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Technology Transfer Center
Kršková, Nikola ; Klimek, Karel (referee) ; Myslín, Jiří (advisor) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on a new building of office building in Telc within Technology transfer center. The shape of the land is trapezoidal and it is located in immediate proximity of the 1st class road, Třebíčská street. There are some others buildings of varios function near – college, administrative houses, houses of production, hall of residence. Its top view is rounded, defined by four ring arcs. The building is gaining mass with its height. It is situated on the northeast side of an estate, plot of land No. 5782/1. There is a car park in front of the building. There are a space laboratory for research and development of biological stuff, spaces for administration and management and biogas plant controling centre inside. The dominant space is an entrance hall with a staircase. The staircase is solved in Part D - architectural detail.
Equipment for sports and relaxation
Doupal, Ondřej ; Bláhová, Pavla (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The project design processes multifunctional center for leisure and sports. The center is situated in Šternberk and its capacity is about 150 people. There is inter alia the wellness center, with saunas and whirlpool, a fitness, gym and a beauty salon. Architecturally, the object is conceived as paralell blending of three units of a different colors and sizes. As well as all construction compositions are more developed basis for air conditioning systems. Documentation is processed at the level of documentation for building permit.
Apartment house
Nebáznivý, Tomáš ; Fixelová, Veronika (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is a preparation of the project documentation providing information for the construction of apartment building. The apartment building is located in Valašské Meziříčí. The building has three above-ground floors and it is partially basement. An utility room, a storage room and the cellar rooms for the individual apartments are situated in the basement floor. A room for strollers and bicycles is placed on the first ground-floor as well as a cleaning room and the three dwelling units. The second floor and the third floor consist only of the apartments. In the apartment building there are 9 dwelling units. The construction system of the building is designed as a brick house, made concretely of Porotherm brick blocks. Load-bearing peripheral basement masonry is made of concrete blocks of permanent formwork. Horizontal load-bearing structure consist of reinforced concrete monolithic ceiling. The roofing of the building is solved by a warm flat roof made of PVC-P waterproofing roofing foil. The building is equipped with a certified contact thermal insulation system named ETICS.
Family house with offices
Ptáček, Lukáš ; Struhala, Karel (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with topic of a house with offices for family of four. The building is located in Havlíčkův Brod, in Vysočina region. The building is designed as a two-floored with a flat roof.
New apartment building
Křičenský, Adam ; Svoboda, David (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor’s thesis is the processing of the design documentation for execution of an apartment building. Designed building is located in Hrochův Týnec. The access to the building is from the south. The plot is flat and it disposes with parking places for nineteen cars. It is a building with three above-ground floors and partial basement that is designed with a total 8 dwelling units. The structural system of the designed building is wall system. All vertical structures are made of clay brick. The exception are external walls in the basement, that is designed of concrete blocks (permanent formwork). The horizontal structures are designed of prefabricated rib-and-filler floor that is made of ceramic concrete ceiling beams, ceramic inserts and overconcrete. The conection structure of the building is the cast-in-place reinforced concrete staircase. The roof is designed as a green flat roof in combination with the walkeble flat roof. The roof above the stairwell is designed as a non-walkeble flat roof. The thermal insulation of the whole object is made of the ETICS certified contact thermal insulation system. The apperance of the building is completed by facade colours that are selected in shades of white, light gray and dark gray.
Ledvinková, Šárka ; Šuhajdová, Eva (referee) ; Myslín, Jiří (advisor) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
It is an ecological family farm engaged in raising sheep and processing of sheep milk. There is a restaurant and accommodation at hotel level. Proposed set of objects is located south-west of the village Pozďatín on a gentle hill and is surrounded by pastures and woods. The concept is based on a traditional country farmhouse with a semi-closed court. The buildings are irregularly interwoven of narrow and tall blocks with different colors, which expand and illuminate the attic space and allowing its use. The northern building is a restaurant, accommodation for guests and a flat of house owner , there are stables in the south and side is covered parking for mechanization on the west side. Buildings are designed by wooden system, so-called the Platform-Frame system.
House with establishment
Podola, Michal ; Blahová, Pavla (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The project sloves a new family house with an establishment in a quiet location on the edge of the village Chomýž. The purpose of building is providing basic snacks for tourists and cyclists. The establishment offers indoor and outdoor seating. The house is situated in a slightly steep land near the local trails. It is a three-storey detached building with two floors. The Construction system consists of masonry Porotherm, further insulated system Baumit Open and horizontal structures Miako, also Porotherm. The roof is a part of nailed trusses with a angle of 12°. Above the building there is a single casting flat roof.
Pension for Seniors
Vítek, Jan ; Ing.Jaroslav Kavka (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
This Diploma´s thesis proceses topic Pension for Seniors. The object is situated in Božetěchova street in Brno-Královo Pole. This house is new building, three-floored and partial basemented. Basement is a technical floor. On the first floor are spaces of services and offices. On the second and the third floor are situated twenty-eight flats. Shape of the house is „L“ and its basic dimensions are 39,0 x 38,0 meters. The building is finished with a single layered flat roof. Height of house is 10,715 meters. The base structures is of conrete C16/20. The bearing walls on 1S are of monolithic reinforced concrete. Other Bering construction system is used of Porotherm. The staircase structure consists is of monolithic reinforced concrete.
House with a meditation center
Jančíková, Dominika ; Blahová, Pavla (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The aim of this work was to make a project of a new building for family housing with a place for meeting people interested in meditation and yoga. The building is located in region Olomouc, cadastral area Samotišky. This L-shaped building has one underground floor, ground floor and first floor. The centre for meditation is located in a part of the ground floor, the rest of the building is designed for family housing. The walls are made of lime-sandy blocks, the constructions of ceilings are based on ceramic beams and components known as Miako. The roof construction above the first floor is flat, one-coating, the rest of the roof constructions is made of wooden girders. The building is located on a slope, so an inseparable part of this project was to plan some terrain adaptations.
Detached House with an estab
Martiš, Patrik ; Procházka, Martin (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor´s work was to create a project documentation for a new family house with facilities. As a part of facilities I have chosen room for fitness activities. The family house is situated in the land register of Brno. It is a two storey house that is partially with basement. The house is designed into the shape of the letter L and it is suitable for a family made of 4-6 members. The object is based on the concrete boards and it is made of ceramic prophylactic bricks. It is covered by flat roof with Attica. I designed the project with emphasis on disposal orientation according to the cardinal points and constructed arrangements of the building. During the process I tried to use modern methods, common material and I tried to separate space for the family and space for fitness activities.

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