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Discrimination of Ukrainian Citizens in the Czech Labor Market: A Field Experiment
Pasichnyk, Viktorija ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Kantová, Klára (referee)
This thesis examines the extent of discrimination of Ukrainian citizens in the Czech labor market by analyzing the results of a correspondence experiment that involves sending pre-designed resumes of fictitious applicants to job offers posted online. Each job offer was randomly assigned a Czech or Ukrainian resume, and the responses from recruiters were collected. The interview callback rates were subsequently analyzed, indicating that Czech applicants have by 72.7 % higher callback rate than Ukrainian applicants. Results also show a decrease in the callback rate of Ukrainians over time. This leads to the conclusion that discriminatory practices against Ukrainian citizens exist in the Czech labor market.
Workforce Composition Effects on Covid-19 Spread: a SIR model and an Application to the Czech Regions
Škultéty, Oliver ; Gregor, Martin (advisor) ; Chytilová, Julie (referee)
One of the main types of government intervention aimed at fghting the COVID-19 pandemic were the social distancing measures. This thesis presents a novel approach to examining the relationship between social distancing and workforce composition. The model used is a SIRD model with dynamically optimizing individuals. The model is estimated for each Czech region and cali- brated for the 'social distancing measure' so that the model predictions best ft the data. This measure is then compared in a regression with the share of skilled labour in each region. This thesis fnds that a large degree of variance of social distancing between regions can be explained by the workforce composition. 1
The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors on road traffic safety in the Czech Republic
Schusterová, Josefína ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Zeynalova, Olesia (referee)
This thesis focuses primarily on determining the potential effect of Covid-19 on road traffic safety in the Czech Republic, measured by the daily volume of traffic collisions. The additional incorporation of weather and seasonal fac- tors contributes to the complexity and uniqueness of this work. Although it is possible to Ąnd relevant foreign literature on the relationship between the pandemic and traffic accidents, this phenomenon has not been widely studied in the Czech Republic. The hypotheses were tested by applying the Ordinary Least Squares es- timation on time series data. The frequency of traffic accidents signiĄcantly decreased with the presence of Covid-19 disease, especially during the state lockdown periods. A similar pattern was observed by the remaining analysed categories of collisions, except for those with alcohol and drugs detected by the offender, which were positively inĆuenced by the pandemic. The wind is the only statistically insigniĄcant weather variable in our analysis, and the state holidays all turn out to signiĄcantly affect the number of traffic accidents. Over- all, the thesis contributes to the revelation of traffic trends during the Covid-19 disease and helps to predict the traffic safety situation in a possible future state of emergency of a similar kind.
Testing the Use of Choice Defaults to Stimulate Behavior of Dancers
Skácelíková, Eva ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Landovská, Petra (referee)
The following thesis presents an experiment examining the effect of choice defaults on stretching of dancers. Stretching is one of possible injury prevention tools. The topic of the thesis is motivated by the importance of injury prevention in efforts to reduce public and private financial burden. Costs linked with injuries are shared among individuals and public finance sector. They are one of the components of government expenditures in the healthcare sector. We explored a sample of 202 participants aged 9-17. The treatment group was enrolled in an after-class stretching club as a default. The control group was exposed to opt-in condition, and they could sign up for the club. The participation in a club was voluntary for both groups. We observed whether participants were enrolled in a club and whether they stretched after class. The data were collected twice each week for a period of month. Analysis showed that the enrollment rate was 17.8 percentage points higher for the treatment group. Stretching rate was also higher for the treatment group, it differed by 11 percentage points. This result was not always statistically significant which might be caused by several limitations of the experiment. Next, we observed a difference of 19.3 percentage points in the effect of age on probability to...
The effect of weather on purchases on online fashion e-shop in the Czech Republic
Borýsková, Nikola ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis aims to determine the e ect of weather conditions on online fashion purchases in the Czech Republic. Even though various studies have proved the impact of weather for instance on people's time allocation, mood or con- sumer behaviour in an o ine environment, this topic has been explored rarely. Ordinary Least Squares method was applied to estimate the impact of several weather variables (sunshine hours, precipitation, temperature, air pressure, and wind speed) on sales from Czech fashion e-shop using time series data for five years. All weather variables included in our analysis turned out to have a statistically significant e ect on sales. Keywords online shopping, e-shop sales, weather e ect, OLS regression Title The e ect of weather on purchases on online fashion e-shop in the Czech Republic
Thermal Insulation of Apartment Buildings: Decision-making Process and Effect on Energy Savings
Častorálová, Lucie ; Ščasný, Milan (advisor) ; Chytilová, Julie (referee)
Thermal Insulation of Apartment Buildings: Decision-making Process and Effect on Energy Savings Abstract In order to lower the emissions of green-house gases it is necessary to explore the wide range of the energy efficiency options. This thesis attempts to analyse the effect of thermal insulation installed in the multi-family apartment buildings during the period of 2006-2012 in the Czech Republic. We also investigate whether providing governmental funding further improves energy performance of the insulated apartment buildings. In addition, we examine the collective decision-making processes of members of the multi-family apartment building associations, including their attitudes towards thermal insulation of their houses. The basis of this thesis is the econometric panel data model (with 45 apartment buildings and their energy consumption before and after the insulation) evaluated by the fixed effects method with cluster confirming that the insulation, investments and public funding had all significant and negative impact on the energy consumption in the buildings, when energy consumption was adjusted for weather conditions. After the analysis it was concluded that the more the owners invest in thermal insulation, the more they will save in the long run. The governmental funding led to even greater...
Regional Determinants of Housing Affordability in the Czech Republic
Smolár, Peter ; Hejlová, Hana (advisor) ; Chytilová, Julie (referee)
The main motivation behind this study lays in identification of regional determinants in the Czech Republic. Because of lower manifested heterogeneity of apartment in comparison with houses, housing affordability was measured by a ratio of average buying price of an apartment over average annual disposable income per capita. Regional housing affordability was judged en bloc and was not measured in an attempt to identify subpopulations threatened by high housing costs. The object of interest was the impact of individual dependent variables on the price-to-income ratio. For the purpose of this study, only factors affecting at the same time housing prices and housing income, either directly or indirectly through correlation, are taken into consideration. The estimation of our model suggests that economically and statistically significant are the variables for the relative number of divorces, births or the proportion of urban population. All of the effects, disregarding only one variable, went in the same direction as they were expected to go. Also, it was possible to provide an answer to the question whether inclusion of composite determinants, such as natural population growth, may affect the interpretation of the results. In accordance with empirical studies on regional housing prices determinants, the study...
Vliv struktury sourozenců na dětskou práci a školní docházku
Korbel, Václav ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Janotík, Tomáš (referee)
In scholarly literature the impact of sibling structure is commonly examined in connection with child health and school attendance. The aim of my bach- elor thesis is to determine what influence has the particular sibling structure on child labor, which is not studied so often, and the school attendance re- lated to the subject. The first part dwells on models of resource allocation within household and description of basic mechanisms regarding the method in which the structure of siblings influences resource allocation within house- hold. Main emphasis is laid on theoretical model with household production. Hypothesis about effect of sibling structure is then empirically tested using data from two African countries - Sierra Leone and Niger. Based on this analysis, it is possible to conclude that particular structure of siblings do not have fundamental influence on recourse allocation within household. Last but not least, reasons of differences between chosen countries are discussed in the conclusion.
AIDS and polygamy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Pokorný, Jiří ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Verchuša, Kateřina (referee)
The objective of this work is to contribute to understanding the relationship between AIDS, polygamy and the economic performance of a country or of an individual by analyzing and discussing some particular questions, and by adding some new ideas to existing theories. The first part is theoretical, largely devoted to AIDS and it's influence on the economy. The second part is a microeconomic statistical analysis, which tries to find what are the characteristics of polygamous men and women, and what is the relationship between polygamy and AIDS. It shows that polygamous households are relatively more wealthy and that the men's motivation to have more wives is probably wanting to have lots of children. Then it was found that polygamy brings higher risk of being infected by AIDS, because of polygamous husbands being more often unfaithful. The conclusion is that families having the best outlook are probably those with a polygamous and faithful husband. Such families will be wealthy and will have many children.

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