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Psychic deprivation and subdeprivation of children as an educational challenge
NOVÁK, David
The goal of this thesis is to understand the experience of those educators who had the opportunity to interact with deprived children with the help of narrative research. Specifically, the thesis is focused on people providing foster care. The theoretical part of the thesis presents basic psychological constructs that help shed light on the issue of deprivation syndrome. The thesis uses qualitative tools in the practical part to research the mentioned phenomenon.
Art therapy in foster family: Art therapy as a tool of social worker when working with foster family
ADÁŠKOVÁ, Gabriela
This bachelor's thesis introduces the possibilities of incorporating art therapy techniques and topics into case work. The author presents some specifics of foster care and presents insight into guidance of foster families. The thesis briefly discusses the history and present of foster care, mentions the issue of child and family adaptation and focuses, among other things, on the early trauma and psychosocial deprivation of the foster child and the reflection of trauma and psychological hardship in the child's artistic creation. The author used art therapy as a tool of the case worker to support communication in the foster family and to build a positive identity of the adopted child. In the practical part, the author presents concrete examples of incorporating art therapy into case work with the foster family, and above all with a foster child - innovative work with the so-called Book of Life (Kniha zivota in czech). The thesis investigates, among other things, whether early trauma and psychosocial deprivation are reflected in the development of adopted children and whether the mitigation of trauma due to the influence of the family environment is evident. The thesis also outlines the issue of biological children in a foster care and looks for distinctiveness in their artistic expression.
Psychological aspects of children in foster care
The topic addressed in this work is psychological aspects of the substitute family care. The aim of this work is to define the psychological aspects of children in foster care, the effects of adoption and foster care on children as well as on their foster parents. The work describes the basic differences between adoption and foster care. It deals with the motivation of applicants for the substitute family care and the difference in the positions of adopter and foster parent. The psychological needs of the child and the possible effects of mental distress, such as deprivation, are being described. Another aspect is the emotional attachment and its possible disorders and remedies. The work points out behavioral disorders, such as prominence in behavior, which those interested in NRP may encounter with in children, and the possibilities of working with these disorders. The work also points out the adaptation of the child in a foster family, which is influenced by the past experience. The work includes the topic of the child's past and the importance of working with it, as an important aspect for building the child's identity.
Art Expression of Psychic Deprived Children of Preschool Age
ŠEFLOVÁ, Pavlína
The Bachelor Work concerns about an art expression of deprived preschool children. In the theoretical part there is the main stress put on the development of drawing in the preschool age, on the problems of the psychic deprivation and possibilities of the arttherapy with the given children. The practical part contains an analyse of free drawings of mentally deprived children in contrast with drawings of children comming from functional families. It was valuated the arrangement, the subject of drawings, the colour scheme and the elaboration of a space. At the close there are presented several casuistics with the drawings of deprived children. The realized conclusions are compared with the knowledge of the specialized literature.
bude upřesněno
Nováková, Vendula ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The aim of the thesis was to have informations about a contemporary system of foster care of children, who can't live in their biological families, and find defects of the contemporary and a upcoming system. The theoretical part of the thesis was focused on a biological and foster families, the history of the institutional care and it's also about all the kinds of the foster care. The thesis gave a list of child care options, but also a historical evolution of the care and the failings of the contemporary system. There are a lot of the failings, very important is a financial deficiency, an inflexibility of the system, no good care of a biological family and a deficiency of foster parents.

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