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Inclusive education process analysis of mentally disabled regular primary school students.
Bartová, Erika ; Zemková, Jaroslava (referee) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
TITLE: Inclusive education process analysis of mentally disabled regular primary school students. AUTHOR: Mgr. Erika Bartová DEPARTMENT: Department of Special Education ABSTRACT: The work is dedicated to education of mentally disabled pupils in common type of elementary school. The aim of the work is to analyze the integration of pupils with mental disability in major type of education system, valorize its strengths and to point out possible failings. The theoretical part defines the basic terms associated with mental disabilities, school integration, common elementary school education of mentally disabled pupils and characterizes the role of integration counseling system. The practical part of this work approaches a particular process of integration at two elementary schools in practice. It describes the environment of schools with an inclusive themed activities that are carried out at an Primary School Na Líše and Primary School Dukelska. Analysis of the survey includes case studies of individually integrated pupils, the results of the questionnaire survey and investigation by sociometric method with integrated pupils classmates, the results of parents' questionnaire survey and teacher interviews. Based on the evaluation of the information obtained during processing this work I summarize integration...
Primary school pupil's attitudes to the joint education with disabled pupils
Šulová, Jana ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
This thesis is focused on the issue and possibilities of an education of disabled pupils in primary schools. The first two chapters deal with basic terms relating to this issue and are focused on legislation, current trends in the area of an education of disabled pupils, outline possibilities of integrative and inclusive education and consultancy services in the Czech education system. The third chapter brings an overview of current situation concerning education of these pupils in the Region Pardubice. Last chapter is dedicated to analysis primary school pupils' attitudes to the joint education with disabled students.
The preparation of a class for the integration of pupil with disability
This bachelor thesis describing procedures which can lead to increasing success in integration students with disabilities into an ordinary elementary school. Especially this thesis is focused to preparation of class to integration of student with disability. The main aim of this work was to develop a guidance. For developing mentioned guidance many interviews with pedagogues from selected schools and institutes ware taken. The schools were selected on the recommendation of employees of instituts for people with disabilities and these are the schools where integration of students with disabilities are performing succesfully. This thesis could be recommended as guidance for an elementary schools which are integrating students with disabilities.
Importance and possibilities of a teacher assistant in school integration of children with disabilities.
For my thesis I have chosen the theme of the importance and possibilities of a teacher assistant in school integration of children with disabilities. The research was conducted in the district of Český Krumlov. There are currently 20 basic schools and 26 kindergartens of which eight basic schools and two kindergartens have integrated pupils with disabilities. My two hypotheses are based on the fact that teacher assistants are the ones who, in my opinion, form an indispensable part of a pedagogic team, ensuring successful and beneficial integration of disabled children into the regular type of schools and school facilities and affecting the process of integration (hypothesis 1). Moreover, I believe that the competencies of two different professional groups, being teacher assistants and personal assistants, are often confused and neither professionals nor the lay public are able to clearly distinguish between their functions (hypothesis 2). In order to obtain information in respect of the set out issues, the method of interviews in the form of questionnaires was used. The questionnaire was designed for directors and teachers of basic schools and kindergartens integrating pupils with disabilities and also for parents of disabled children integrated in a regular school. The processed data are displayed in graphs and tables. Both the raised hypotheses have been confirmed. It was revealed that the respondents consider a teacher assistant as an indispensable element without which the school integration would not be successful. Some of them refer to their previous experience when no teacher assistant was available. The hypothesis which assumed confusion of competencies of an assistant teacher and a personal assistant was also clearly confirmed. The research revealed that some respondents suggested an interesting idea to unify these two assistants' functions into one that would fall under one resort. By this diploma thesis I would like to contribute to the explanation of ambiguities in the competences of a teacher assistant and a personal assistant and to promote the importance of a teacher assistant in school integration of children with disabilities.
The Causes of Unsuccessful Integration of Primary School Children with Disabilities into Elementary School
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out the causes of unsuccessful integration of disabled young school age children to primary schools. The theoretical part includes a brief outline of integration history in the CR and definitions of basic terms. It also deals with the issue of school integration, including the factors affecting its success rate. The practical part is aimed at finding the causes of unsuccessful integration in two particular cases of pupils with Asperger syndrome diagnosis, which is characterized by lower adaptability to social environment sometimes even leading to acts of aggressiveness. These subsequently lead to exclusion of the pupils from the class where teaching continues in individual form. These pupils were selected upon information from the Education, Youth and Sport Department of the Regional Office of the South Bohemia Region and from the Special Pedagogy Centre in České Budějovice. With regard to the target group size, particularity of the issue and the effort to gain as much colourful picture as possible qualitative research, namely design of case studies, was applied to reach the goal. Data collection was performed by means of content analysis of documents and semi structured interviews with the parties involved of the integration process ? the pupils being integrated and their parents, headmasters, teachers, assistant teachers and classmates. The research lead to the finding that unwillingness of one of the involved parties, i.e. a headmaster or the parents of the child being integrated to cooperate was the main cause of unsuccessful integration process in both the cases.
Special educational needs of disabled pupils from the point of view of the elementary school teachers
MALÁ, Zuzana
The diploma work deals with the school integration of handicapped children into basic schools and with the grades of this integration. It provides the legislative backround, defines special pedagogy and outlines the theoretical essentials of the educational needs of pupils with visual and hearing impairments, pupils with communication disorder, with physical handicap and combined impairments. The diploma work also defines its objectives, characterizes the studied sample of respondents and describes the research methods and methodology. The research results are shown in tables and diagrams. The work is concluded with an analysis of the stated hypotheses.

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