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Sponsors' perception of canoe slalom
Chaloupka, Václav ; Bačáková, Radka (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Sponsors' perception of canoe slalom Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to find out how Czech companies approach sports sponsorship. Another aim is addressing the reasons why canoe slalom still lacks the adequate level of popularity among Czech society in comparison to other minority sports. Based on the data from our research, I will suggest a new marketing campaign for the Czech canoe union in order to support the increasing popularity of this sport. Methods: The main method used in this thesis was a quantitative method, specifically a survey across Czech companies. Data from our research will be analyzed and used in creating a new marketing strategy. Results: We have found out that companies prefer to sponsor mostly individuals followed by sports teams and clubs. Also, they mostly sponsor mass sports. Canoe slalom should build its promotion strategy upon the best individual athletes, who are already well-known to increase its popularity. Key words: Marketing, marketing strategy, popularity, campaign, canoeing
Student's attitudes to non-traditional sports
Krouský, Michal ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Kaprálková, Michaela (referee)
Title: Student's attitudes to non-traditional sports Objectives: The main aim of this thesis is to determine the attitudes of students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University towards selected non-traditional sports. A secondary task is to identify ideal information channels for non-traditional sports and to write recommendations on how to popularize non-traditional sports. Methods: An electronic survey was used to investigate students' attitudes towards non- traditional sports. The results were expressed statistically using absolute and relative frequency methods. The whole research included a pre-survey which was used to select several non-traditional sports which were discussed more in the thesis. Results: As a result of the survey, some differences were found between active practice of non-traditional sports and watching them. At the same time, it was found that some of the selected non-traditional sports do not use social networks effectively, which should be addressed by the representatives of these sports if they want to increase the popularity of their sports in the country. The survey also showed that people are predominantly driven to practice these sports by social groups, and this should also be taken into account by the representatives of these sports. At...
The popularity of ČT sport in comparison with to other television stations
Hampl, Jakub ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: The popularity of ČT sport in comparison with to other television stations Objectives: The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out and describe the popularity of the sports station ČT sport in comparison with other television stations. Thesis is aimed at establishing the popularity of this television station of viewers through a questionnaire survey. At the end of the thesis, based on the research, mention possible recommendations. Methods: The marketing research of this thesis has consisted in the use of a quantitative method. For this research of popularity of television channel ČT sport was used a method of electronic inquiry published on the server The theoretical part is based on the literature research. Results: According to the held research, it was found out that in addition to determining the popularity itself, it is very important to take into account how we look at it. The station ČT sport is still pretty popular and well-known among passive sport viewers. The viewers prefer its sports broadcasts also they are satisfied with them. They are also relatively pleased with the work of the personalities who can be seen in the broadcast. The most famous and popular faces are the commentators - Robert Záruba and Jaromír Bosák. The fact is that part of the audience...
Forecast of the popularity of parkour
Hrubeš, Jaroslav ; Štědroň, Jakub (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Forecast of parkour popularity Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to find out the future development of parkour popularity by means of questioning and brainstorming. The popularity of parkour has reached a similar level to similar so-called underground sports, and it will be interesting to see where the situation in parkour will develop further. Methods: In order to provide as much data as possible, a quantitative electronic survey was used in the thesis research. The questionnaire will be sent out across the parkour community and to people with knowledge of parkour. The research will then be supplemented with a qualitative foresight method of brainstorming in which a group of experts will discuss the issue under investigation. Results: The result of the thesis is a final forecast that predicts the future development of the popularity of parkour. Experts see a large increase in competitive parkour, which will be more medialized and in the public eye. Parkour training will then be divided into performance and recreational, more parkour facilities will be created, social media content will be more educational and parkour will be seen more as a full-fledged sport. Its popularity will therefore depend on the greater frequency and attractiveness of parkour competitions. Keywords: parkour,...
Popularity of Floorball in the Czech Republic
Noha, Jakub ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
of bachelor thesis Title of thesis: Popularity of floorball in the Czech Republic Name of the author: Jakub Noha Department: Department of Kinanthropology and Humanities Subject of study: Sports management Head of the thesis: PhDr. Vladimír Janák CSc. Number of pages: 70 Number of enclosures: 1 Year of the Oral defence: 2011 Methodics: electronic questioning, analyse, evaluation and interpretation of facts Key words: Popularity, history and development of floorball, marketing research, electronic questioning, floorball at schools, popularity of floorball Summary: The bachelor thesis is about the research of populartity of floorball in the Czech Republic espacially among rising generation and also about awareness and konwledge of this sport. In the first part there is introduced genesis and development of floorball in the world and in the Czech Republic. There is described in more detail the process of marketing research. The other part presents results achieved by electronic questioning.
Preference and Popularity of Individual Sport Activities among Older School - Age and Teenage Children in Kolín
Keltner, Michal ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic called "Preferences and Popularity of Individual Sports Branches by Children of Older School and Junior Age in Kolín". In the theoretic part I focused on definition of the main terms which occur in the name of the thesis as preferences, popularity, sports branch, children of older school age and children of junior age. Discovered data were processed on the basis of quantitative method via questionnaire survey and the evaluation was carried out via spreadsheet and statistical methods. The performed survey answered the stated survey questions from which emerged that children of older school age are more interested in performance sport. The most often performance sports done are football and dancing by both groups of the respondents. Further, girls would not change performance sport for their favourite one. Junior age children would like to do their favourite sport at performance level. Popularity of physical education does not vary by children doing sport for leisure or performance. KEYWORDS sport, sports branch, children, older school age, junior age, health, physical education, lifestyle, preferences, popularity
Popularity and attitudes to handball in the Czech Republic
Šimůnek, Ondřej ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Popularity and attitudes to handball in the Czech Republic Objectives: The aim of this work is to find out public attitudes to handball and perception of its popularity in the Czech republic. Within this research is also the aim to examine frequency of respondents' contact and awareness about this sport. Methods: Gaining the necessary data for processing the topic is reached by the method of electronic questioning using the questionnaire that has been created strictly for purpose of this work. Processing of theoretical base of this bachelor thesis has been carried out with help of the source study method. Results: Research has found out attitudes of general public in the Czech republic to handball and also perception of its popularity. On the basis of questioning has been discovered main factors influencing popularity of handball and also possible moves, which should serve to its increase. Keywords: Popularity, history and evolution of handball, research, handball, electronic questioning.
The popularity of handball among Prague university students
Jačková, Eliška ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Jeníček, Jan (referee)
Title: The popularity of handball among Prague university students Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out the popularity of handball among the students of Prague universities. The content of the work is following and playing handball. It also focuses on awareness and knowledge of this sport and the general perception of the attractiveness of handball. Methods: Necessary data for this research was collected by the method an electronic questioning. The main instrument of this method was a questionnaire created especially for purpose of the work. The theoretical part was completed by a study of academic literature. Results: The results of research show how handball is popular among students of Prague universities. Research also found out the extent to which they play and watch handball and what they know about it. The last part found out what attributes of handball are popular and what attributes could improve its attractiveness. Keywords: Popularity, handball, sport, marketing research, electronic questioning
The marketing research of popularity of WOG Sochi 2014
Zvelebilová, Kateřina ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Štědroň, Bohumír (referee)
Title: The marketing research of popularity of WOG Sochi 2014 Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to determinate the popularity of the WOG Sochi 2014 amongst Czech visitors of these games. Methods: I used the quantitative method of collecting primary data in this thesis. I used the method of personal interviews with using a questionnaire. The compiled questionnaire was distributed by myself to Czech visitors of WOG Sochi 2014 in place of Czech olympic house. The research lasted approximately two weeks and the results were then processed by the computer technology. Results: I have discovered that the WOG Sochi 2014 are very popular among Czech visitors. Research was attended by 200 individuals of whom 182 respondents completed the questionnaire. The results show that WOG Sochi 2014 were attended mainly by Czech visitors between the ages 36 - 45 who are interested in sport and Olympic Games. WOG Sochi 2014 met the expectatiton of all respondents and the respondents would recommend visit Olympics to many other people. Key words: survey, marketing research, Olympic games, WOG Sochi 2014, popularity

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