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So the kids have place to be ashamed of us
Peřina, Jan ; Maršíková, Hana (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
The work aims to design an environmentally responsible school in a specific situation according to the innovative education principles focused on forest schools. The work reacts to the absence of forest schools in the Kroměříž region and offers an alternative to regular education systems and the regular appearance of the schools. The proposal is applied in Kroměříž. I design interventions in fore locations with different spatial characteristics. The interventions evolve existing features and characteristics of the location or make the accessible. Those interventions should be used not only for education but also for the locals.
To the nature with Jáchymáček - support for environmental education in preschool education
Bachelors thesis is focused on environmental education in kindergarten. Environmental activities contained in this thesis aids for connection between nature and preschooling as well as building-up positive attitude to nature it self amongts children. Bachelor thesis further defines tems related to environmental studies and koncept with in educational framework program. The Author among others things also mentioning the influence of environment on children which is closely related to environmental studies. Than points out on benefits children gains while Theky being educated in nature. The practical part contains thematic units together with specific activities created by the author those are designed for clinical kindergarten and its nearest surroundings such as Vajgar pond, meadow and field ecosystems Jindra´s leasing travil, Slavik forest, kindergarten garden and garden that belong to secondary school. Those units and activities are than evaluated.
Science worksheets on the topic "Water" for teaching in a school garden
Kakešová, Kristýna ; Janštová, Vanda (advisor) ; Svobodová, Silvie (referee)
Most elementary schools in the Czech Republic have a school garden, but despite frequently emphasized benefits of fieldwork, it is difficult for many schools to include their school garden in their classes. Therefore, the main goal of this diploma thesis was to create and test worksheets for teaching in a school garden at the second grade of elementary school (i.e. pupils 12 to 15 years old). Ten worksheets are focused on the topic "water"; four of them are dedicated to measurement of precipitation. The created materials were tested at a small rural school, whose school garden has been modernized in recent years. After minor modifications, the worksheets are useable in all school gardens. This thesis also contains created materials - worksheets with author's solutions and methodological manuals for teachers. The second goal of this thesis was to determine the effect of teaching with these worksheets on the pupils' attitude towards the school garden and the environment. To collect data from 34 respondents, I used modified standardized research tools Inclusion of Nature in Self (INS) and Two Major Environmental Values (2-MEV), the research was based on pre-test/post-test design. The achieved results show a positive effect on the pupils' attitude towards the school garden, the effect on the pupils'...
Botany Field Trips
Brabcová, Eliška ; Novotný, Petr (advisor) ; Kroufek, Roman (referee)
This bachelor thesis is devoted to the problem of field education in botany. Based on the available international and Czech literature, the thesis points out the current change in the attitude of the academic and lay public towards botany and the related educational implications. It also presents the dichotomy in the concept of field education - the traditional Czech approach of organizing field trips and the Scandinavian model of uteskole. Furthermore, the thesis questions the benefit of the conventional division of the field trip into stages - preparation, realisation and evaluation - in the context of striving for a more regular and conceptual field education. Within the actual implementation of field education in botany, it discusses selected aspects of nature walks, visits to botanical or school gardens. It bases the value of field-based botany education on the positive results of monitoring the achievement of cognitive and affective learning goals. It also emphasizes its importance in the relationship between the teacher and the group of students. At the same time, the thesis takes a critical look at field-based botany education through the general and individual barriers to its realization. In the context of the contemporary world, it focuses on the implementation of digital technologies in...
Birds in Kralovska obora Stromovka as an Educational Topic
Řezníčková, Adéla ; Svobodová, Silvie (advisor) ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (referee)
Thesis Title: Birds in Kralovska obora Stromovka as an educational topic Author: Bc. Adéla Řezníčková University supervisor: PhDr. Ing. Silvie Svobodová, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The thesis explores the utilization of Královská obora Stromovka, an urban park, as a suitable location for organizing excursions and environmental educational programs focused on birds. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the concept of zoological topics, specifically bird- related subjects, within the curriculum framework and examines their treatment in textbooks. Furthermore, the theoretical section provides a characterization of the chosen location from both historical and current perspectives, along with an overview of bird protection regulations in European and Czech legislation. The concluding portion of the theoretical part outlines excursions as an educational method and environmental education program. The primary objective of the thesis is to develop, implement, and evaluate an environmental education program that integrates students' theoretical knowledge of birds and principles of environmental education with practical learning in a natural setting, allowing students to connect with their local environment. Three excursions were proposed and conducted, each taking place during a different season. To gather feedback,...
Educational box with the theme of birds in the environment of the Zoo of Hluboká nad Vltavou
This bachelor thesis focuses on the creation of a bird-themed educational box in cooperation with the Hluboká nad Vltavou Zoo. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part draws from the literature on the subject. First, it focuses on field education, didactic play and the Framework Educational Programme. The second part is devoted in detail to the birds used in the practical part of the bachelor thesis. The practical part takes the form of a didactic game. It includes a manual for teachers and a worksheet for all those interested in the game.
Outdoor education with cross-curricular overlaps between natural history and Czech language and literature
ŠOLCOVÁ, Veronika
The thesis contains a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is written in the form of a literature search from Czech and foreign sources concerning field education in general, intersubject overlaps and specific teaching methods suitable for the outdoor environment. The aim of the practical part was to create a series of summary tasks set in an outdoor environment and then to evaluate some of them in practice. The tasks contain cross-curricular overlaps between Czech language and literature and natural history and are intended for primary school pupils in Key Stage 2. Validation in practice confirmed the positive impact of the proposed activities on the achievement of cognitive goals by 8th grade pupils.
Possibilities of using leisure and experiential pedagogy in relation to the teaching of biology
Rybka, Jakub ; Rajsiglová, Ina (advisor) ; Kuba, Radim (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with experiential education and leisure education and possibilities of using their aspects in schools teaching, especially in Biology and Natural history. There is a need for clarification of definitions in the introduction, which will be followed by a brief chapter on history of experiential learning and leisure education in Czech environment. The main goal of this thesis is to point out that aspects of both branches of education have already been used in some modern education methods. Selected methods are closely described, for example their possible benefits and disadvantages or their extent in education at Czech schools. In conclusion, those methods are then compared with experiential learning and leisure education for confirmation of the main hypothesis of this thesis.
An effect of attended outdoor education on pre-service biology teachers
This diploma thesis deals with the effect of attended outdoor education on pre-service biology students at University in České Budějovice. There is an explanation of what is outdoor education and what are its schemes and forms in the theoretical part. Then there are the benefits and disadvantages of outdoor education which relate to the reasons why outdoor education is or is not part of teaching biology. In the last part of the theoretical part there is the incorporation of outdoor education into the RVP ZV and a chapter about outdoor education in other researches. A questionnaire was assembled based on the theoretical part and it was sent to former students of Faculty of Education in České Budějovice who studied biology. The outcomes of the questionnaire are in the last part. By some students the correlation of the number of participated outdoor courses and results of the studying was made but no relation was confirmed.
Expedition in search of spring - activities to strengthen environmental awareness in pre-school education
The bachelor thesis is focused on environmental education in kindergarten, especially on activities that strengthen environmental feelings and also relate to the spring aspect. The theoretical part deals with terminology, the importance of environmental education and its methods. He mentions the topic of a preschool child, and especially the relationship between the child and nature, ways of implementing environmental education in kindergarten and marginal descrioption of the spring aspect in Czech nature. The practical part through the use of knowledge from the theoretical part into the practise of the weekly thematic unit under Expedition in search of spring. The course of program implementation, daily evaluation and final evaluation with children.

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