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Hippotherapy in occupational therapy for preschool children with neurodevelopmental disorders
Macounová, Adéla ; Janatová, Markéta (advisor) ; Kačeňáková, Marianna (referee)
OF BACHELOR THESIS Name, surname: Adéla Macounová Thesis supervisor: MUDr. Markéta Janatová, Ph.D. Bachelor thesis consultant: Bc. Monika Šťastná Kohoutová Title: Hippotherapy in occupational therapy for preschool children with neurodevelopmental disorders Abstract: Hipporehabilitation is a rehabilitation method that aims to improve the health of the patient through direct contact with the horse. In this rehabilitation method, the horse is the main tool for achieving therapeutic goals, which affects not only the patient's locomotor systém but also his psychological state. For children with neurodevelopmental disorders, it can be a suitable motivation for proper movement and support for their psychomotor development, which is often delayed in pediatric patients with these disorders. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to map the possibilities of using elements of hippotherapy in occupational therapy intervention for children of preschool age with neurodevelopmental disorders. The work is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part is devoted to the description and principles of the hipporehabilitation method and its field of hippotherapy in physiotherapy and occupational therapy (HTFE). But it also deals with current problems with the verification of the effectiveness...
Developing rhythmic sensitivity in kindergarten children
RÁBOVÁ, Barbora
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of rhythmic sensitivity in kindergarten children. It focuses on music education, describing from the child's creativity all the way to the teacher's preparation and appropriate motivation for musical activities. It then focuses on the development of the preschool child and musical means of expression. In my thesis I suggest activities for the development of the child's rhythmic sensitivity. As a means of suggestions I have chosen a play, which is a very important part of preschool life. Rhythm is also one of the main musical elements that accompanies not only the musical world, but also the human and biological world from the very beginning. The suggestions for specific plays described in the last chapter of the thesis deal not only with the development of rhythmic sensitivity, but also with the cognitive, psychomotor and affective functions of the preschool child. Most of the games are performed with the help of Orff musical instruments.
Using a story to support prosocial behavior in kindergarten.
Bachelor´s thesis focuses on the use of storytelling amongst preschool children. Objective of thesis is to explore the possibilities of developing prosocial behaviour in preschool children through storytelling. The theoretical part deals with the importance of reading and storytelling in preschool education, characteristics of preschool children with an emphasis on the prosocial behaviour in relation to area of Self and Others (RVP PV). The practical part utilizes a book for children´s of own production, evaluated by teachers at a kindergarten. Evaluation happens through interviews. Results will be included in the final form of the children´s book.
Games used for personal social development
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to create a professionally supported program for the personal and social development of preschool children based mainly on movement games and activities of the concrete nursery school. The thesis consists of two parts. The theoretical part defines the concept of prosocial behaviour and the possibilities of child development. The practical part is based on the creation of a project focused on the personal and social development of the child using psychomotor games and activities, its verification and reflection.
Mobile application for psychodiagnostics of preschool children
Guryča, Ondřej ; Smíšek, Radovan (referee) ; Škutková, Helena (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibility of preschool children psychodiagnostics using a smartphone application. It is focused on the principle of psychodiagnostics and its different approach to preschool children psychodiagnostics, there are also described tests used in nowaday psychodiagnostics. In the next part is presented the current implementation of the OS Android application with chosen tests. At the end is an explanation of the way of evaluating data and recommendations for using the app.
Development of personality in preschool and younger school-age children from the perspective of analytical psychology
Franzová, Martina ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on personality development of preschool and school aged children from the analytical psychology perspective. The concept of personality and some of the chosen psychological theories from different schools of psychology are described in the theoretical part. Afterwards the thesis describes Jung's view on a child, Neumann's theory of the origins of consciousness and Fordham's opinions gained from his lifelong work with children. Because the main source of this thesis is the analytical psychology, next chapters focus mainly on symbolical and imaginatory actions of children and how these actions could influence their development of personality. A research project is being proposed as the outcome of the thesis. Within this project I suggest to investigate the children's personality development using two projective methods, The Fairy tale test and The Scenotest. Keywords: Analytical psychology, Development of personality, Preschool children, School-age children, The Fairy tale test, The Scenotest
Methods for detecting cognitive deficits in preschool children
Hronová, Veronika ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with methods for detecting cognitive deficits in preschool children. The theoretical part aims on cognitive level of preschool children and cognitive deficits, which can occure at this age. There are described diagnostic methods, which are used in the Czech Republic in order to detect cognitive deficits in preschool children. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on dynamic testing and its comparsion with classical intelligence tests. The empirical part contains design of an experimental study. The purpose of the study is to verify the effectivity of ACFS, a new method of dynamic testing, in long-term perspective. Keywords: diagnostic methods, cognitive deficits, preschool children, dynamic testing
Food allergies in preschool children
Tomíšková, Markéta ; Zlatohlávek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Sadílková, Aneta (referee)
1 Food allergies in children are common (affecting up to 8% of children) and their prevalence has been increasing in the last two to three decades. The basic measure for the long-term management of food allergy is an elimination diet, i.e. the exclusion of the relevant allergen from the diet. An elimination diet can disrupt and endanger healthy growth and development of a child. Therefore, it is important that elimination diets with a serious impact on the patient's diet are based on a medically confirmed diagnosis of food allergy. Preschool children eat to a significant extent outside their homes - 60 % of their diet is provided by the nursery school. The aim of the work is to provide parents of children with suspected or actual food allergy practical recommendations regarding their nutrition in the form of educational material, using the latest theoretical knowledge and with emphasis on food elimination only on the basis of proven food allergy and help to parents regarding nutrition of allergic children in nursery school. The main output of the work consists of educational material in Annex 2 of the thesis. The educational material will help to increase parents' awareness of food allergy and the need to confirm it by an allergist, especially in cases of risk of serious reactions and serious effects on the...

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