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Staff stress in a specific youth home; its causes and subsequent solutions
PŘECH, Michal
The bachelor thesis deals with the stress of educators at a particular youth home and the mechanisms of coping with the stress of these educators. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis describes the concept of stress, stress management mechanisms, psychohygiene, pedagogy and youth home. The research brings the testimonies and experiences of one tutor and two tutoresses. The aim of the research is to point out the psychological demands of this profession and to inform the public about it. It is a qualitative pilot study in which the data were obtained by using unstructured interviews and processed by thematic analysis.
Coping with the demanding work of caring for the long-term sick
ŠVECOVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis is primarily focused on challenging situations that may arise during the care of long-term patients. It explores the specific situations that employees of a particular healthcare facility perceive as stressful, how they individually experience them, and how they cope with them. Additionally, it delves into how these employees perceive the everyday aspects of their work after years of practice. The theoretical part of the thesis, based on professional sources, primarily describes possible challenging situations and then discusses methods and techniques that can be used to cope with them. The resulting work is intended for those who wish to understand the experiences of individuals working in the healthcare environment, providing insights into what challenges one might encounter in this profession. It also conveys recommendations from experienced personnel on how to deal with such situations.
Mental health of educators in the after school club
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of mental health of female educators working in after school clubs. The aim of this thesis is to find out how educators take care of their mental health, what helps them, how they deal with stress and whether they have personal experience with burnout syndrome. The work is structured into a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, I focus on the basic characteristics of after school club and the profession of an educator. Then I examine in more detail the area of mental health and mental hygiene. I also deal with stress and burnout syndrome. The practical part of the thesis presents the results of qualitative research, which was conducted using semi-structured interviews. The grounded theory method was used for data analysis. In the conclusion of the thesis, the main results obtained from the qualitative investigation are presented and summarized.
Piston for Racing Engine Škoda 110
Gerák, Jakub ; Maršálek, Ondřej (referee) ; Svída, David (advisor)
This Bachelor's thesis deals with the defect of the piston Metalex for a racing engine Škoda 110. The aim of my work is to find the reasons for the piston defect, to check the most stressed parts by strength calculation and suggest a possible structural design so that the piston withstands all stresses throughout the required lifespan.
Creation and processing of signal database
Glett, Jiří ; Šebesta, Vladimír (referee) ; Sigmund, Milan (advisor)
The work become acquainted with history and rise databases globally. Construes philosophy structuralization, sorting and purpose using. Work further deal with concrete databases softwares intended directly to processing audio signals. Further treat of programmes that the make possible generation personal database structures. Work deal about SUSAS database and analysing its content. It is created self database of music signals, which includes several musical groups always similar in certain aspect. Speech database contains records from the SUSAS database and records from television programs, reality-shows, sports broadcasts, reports and documents, when speakers are subjected to stress and emotions. The work is a database program that can effectively classify all records and processes. The database can be freely extended. The resulting program was realized into Czech and English version.
Stress-strain analysis of a crane arm
Mora, Lukáš ; Halabuk, Dávid (referee) ; Fuis, Vladimír (advisor)
The content of this bachelor’s work is a summarization of types of tower cranes and subsequent stress-strain analysis of the crane arm of the crane type 150EC-B8 Litronic located on the Šumavská street in Brno. Analytical stress-strain analysis is calculated with equations of equilibrium using joint method in various types of loading of the construction with MAPLE software. Numerical calculation is executed on 3D model of the construction in software ANSYS. The aim of this bachelor work is the verification of the correctness and comparison results of analytic calculation with numeric calculation and evaluation of the results from a limit states and deformation standpoint.
Deformation of tool steels after quenching in vacuum furnaces
Abu Khait, Yosef ; Němec, Karel (referee) ; Pacal, Bohumil (advisor)
In this thesis, the deformation stages, which take place in tool steels after quenching in vacuum furnaces, were studied. This study was focused on the heating and cooling conditions during this type of quenching. In the experimental part, the deformation changes in particular samples made of tool steel after vacuum quenching were analyzed. Minor changes in the volume of samples at higher quenching temperatures compared to lower temperatures were observed.
Návrh vozidla Baja SAE
Hajdušek, Zdeněk ; Hejtmánek, Petr (referee) ; Blaťák, Ondřej (advisor)
This master’s thesis describes the design of the Baja SAE vehicle according to the applicable rules. In the beginning is the work focused on search competing vehicles and subsequently on design the first Baja SAE vehicle in the Czech republic. This thesis is systematically divided into chapters according process to the vehicle design. The main part of a master's thesis is design of axle kinematics in software Adams and frame design. The model was designed in Catia V5. The frame was analysed of torsional stiffness and stress in software ANSYS.
Stone columns - importance of arch effect
Vanko, Peter ; Zdražil, Karel (referee) ; Miča, Lumír (advisor)
The aim of the the thesis is to study the development of arch effect depending on the change of the various parameters such as grid of columns, height of embankments, material of embankment fill and material of columns. The first phase of work summarizes theoretical knowledges of stone columns and arch effect. The next phase deals with analysis of the effect of arch using numerical modeling. In the next part of the second phase circular tank based on stone columns will be modeled, where deformations and stress on columns will be monitored in changing constitutive model and applying substitute characteristics. Obtained results will be evaluated in conclusion.
Evaluation of mechanical characteristics of metalic materials under monotonic loading
Mička, Jan ; Vojtek, Tomáš (referee) ; Horníková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concerns with study of mechanical characteristic of metalic materials during uniaxial tension and torsion. In the begining of this thesis there are desribed stress and deformation characteristics which are set by metal material tests. Goal of practical part is describtion of advancement and determin of these characteristics from uniaxial tension and torsion tests. Then follows compare of gained results.

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