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Nursing students'stress factors in clinical practice
Kurišová, Miroslava ; Mádlová, Ivana (advisor) ; Javůrková, Alena (referee)
The thesis focused on the psychological burden of students on professional practice and the related self-confidence of students. I set myself the following goals: 1. To analyze the current state of the issue of mental stress of students in professional practice using scientific sources and articles in Czech and foreign literature 2. Prepare a non-standardized structured questionnaire and assign the target respondents - students of Charles University 2nd and 3rd Faculty of Medicine / Faculty of Medicine / in Prague and students of the Faculty of Health Care of the Catholic University in Slovakia 3. Identify potential differences in the identification of stressors in the course of professional practice and assessment of load by students 4. Propose recommendations for improving education and training during studies The methodology: the work consists of data analysis obtained using a structured questionnaire, which was distributed electronically among students of General Nursing in 2nd and 3rd year in Czech Republic and in the 2nd and 3rd year in Slovakia. The final number of respondents for both universities was 66, a rate of return of 72%. MS excel 2016 spreadsheet processor and IBM SPSS Statistics software version 22 (USA) and Statistica version 12 were used for data analysis. The hypotheses were...
Creation of methodological support for the implementation of exercise programs for children of younger school age in Czech, Ukrainian and Russian
Shkliar, Alexandra ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Pavlová, Ilona (referee)
Title: Creation of methodological support for the implementation of movement programs for children of younger school age in Czech, Ukrainian and Russian Aim: The aim of the bachelor thesis is to create appropriate and comprehensible methodological support to promote physical activity among Ukrainian children in asylum in the Czech Republic. Methods: The bachelor thesis consists of three parts and has a theoretical-empirical character. In the first, theoretical part a qualitative approach (literature search) is used. In the second part, based on the research, a proposal for methodological support was created, which was subsequently translated to be available in three languages: Czech, Ukrainian and Russian. In the third, empirical part, a quantitative approach in the form of an anonymous questionnaire- type survey was used. The research sample for the empirical part was obtained by the method of purposive sampling. The respondents were mainly persons from the field of education who work with children, persons from families affected by the war (refugees from the invaded country), families from the country that started the war and families of Czech citizens whose children suffered from psychological problems related to the war. Results: 41 respondents took part in the survey, 12 from the Czech...
Individual possibilities of involvement of relaxation techniques in rehabilitation care of patients after implantation of a total hip joint endoprosthesis
Gallová, Iveta ; Strnad, Pavel (advisor) ; Mahrová, Andrea (referee)
Title: Individual possibilities of involving relaxation techniques in the rehabilitation care of patients after implantation of a total hip joint endoprosthesis Objectives: The goal of the thesis is to offer to individual probands the possibility of including relaxation techniques in therapy, beyond the scope of normal rehabilitation after implantation of a total hip joint endoprosthesis. Methods: The diploma thesis is of a theoretical-empirical nature and is conducted as qualitative research. The monitored group consisted of 4 people - 3 women and 1 man, aged 50 to 55 years, all after primary implantation of a total hip joint endoprosthesis, who were hospitalized in the hospital's rehabilitation department for 3 weeks. The research part of the thesis was focused on the inclusion of exercises with elements of relaxation techniques in the therapy of individual probands. The intervention was an individually designed exercise using elements of relaxation techniques for individual probands. The structure of this exercise changed during the research depending on the fitness of the probands and their current physical and psychological state. The following methods were used for data collection: semi-structured interview, taking anamnesis, inspection, palpation, measurement of joint ranges according to the...
Factors contributing to stress adaptation of human pathogen Bordetella pertussis
Hejnarová, Václava ; Večerek, Branislav (advisor) ; Černý, Ondřej (referee)
The role of bivalent metals as cofactors in various enzymes is essential for all domains of life. Their importance can be seen in interactions of hosts with patogens such as Bor- detella pertussis. This bacterium has several mechanisms that protect it from oxidative stress in phagosomes of immune cells. One example is Mn-dependent enzyme superoxide dismutase. Phagosome itself is an environment with limiting concentrations of several key bivalent metals. Thus, the transport of these metals must be controlled to ensure sufficent concentration for enzymatic activity and prevent from toxic cumulation and mismetallation. This study focuses on a particular locus BP3083-BP3077 that is highly expressed in B. pertussis surviving after internalization by THP-1 macrophages. The locus consists of two transporters, one of which shares homology with SitABCD Mn2` impor- ter of Salmonella enterica and is regulated by Fur family repressor. Bacterial cells were exposed to toxic concentrations of several bivalent metals and the level of gene expres- sion was studied by RT-qPCR. Deletion mutants were used for examination of bacterial phenotype. Results of the study show that the locus encodes Mn2` and Co2` transporters and becomes negatively regulated by Fur family repressor in toxic concentration of Co2` . The...
Syndrom vyhoření u učitelů středních škol
Soukalová, Kristýna
This bachelor is concerned with burnout syndrome in secondary school teachers. The aim was to characterize burnout syndrome, to interpret its causes and risks, and to think about the prevalence of this syndrome among teachers working in secondary schools. The work is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is based on professional sources and thus provides information and knowledge about the issue. The empirical part describes the research investigation and the results obtained regarding the burnout rate of secondary vocational school and apprenticeship teachers. The research is based on a quantitative approach and is therefore carried out using a questionnaire survey.
Hodnocení reakce odrůd pšenice seté k suchu metodami molekulární biologie
Sodomová, Karolína
This thesis deals with the issue of drought, which is occurring more and more frequently with ongoing climate change. During longer or intense periods of drought in the agricultural landscape, significant losses in the yields of field crops can occur. Here, the effect of drought in laboratory conditions on two preselected varieties of winter wheat was monitored. It is the most cultivated crop in the Czech Republic, and therefore it is important to know the mechanism of its defense against a stressful environment. The response to stress was evaluated by molecular biology methods. Through the Real Time PCR method, the expression of selected genes was monitored, thanks to which the reactions of the Bohemia and Tonnage varieties were compared. The results show that Bohemia loses water more slowly when exposed to drought stress. At the same time, a higher expression of protective genes can be observed in the Tonnage variety. This indicates its lower tolerance to drought. It can therefore be argued that in an agricultural landscape where droughts occur more often, it will be more appropriate to grow a more tolerant variety to reduce yield losses, which in this experiment is the Bohemia variety.
Faktory ovlivňující výkon sportovce na sportovním gymnáziu
Purčová, Lenka
The bachelor's thesis is aimed at students of sports gymnasiums who are highly engaged in a sport. It highlights the most common factors that have a primarily negative impact on an athlete's development and performance, such as stress, inappropriate coaching behaviour, lack of motivation, and issues related to nutrition. The practical part of the thesis is based on interviews conducted with sports gymnasium students. It mainly focuses on the factors that negatively affected the respondents during their studies and their pursuit of top-level performance in their chosen sport.
Vliv abiotických faktorů (teploty) na vybrané druhy zelených mikrořas
Ston, Michal
Microalgae as a unicellular organism are part of huge variety of ecosystems, and therefore, are susceptible to environment changes. They have developed mechanisms helping them to adapt to those changes. Although some changes can have negative effect on cell life. Even though, many algae have adapted to extreme conditions, the main problem is climate change and sudden temperature changes that lead to cell damage of microalgae. The main objective of the present master's theses was to compare and evaluate effect of increased temperature on different types of microalgae. The results suggest that effect of temperature of 40 °C had a different effects in Chlorella sorokiniana and Scenedesmus obliquus which was found using spectrophotometer analysis of photosynthetic pigments, secondary metabolites, and antioxidant capacity. The results showed that Chlorella sorokiniana reacted positively to higher temperature of 40 °C by increasing production of those compound, respect to the control groups at 23 °C (p ≤0,01). Scenedesmus obliqus mainly answered by lowering production of compounds, except of chlorophyll b that showed increase in production. In all studied parameters, statistically significant differences were observed (p ≤0,01) between Chlorella sorokiniana and Scenedesmus obliquus at 40 °C. Specifically, Chlorella sorokiniana showed better adaptive response to increased temperature in all investigated parameters.
Syndrom vyhoření u učitelů středních škol
Bukáčková, Silvie
Abstract The bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of burnout syndrome in secondary school teachers. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is divided into several areas. The beginning chapter of the theoretical part clarifies the burnout syndrome and its diagnosis. It then goes on to establish the difference and clarity between depression and stress. The next chapter in the theoretical part is devoted to research focusing on burnout syndrome in secondary school teachers, which was conducted by experts from Masaryk University in Brno. The theoretical part concludes with information and an overview of the professions most threatened by burnout syndrome, followed by a chapter dealing specifically with stress in the teaching profession. The practical part is devoted to a research investigation on stress, burnout and prevention. The aim of the work was to compare the findings with research on teachers that has been conducted in the Czech Republic. For the quantitative research investigation, a self-administered anonymous questionnaire was designed and distributed to the respondents, i.e. pupils of two secondary schools in the Jeseník district. The basic research question of this paper was to find out to what extent teachers are currently affected by stress and how they resist it. The research shows that teachers' stress and burnout are manifested in changes in their behaviour. Teachers perceive these changes as a way of irritability, dissatisfaction and ag-resis. They use regular exercise as prevention and try to spend their free time with family and friends.

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