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Ischemic thrombus analysis in multiphasic brain stroke CT data
Mikešová, Tereza ; Holeček, Tomáš (referee) ; Jakubíček, Roman (advisor)
This master thesis deals with analysis of ischemic thrombus in brain CT scans. In theoretical part, a review of methods, especially thrombus segmentation, is developed. Furthermore, the anatomy of cerebral arteries and acute ischemic stroke is summarized. Selected methods from the field of image processing are briefly described. The practical part results in a comparison of thrombus segmentation methods. The segmentation itself was preceded by data preprocessing, which is described in the theses, and the creation of a manual annotation database. The best implemented method was found to be the adaptive thresholding method, which achieved a Dice score of 0,4555. By combining the methods appropriately, a final Dice score of 0,5145 was achieved. Thrombus parameters were then calculated from the segmented volumes. The median intensity value was 51,55~HU, the median length was 15,16 mm, and the median volume was determined to be 65,34 mm3. Subsequent correlation analysis showed no significant relationship between the derived parameters.
Information System for Film Festival
Kupka, Stanisław ; Jonszta, Václav (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
Film is cultural piece which has quickly become as phenomena of Twentieth Century. Film festivals are celebration of all spectrum of works and theirs authors. Festivals contributes to development of film industry and cinematography. Endeavor to improve organization's effectiveness of this social event can be done by establishing an information system which can help to reach higher attendance and satisfaction of visitors.
Precise segmentation of image data
Svoboda, Jan ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Mikulka, Jan (advisor)
The concern of this thesis is a development of an extension module for 3D Slicer platform. The core of the module is an implementation of a Support Vector Machines classifier, which is used for segmentation of the vertebral column image data provided by the University Hospital Brno. One of the goals of the thesis was resampling and registration of these image sequences. CT volumes provided solid contrast and were used as a reference for gaining properly segmented groups of vertebrae. Due to the low quality of the MRI volumes image data, segmentation of MRI images was not completely succesful. The extension module scripted in Python language can be seen as a tool and can be used in the future for different datasets.
Internet library of methods and algorithms used for medical image registration
Koňařík, Jakub ; Fedra, Petr (referee) ; Peter, Roman (advisor)
Image registration is a procedure which is heading to search for a geometric transformation, which ensures same position, orientation and size of coresponding objects in pictures. How does these methods work? These methods and principies are explained in first part of this work. Second part of this work is aimed to explain theory about information systems and practical creation of the internet databaze. These practical part was realized in editorial system called Drupal.
Advanced processing of ophthalmologic videosequences of retinal images
Říha, Pavel ; Odstrčilík, Jan (referee) ; Jan, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with registration and analysis of images from the experimental low-cost fundus camera that reaches a low SNR (around 10 dB) and low temporal and spatial resolution. The aim of the diploma tesis is to explore the possibilities of digital processing leading to the creation of a videosequence that has real benefits for medical diagnostics. The well-known program elastix is used for registration. Preprocessing filters and interpolation are implemented in Matlab. The program provides a wide range of setting options, out of which many combinations were tested and evaluated. To assess the accuracy achieved, spatial variations in the detected motion of blood-vessels are evaluated. Best results with a precision below 0.3 px were achieved by using a band-pass filter, a~suitably sized mask, rigid registration and a metric of the mutual information. Test sequences were registered precisely enough both for visual assessment and basic computational analysis. Registered sequences and the developed application that both can be used in the further development of the experimental camera are the main contributions of the diploma thesis.
3D Scene Reconstruction from Images
Fuchsík, Ondřej ; Zahrádka, Jiří (referee) ; Španěl, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with scene reconstruction from images using RGB--D senzo Microsoft Kinect. The aim of the work is to create model of the room in form of points from scanned data, from witch is created plan of the interior. A large part of the work deals with the point cloud registration, thus existing methods and their descriptions. Further, a projection of points on a plane and detection of edges in the obtained image are discussed. The work experimentally examines the influence of recording and the recorded environment on results.
Preprocessing of ophthalmology images for image registration
Orešanská, Hana ; Sekora, Jiří (referee) ; Harabiš, Vratislav (advisor)
The aim of my thesis was research of the ophthalmology images processing. These methods contains image filtration, detection of important points in the image and registration. Image adjustment and the follow up registration is very important to find some deseases (e.g. glaucoma, where is a change of nervous threads going from retina ). For the image changes and registrations was made computer programme (Matlab, Graphical User Interface), where the user can try the different methods decribed in teoretical part of thesis.
Methodology of Website Design
Bogocz, Lukáš ; Klusák, Aleš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
This Bacherlor's thesis is focused on creating websites tourist guides of the city of Brno, including custom content management system. These pages will contain information that will help visitors find the necessary information about the city, institutions, companies, events and news relating to Brno. For owners of companies will be ready content management system, through which they can place on your web business information and data events.
Registration of MR Images and Histological Sections
Martinásková, Klára ; Mézl, Martin (referee) ; Jiřík, Radovan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with methods of multimodal image registration. The work is focused specifically on the registration of histological sections and MR images, which various studies examine because of improving oncological diagnostics. A substantial part of the work is devoted to theories of registration - types of registration, geometric transformations, criterial functions, interpolation and methods of optimization. There is also an overview of tools, which can be used for multimodal image registration. MR images and histological sections were provided from three different sources. The program for image registration was created in software MATLAB 2020a with a graphical user interface and it includes a converter for editing images before the registration began. In conclusion, the results of registration were analyzed.
Processing of image sequences from fundus camera
Klimeš, Filip ; Odstrčilík, Jan (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
Cílem mé diplomové práce bylo navrhnout metodu analýzy retinálních sekvencí, která bude hodnotit kvalitu jednotlivých snímků. V teoretické části se také zabývám vlastnostmi retinálních sekvencí a způsobem registrace snímků z fundus kamery. V praktické části je implementována metoda hodnocení kvality snímků, která je otestována na reálných retinálních sekvencích a vyhodnocena její úspěšnost. Práce hodnotí i vliv této metody na registraci retinálních snímků.

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