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Creating a school curriculum for majoring in art education
Círová, Kateřina ; Kitzbergerová, Leonora (advisor) ; Svatošová, Zuzana (referee)
Title: Výtvarná výchova ve školním vzdělávacím programu pro 2. stupeň základní školy Author: Bc. Kateřina Círová Department: Katedra výtvarné výchovy Supervisor: PhDr. Leonora Kitzbergerová, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The subject of my thesis is the creation of an art education curriculum for the sixth year at the second level of primary school. In the theoretical part of the thesis, I first analyze the concept of art education in terms of its development and changes over time. Then I analyze the concept of the visual field in relation to the structure of the curriculum within the characteristics of Art and Culture for the second level of basic education. I look deeper at creating educational content in relation to specified educational goals. In the last chapter of the theoretical portion, I define the concept of specific teaching methods for teachers of art education. In the practical part of my thesis, I apply the educational content of the field of art education to the program of teaching art education at the second level of primary school with regard to the teacher's conception of art education. In the empirical part, I focus on the reflexive practices of the teacher in the framework of action research. I emphasize the factors that influence the teacher's approach to teaching. I present the...
Physical activity of pupils of older school age at the time of emergency
Homola, Martin ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Kainová, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the psysical aktivity of pupils of older school age, ie pupils of the second grade of primary school, during an emergency caused by a coronavirus pandemic. The aim of the work is based on theoretical analysis and the results of our own research to map and compare the programof teaching psysical education in distance form in selected schools. The theoretical part deals with the issue of physical activity, the period of older school age, the state of emergency and the associated excessive sitting and social isolation. The practical part specifically focuses on the content, volume, intensity of physical education, communication between teachers and students in the distance form, but also on leisure physical activity. To find out the results for the practical part, I chose a questionnaire survey of pupils in the second grade od selected primary schools and interviews with physical education teachers. Based on these results, a specific program for teaching physical education in distance for was created.
Criteria for assessment and teachers' preferences for kinds of final assessment in physical education at elementary schools
Gregar, Jan ; Peřinová, Radka (advisor) ; Kotlík, Kamil (referee)
Title: Criteria for assessment and teachers' preferences for kinds of final assessment in physical education at elementary schools Objectives: The objectives of the thesis were to gather and evaluate information about teachers' preferences for criteria in assessment of physical education as well as their preferences for kinds of assessment in the final evaluation of physical education. The aim of this work was also to compare preferences of different groups of teachers which are linked sociodemographic and professional characteristics. Methods: We used a questionnaire survey to gather the information in the practical part. 63 respondents participated. We utilized Google Forms to create the questionnaire and we shared it via email. The snowball sampling, nonprobability sampling and sampling across institutions were employed to select respondents and Excel software to analyse the data. Results: Based on the data analysis, we can say that teachers at elementary schools perceive the criteria of assessment very similarly, but for certain groups of teachers, greater or lesser differences can be observed. In general, teachers order the criteria of the final assessment on their importance in this sequence: 1. effort, 2. improvement, 3. performance, 4. theoretical knowledge. The preferences for kinds of...
Teacher under pupils'view at a primary school
Pávová, Michaela ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Uhlířová, Jana (referee)
DIPLOMOVÁ PRÁCE Učitel očima žáků na 1. stupni základní školy A teachear from the view of students of a primary school Michaela Pávová ABSTRACT The presented theses is focused on topics, which are connected with teaching styles or more precisely with the image of the techear from the view of students (of forth and fifth grade of primary school education). Theoretical part describes techear as a personality, his professional skills and teaching styles (approaches to students). Empirical part describes process and conclusions of research, in which students of forth and fifth grade of primary education czech system describe their ideal teacher. Children opinions are expressed by words and images as well. The results were processed by designed criterions KEYWORDS ideal teacher, teaching styles, pupil, teacher's skills, teacher's personality
Integration of students with diffrent mother tongue into Czech edicatopm system
Kinclová Vondrušková, Petra ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The work is focused on current available options and efforts to make education of pupils from different socio-cultural environment accessible. It contains recommendations for educators who come into daily contact with these pupils. The pitfalls and obstacles encountered by teachers, pupils and their parents are also described, who often face a language and communication gap in communication with school facilities themselves. KEY WORDS Alien, pupil, educational system, Czech Republic, Czech language
Černokostelecko as a Didactic Space
Drazdík, Filip ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
Černokostelecko as a didactic space Filip Drazdík Department of biology and environmental studies Ing. Jan Andreska, Ph.D. Abstract This bachelor thesis deals with how to use the geographical area of Černokostelecko for didactic purposes and above all what are the most interesting biological localities, in what time of year it is best to visit them and what we can demonstrate to them. One of the main advantages of the whole area is that it lies in close proximity to the capital city of the Czech Republic and therefore it is very easily accessible. As a further advantage, I would like to mention that there are no mountains or valleys of some wild rivers in the whole locality, and it is also quite densely populated, so there is no dangerous wilderness, so educators do not have to worry abou any extreme danger. All the excursiones mentioned in this work I have attended with the pupil of the first level of elementary school and they did it all perfectly. Educators really have nothing to worry about. Despite the fact that it is quite densely populated, it is also an area with a lot of naturally interesting places, which is definitely worth a visit. Many of the local natural (zoological, botanical and geological) point of interest are unprecedented anywhere else in the Czech Republic. This topic is elaborated in...
Education a pupil with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the selected elementary school
Vopatová, Jana ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
In Diploma thesis, the author addresses the issue of educating a pupil with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). In the introduction, she explains her choice of the theme. In the theoretical part the author presents muscular dystrophy, its course, manifestations, treatment options and support, based on a study of professional medical, pedagogical, psychological and specifically pedagogical literature, It will also describe the specifics of the disease in relation to education of pupils with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and will list the educational possibilities for pupils with this disease in the Czech Republic. In the practical part, the author presents a qualitative research conducted through the analysis of a case study of a particular pupil, from his passive as well as participating observation in the classroom, from semi-structured interviews with the pupil's mother, with his teachers and his teaching assistant, with this particular pupil with DMD and his classmates. In addition to this the analysis of school documents, SPC reports and medical reports are considered. The author evaluates the possibilities of education of pupils with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This issue is viewed from the side of the pupil himself, his classmates, teachers, teaching assistants and parents. Based on her...

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