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Development of personality in preschool and younger school-age children from the perspective of analytical psychology
Franzová, Martina ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on personality development of preschool and school aged children from the analytical psychology perspective. The concept of personality and some of the chosen psychological theories from different schools of psychology are described in the theoretical part. Afterwards the thesis describes Jung's view on a child, Neumann's theory of the origins of consciousness and Fordham's opinions gained from his lifelong work with children. Because the main source of this thesis is the analytical psychology, next chapters focus mainly on symbolical and imaginatory actions of children and how these actions could influence their development of personality. A research project is being proposed as the outcome of the thesis. Within this project I suggest to investigate the children's personality development using two projective methods, The Fairy tale test and The Scenotest. Keywords: Analytical psychology, Development of personality, Preschool children, School-age children, The Fairy tale test, The Scenotest
Methods for detecting cognitive deficits in preschool children
Hronová, Veronika ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with methods for detecting cognitive deficits in preschool children. The theoretical part aims on cognitive level of preschool children and cognitive deficits, which can occure at this age. There are described diagnostic methods, which are used in the Czech Republic in order to detect cognitive deficits in preschool children. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on dynamic testing and its comparsion with classical intelligence tests. The empirical part contains design of an experimental study. The purpose of the study is to verify the effectivity of ACFS, a new method of dynamic testing, in long-term perspective. Keywords: diagnostic methods, cognitive deficits, preschool children, dynamic testing
Food allergies in preschool children
Tomíšková, Markéta ; Zlatohlávek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Sadílková, Aneta (referee)
1 Food allergies in children are common (affecting up to 8% of children) and their prevalence has been increasing in the last two to three decades. The basic measure for the long-term management of food allergy is an elimination diet, i.e. the exclusion of the relevant allergen from the diet. An elimination diet can disrupt and endanger healthy growth and development of a child. Therefore, it is important that elimination diets with a serious impact on the patient's diet are based on a medically confirmed diagnosis of food allergy. Preschool children eat to a significant extent outside their homes - 60 % of their diet is provided by the nursery school. The aim of the work is to provide parents of children with suspected or actual food allergy practical recommendations regarding their nutrition in the form of educational material, using the latest theoretical knowledge and with emphasis on food elimination only on the basis of proven food allergy and help to parents regarding nutrition of allergic children in nursery school. The main output of the work consists of educational material in Annex 2 of the thesis. The educational material will help to increase parents' awareness of food allergy and the need to confirm it by an allergist, especially in cases of risk of serious reactions and serious effects on the...
The media as a possible source of danger to a preschool child through the eyes of their parents.
Brázdová Vančurová, Jana ; Koželuhová, Eva (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the topic of negative media effects on preschool children. The initial part of the work is devoted to the explanation of the term medium, its typology and functions. Furthermore, the work concerns the importance of media and digital literacy and its deployment in educational programs for preschool and primary education. The work also includes a description of the developmental specifics of preschool children and a description of the negative effects of the media. The last chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to educational styles in the family and their use for media education. The aim of the work was to find out how parents of preschool children perceive watching the media and whether they are aware of the possible negative effects that media have on children. The research was based on a quantitative method and a non-standardized questionnaire was used for data collection. 166 respondents took part in the survey based on the data analysis and interpretation of the results. The results show that parents of preschool children are aware of the negative effects of the media and are interested in the content that children consume in the media. They use parental control rules and settings to regulate media viewing. KEYWORDS media, influence of media, preschool...
Benefit of language skills training according to Elkonin for children's language skills
Šišková, Dorota ; Nováková Schöffelová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Málková, Gabriela (referee)
Phonemic awareness which will be discussed in the diploma thesis is considered to be one of the important predictors of future success in reading and writing. In the theoretical part, we define basic concepts, focus on predictors of reading and writing and the phonological deficit in child development. The research part is conceived as a quasi-experiment in which we monitor the impact of Trénink jazykových schopností dle D. B. Elkonin on the language skills of preschool children. Our goal of the thesis is to evaluate the effect of the Czech adaptation of the intervention program for children and to capture the changes as a result of the implementation of this intervention program. The research sample consists of an experimental group and a control group. Before and after completing the intervention, the children were tested and measured for their level of phonemic awareness (specifically, a test of isolation of the first and last sounds, synthesis of sounds). Children from the experimental group were also measured with a sentence repetition test. The results of the research investigation showed a positive effect of the subject intervention in the area of children's language development. Children who were weak in the area of their language development before the training showed significantly better...
Preschool child in children's home
This bachelor's thesis examines the specific characteristics of upbringing and education of children from a children's home and their adaptation to kindergarten from the point of view of preschool teachers. Concepts related to this topic are described in the theoretical part. These are the concepts of adaptation, factors influencing the child during adaptation, children's home and reasons for placement in a children's home. The practical part describes the specifics and potential problems encountered by pre-school teachers during the adaptation, upbringing and education of children from the children's home. These data were obtained through interviews with preschool teachers who have experience working with preschool children from a children's home.
Musical fairy tale in kindergarten
Bachelor thesis deals with a musical fairy tale interpreted for children of preschool age. At the beginning, terms related to the given topic were briefly defined. Dramatic education was also mentioned, thanks to the methods of which musical fairy tales were presented to children of preschool age. After that, the preschool age itself and educational areas from the Framework Educational Program for preschool education were defined. The practical part consists of two main research questions, the answers to which were ascertained using qualitative research, using the methods of open coding and structured interview. An important role was played by the dramatization of a musical fairy tale, during which the selected respondents actively observed the reactions of preschool children. An individual structured interview was conducted with each respondent. These interviews were then categorized and analyzed using open coding. The qualitative research shows that the children liked the interpreted musical fairy tale and that all the educational areas from the RVP PV related to the given topic were also fulfilled.
Eating disorders in children before starting school
Zdeňková Kroužková, Pavlína ; Floriánková, Marcela (advisor) ; Kosheleva, Svetlana (referee)
Introduction: We have still too little information on the diagnostic, therapeutic procedures and nutritional risks of eating disorders in preschool children. Picky or evasive eating behavior can significantly affect the health and quality of life not only of the child, but also of his parents. Aim: The aim of this thesis was to identify possible risk factors that contribute to the development of eating disorders in preschool children. Methods: This is a questionnaire-type research work, carried out on individual cases, in which 21 preschool children with a psychiatrist-confirmed eating disorder were followed and then compared with a group of healthy children, paired by age and gender. The results were statistically processed in the STATISTIKA 12 software and MS EXCEL. Sample: The research group consisted of 21 children with eating disorders, a control group of 22 healthy children, paired by age and gender with the research group. Participants were selected using a simple deliberate selection based on availability and voluntariness. Results: The most significant risk factors, that may contribute to eating disorders (ED) in preschool children, were shorter period of exclusive breastfeeding, lower maternal weight gain during pregnancy, and psychiatric illness in the family. Mothers of children with ED...

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