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Mountain family hotel
Kupčoková, Ivana ; Dýr, Petr (referee) ; Žalmanová, Petra (advisor)
The Master thesis deal with the design of a recreational object , the type of a mountain family hotel nearby the town of Brezno in middle of Slovakia. The goals will be to design a recreational and sports complex respecting nature and tradition. Mountain family hotel should offer accommodation and the possibility of spending an active holiday for tourists and families with children.
New Sports Hall in Studénka
Cihlář, Jan ; Hronský,, Michal (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the sphere of sport as an important aspect of life in Studénka, the town in the northeast of the Czech Republic. The history of the town is closely connected with the local production of wagons in Vagonka Studénka. This resulted in a large increase in the population of the town, whose interest was to build a number of sports facilities that are still in use. However, their current state no longer corresponds to the current needs of local residents and sports clubs. Therefore the town’s efforts are to gradually reconstruct the sports complex and add suitable architecture. The currently discussed topic is the construction of a new sports hall designated for the needs of both professional and non–professional public, which can stand being compared for its design and content within the Moravian–Silesian Region.
Urban and architectural study of environmentally friendly tourist area Strachotín
Nekolná, Alena ; Volnohradský, Radan (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
Urban and architectural study of environmentally friendly tourist area Strachotín The urban and architectural concept will take into consideration the landscape characteristics with view to the economic, social and environmental aspects.
Návrh úpravy lesoparku Akátky za účelem jejich maximálního rekreačního využití
Tamborlani, Andrea
The Bachelor Thesis focuses on introduction of the forest park Akatky. The main goal is to create a desing that takes into account aspects for a maximum recreational use of this area located on the outskirts of Brno-Židenice. Forest park Akatky has a high potential for relaxation in nature, sports and other leisure activites. Theoretical part presents the issues of forest parks and natural conditions of the locality. The fundamental practical part, which as the main instrument for research uses questionnaire survey, reflects the opinions of visitors of the forest park and especially presents specific proposals to modify the park Akatky.
Hodnocení cestovního ruchu a rekreačního potenciálu vybraného území CHKO Žďárské vrchy
Václavková, Klára
This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of recreational potential and potential of tourism in the selected area of the Protected Landscape Area Zdar Hills. Thesis includes a literary research on "Tourism", "Sustainable Tourism", "Recreation" and "Methodology of evaluation of the recreational potential of the landscape and the potential of tourism in the Czech Republic and abroad". The practical part of the thesis describes the characteristics of the area of interest for which the cadastral area of New Town in Moravia was chosen. The area of interest is evaluated from the point of view of tourism potential according to selected methodology of evaluation of tourism potential by Bina (2002). Finally, a SWOT analysis of the area of interest was carried out and on the basis of the information obtained, measures were proposed to optimize the recreational potential of the selected area.
Střety rekreace a ochrany přírody v Národním parku Podyjí
Horáková, Martina
Thesis on topic Conflicts between recreation and nature protection in Podyjí National Park is focused on impacts of recreation and tourism on nature and landscape in Podyjí National Park and description of the major conflicts in this area. The first part contains literature overview of given issue and characteristic of the area of interest in terms of recreation and nature conservation. Next part deals with problems that are associated with visitor flow in Podyjí National Park. In final part are suggestions for reducing negative impacts of tourism and recreation.
Hodnocení vodních toků ve vztahu k rozvoji rekreace v regionu
Dvořáková, Renata
The subject of this thesis is the evaluation of the selected sites watercourse in relation to the development of recreation in the region. The literature search focused on the evaluation of watercourses, their adaptations and their surroundings. This issue is addressed in terms of flood protection, as well as in terms of ecology, revitalization, recreation, urban and economic. The practical part is focused on a characterization and assessment of a particular model territory, i.e. the selected revitalized section of the watercourse in the Czech Republic. Evaluation is based on the chosen method and on the basis of the methods of public preferences. The result is a proposal for measures leading to maintain or to increase the recreational potential of the selected watercourse.
Studium rekreace a cestovního ruchu v mikroregionu Rajhradsko
Konečný, Michal
Bachelor thesis Study of recreation and tourism in Rajhradsko region is focused on possible recreation and tourism potential in Rajhradsko region. This thesis describes terms and titles which are related to tourism and recreation issues, assessment of potential and relations between them. The practical part dedicates to tourism potential by Bína method (2002), SWOT analysis, questionary evaluation and tourism conflicts, recreation and nature protection. In conslusion of the thesis are mentioned recommendations for tourism and recreation improvment in Rajhradsko region.
Hodnocení úprav řeky Isar v Mnichově z hlediska rekreačního využívání území
Kalasová, Žaneta
The diploma thesis is focused on the relationship between revitalization of watercourses and recreation. The theoretical background is based on the essence of revitalization of watercourses with emphasis on rivers in urban area. There are specified examples of good practice watercourses revitalization of the Czech Republic and abroad, always with emphasis on the possibility of recreation residents in the selected area. The practical part deals with the characteristics of the selected area of river Isar in Munich and also is evaluated the effect conducted revitalization actions. Furthermore, a survey carried out in this area, and SWOT analysis. Based on the findings are suggested measures consistent with flood protection and promotion of biodiversity, leading primarily to an increase in the recreational potential of the selected area of the river Isar in Munich.
Studium rekreace a cestovního ruchu v mikroregionu Čistá Jihlava
Doffková, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis focuses on evaluation of the recreational potential in the Čistá Jihlava mikroregion. The theoretical part defines basic terms related to the issue of tourism, recreation and recreational potential. The practical part is focused on characteristics of area of interest, the evaluation of the tourism potential of the methodology by Bína (2002), SWOT analysis and evaluation of the questionnaire. Based on the results of the practical part in conclusion will be designed the recommendations to support the development of tourism and recreational potential in this area.

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