life cycle cost of passive house
Javořík, Erik ; Prak, Michal (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The diploma thesis analyzes the overall life cycle costs of a passive family house. In the theoretical part the thesis deals with the definitions of concepts needed to understand the given issue and to determine the costs in individual parts. In the practical part the knowledge and procedures to two passive family houses are applied.

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