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Stress Management and Coping in Manufacturing Industry
The Bachelor´s thesis is focussing on stress management and coping in manufacturing industry. In the theses are explained basic terms which are related to the topic of stress and coping. Subsequently there is explained the relationship between stress levels and emotional inteligence and the relationship between coping and the character of a person, mainly in connection with Big five traits. In the thesis is also interpreted the compatibility of the P-E theory with stress management. The current situation is analysed by survey and subsequently processed with various statistical methods. Next from the current situation analysis are layed down precausions which can be implemented by employers, however there are also set precausions which can be implemented by employees themselves.
Reakce sazenic břízy bělokoré (Betula pendula Roth.) na stres suchem
Orlovský, Vít
Climate change, with its accelerating intensity, is the primary factor to which forest and urban stands need to respond. Particularly more frequently, recurrent periods of drought, coupled with rising average annual temperatures, mainly in urban development, represent a significant plant stressor. As silver birch (Betula Pendula Roth) is a frequently used tree in urban plantings, the aim of this work was to assess the physiological response of silver birch seedlings after the completed leaf development to stress by drought. Evaluation of the response of the seedlings to stress confirmed the assumption that water potential decreases as the drought increases. Due to the stress of the drought, we saw an 86% decrease in water potential measured at noon compared to the beginning of the experiment. From the results of a 17-day experiment, we found that stress from drought caused a 96% decrease in the rate of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance. So birch seedlings reacted very sensitively to drought stress by trying to avoid reducing water potential. When comparing the variability of the responses of individual seedlings, the physiological parameters showed a marked difference in their response to stress by drought. For example, for rate of photosynthesis, the coefficient of variation for stressed seedlings reached 97% at the end of the experiment. The PRI reflectance index, which indirectly characterises the carotenoid content, showed a coefficient of variation of even 306%. All this information provides us with clear evidence of the ability of individual birch seedlings to react to drought stress in a different way. Based on our measurements and subsequent results, we can conclude that the variability of silver birch seed material is able to respond to the demands implied by the projected climate change.
Zvládanie a dôsledky pôsobenia stresu zamestnancov v obchodnej sfére
Filipová, Zuzana
This bachelor thesis discusses the impact of stress on employees in the business sphere. It examines the ability of workers to manage stressful situations as well as their consequences. The thesis is divided into two parts; literary research, followed by my own work. The literary portion focuses on defining stress, as well as understanding the various types of stress, the concept of stressor, the effect of stress on humans and different coping methods used against stress. Furthermore, stress in the workplace, the attitudes and outlooks of companies towards stress and the relationship between work and family are also explained in detail. The second part of the bachelor thesis is devoted to qualitative and quantitative research, which analyze the perception of stress by employees. Using the analysis of the obtained data a solution was proposed for employees and employers, serving to reduce and its better management, especially by employees.
Molecular mechanisms of environmental sex determination in reptiles
Maslova, Mariia ; Kratochvíl, Lukáš (advisor) ; Krylov, Vladimír (referee)
Molecular mechanisms underlying environmental sex determination remained elusive for half a century, until just recently, when new insights into the topic were gained. The thesis summarizes current progress on this issue and focuses, among other things, on the role of oxidative stress and regulation of gene expression in the process of sex determination and sex reversal.
Pressure pain threshold evaluation in relation to the knee joint position - pilot study
Čechová, Tereza ; Čech, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Jevič, Filip (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the relationship between the level of stress of soft tissues and their pressure pain sensitivity. It aims to find out whether the level of tension in soft tissues, given by the position of neighbouring joints, affects the pressure pain threshold. The thesis assumptions were verified on a model situation with the sensitivity of the tissues of the ventral and dorsal sides of the thigh depending on the angular adjustment of the knee joint flexion. The theoretical part deals with the findings about biomechanical properties of soft tissues in relation to mechanical load and in the sense of tensile and compressive forces. It describes the mechanisms of tissue nociceptor activation and afferent signal transmission for processing by neurvous system. It distinguishes between the concepts of nociception and pain and deals with methods of their quantification, especially pressure algometry. A group of 30 (15 men and 15 women) healthy probands of younger adult age participated in the research. The values of the pressure pain threshold were measured for each person with an algometer from the ventral and dorsal side of the thigh with angular settings of 0ř, 45ř and 90ř flexion of the knee joint, with a constant position of the hip joint. The data set's statistical analysis did not show...
Monitoring of risk factors of civilization diseases in primary school teachers
Faber, Dominik ; Kinkorová, Ivana (advisor) ; Kramperová, Veronika (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to map the incidence of civilization diseases among elementary school teachers in Prague and the surrounding area. To find out what kind of knowledge they have about this topic and which risk factors of civilization diseases occur in them. The theoretical part mainly deals with different types of risk factors of civilization diseases. Among the most basic factors are insufficient physical activity, unhealthy nutrition, and stress. However, it also deals with other important risk factors. It also describes selected types of civilization diseases. In general, these are cardiovascular, oncological, and metabolic diseases. In the practical part, research was conducted at 5 schools in Prague and the surrounding area. The research was focused on primary school teachers. The research was carried out in the form of a self-inquiry survey. 60 primary school teachers filled out the survey. The result is that the most basic risk factors for civilization diseases among the teachers participating in the research are insufficient physical activity and a negative family history. A significant risk factor is high consumption of high-fat and meat products such as salami, sausages, pates etc. As a positive result is a high consumption of vegetables and fruits. Smoking and alcohol...
Static and dynamic footbridge analysis
Jankovičová, Soňa ; Lang, Rostislav (referee) ; Martinásek, Josef (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is static and dynamic analysis of the load-bearing steel structure of footbridge with reinforced concrete bridge deck, standing over the Morava river. Bridge was designed as a solid ribbed arch, so it consists of a pair truss beams, strengthen by two steel arches with suspenders. There were created two different models, one in program SCIA Engineer, where the individual elements were designed as spatial bars. In the second model, they were created as surface elements. For such model, it was more appropriate to use ANSYS Mechanical APDL program. The load and selected combinations are calculated manually according to valid national standardization documents. Furthermore, this thesis contains manual calculations of stress. The results are compared with computing programs to determine the correct functioning of the models. In the next part, the work is devoted to static and dynamic analysis, where it compares the results of the mentioned two model situations.
Prevention of burnout syndrome among emergency service workers
The thesis is focused on the prevention of burnout syndrome in the IRS workers. This thesis was prepared in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which hit the Czech Republic in 2020, and due to the pandemic situation, including extraordinary governmental measures, integrated rescue system workers were exposed to a great psychological, but also physical load. In the theoretical part of this thesis, the integrated rescue system was briefly described, but also the stress that contributes to the development of burnout syndrome in the long term. Subsequently, the theoretical part described the burnout syndrome and its phases. Furthermore, the symptoms of burnout syndrome, risk factors or treatment were presented. An indispensable part,without which this thesis could not be complete, is the section devoted to the prevention of burnout syndrome. The main objective of this thesis was to list the factors that contribute to the development of burnout syndrome including preventive measures that reduce the likelihood of burnout syndrome. The topic of prevention of burnout syndrome was focused only on the personnel of basic units of the IZS. To achieve the stated aim of this thesis, a custom questionnaire was constructed and used in the survey. The practical part of this thesis deals with the prevention of burnout syndrome in the workers of basic units of the IZS. The questionnaire that was constructed contains twenty-four questions, fourteen of which are related to the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic and also intertwined with the prevention of this syndrome. From the analysis of the questionnaire survey, it was found that the prevention of burnout syndrome is neglected among the integrated rescue system workers in the Czech Republic. On the basis of subjective answers of the personnel of basic units of the IZS it was found that they may be more at risk of developing burnout syndrome due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Since no official diagnostic questionnaire was used, I would have welcomed the involvement of some erudite social psychology personnel on this issue. From the resulting findings included in this thesis, a recommendation for practice has been developed, which includes five practices that, if applied, could improve the current state of the art in the prevention of the syndrome in future integrated rescue workers.
Mental health care for nurses working in the anesthesiology and resuscitation department
The thesis focuses on mental health care among the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation department nurses. Two goals were set. The first goal was to find out what means the nurses use to take care of their own mental health. The other goal was to map what elements the nurses find the most stressful. Five research questions were defined in order to accomplish these goals. The empirical part is in the form of a qualitative research survey using a semi-structured interview, which consisted of 12 questions. The focus group consisted of 10 nurses working at the inpatient section of the department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation. Acquired information was subsequently analysed and categorized. The nurses prevent the everyday stress by looking after their mental health and spending time with their family and close friends. The nurses' active relaxation consists of going for walks, trips or sport. Passive relaxation includes reading, watching movies, playing games, going shopping, sauna, good food, looking after themselves or going abroad. Some nurses are trying to pay attention to healthy lifestyle as they find it important. They most often experience mental workload when admitting a patient because of the burden of responsibility, time pressure and work overload. They also attribute the strenuousness of their occupation to them being constantly vigilant, ready to react quickly, decision making, improvisation and taking care of restless patients.What the nurses find particularly emotinally demanding is communication with the families of their patients and looking after young patients. They further prevent workload by using teamwork, being in a good mood and joking in the workplace. The interviewed nurses expressed their overall satisfaction with their work but at the same time they mentioned the need of hiring more staff and financial contribution for sports activities.
The Epidemic of SARS-COV-2 and its Influence on the Social Services in the Southbohemian Region
This bachelor thesis deals with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and encroachments and changes, that the pandemic caused in the social services and which the workers in the social services had to face. The main aim of this thesis is to analyze these changes and their impact on the workers in the field of social services. To conduct such analysis, qualitative method of research using half-structured interviews was applied. All data collected during individual interviews were then assessed and divided into 9 categories. The conducted research proved, that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic had two major impacts on the professional and private lives of the employees working in the social services. The workers had to deal with physically demanding situations, but especially with constant stress and permanent fear for the health of their own, their relatives and friends, and also of the recipients The main significance of this thesis lies especially in the fact, that the object of analysis was a social group taking care of the most vulnerable people in these unprecedented times. The outcomes of the thesis may contribute to further research in the field of stress load on the psyche of employees, especially long-lasting work and stress load may take its toll in the following weeks and months. The outcomes may also become a stimulus for employers in social services to prepare programmes to help the employees with physical and psychological regeneration.

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