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Marketing research of purchasing behaviour of sportsmen during the Covid-19 pandemics
Večlová, Barbora ; Procházka, Jan (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Marketing research on purchasing behaviour of athletes during Covid-19 pandemic Objectives: The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to find out, how Covid-19 pandemic affected purchasing behaviour of athletes and their sports activity. It also analyses transfer of purchasing of sports products and transfer of sports activities to the online. Methods: In this bachelor thesis is used a quantitative research method, specifically an electronic method of questioning. Based on its results are compared two periods: one year period before the beginning of illness Covid-19 in the Czech Republic and one year period after the beginning of illness Covid-19 in the Czech Republic. Results: Based on the data obtained from the questionnaire survey, it was described how the purchasing behaviour and sports activity of the respondents changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Detailed results are described in the chapter called Results. The results of this bachelor thesis can help companies adapt their business to this new market situation. Keywords: purchasing behaviour, athletes, sports products, pandemic, Covid-19, marketing research
Role of matrix metalloproteinases in regulation of late embryonic healing process
Kikinderová, Paulína ; Šindelka, Radek (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
Cutaneous wound healing could be distinguished into two main types: embryonic and adult. Embryonic healing in contrast to adult is faster, scar-less and consists of early, middle, and late phases. Actin ring is formed during the early phase and its cables pull the edges of the wound towards apposite sites during the following middle phase. De novo expression of healing specific genes is initiated also during middle phase. However, process of the wound healing continues under the closed wound in the late phase which has been poorly described. Adult wound healing is more complex, longer, and is divided into 4 phases: haemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodelling phase. Adult wound healing might end with the scar. Pivotal role in the wound healing is given to matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). These remodelling enzymes are important for releasing cytokines, inducing apoptosis, and degradation of extracellular matrix. Our laboratory performed temporal RNA-sequencing of the healing tissue using tailbud stage and swimming tadpole embryos. Results showed predominant expression of four mmps: mmp1.L, mmp7.S, mmp8.S, and mmp9.L. Injury or amputation caused the upregulation and their expression level peaked at 3-6 hours post injury which corresponds with late phase of healing. Thus, I focused on...
Test stand for DC motor control units
Procházka, Jan ; Adámek, Roman (referee) ; Najman, Jan (advisor)
Main focus of this bachelor thesis is construction of testing stand for master-slave driver units with possibility of using more slave units at the same time. Theoretical part is about DC engines and sensors. Practical part is about testing components, construction of mechanisms, which are mented to test different variants of controlling DC engines. For every mechanism is created program in SIMULINK. With thesis is included list of used components, script with subsystem for each mechanism and file with wire description and basic troubleshoot.
Construction of a multi-purpose vertical grill
Procházka, Jan ; Klapka, Milan (referee) ; Foltýnová, Dana (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the design and subsequent construction of a vertical grill with electric drive. The thesis starts with an introduction where the function of the grills is described. Vertical grills and drives are reviewed and the current state of knowledge is discussed. This is followed by three conceptual designs and their comparison, with one of the designs being followed by a constructional solution. Finally, the key parameters and the choice of electronic components used to control the grill are summarised. A computational report detailing the solution procedure for the selected design nodes, control circuit diagram and drawings are included in appendix.
Photoluminescence of CdTe crystals
Procházka, Jan
Title: Photoluminescence of CdTe crystals Author: Jan Procházka Department: Institute of Physics of Charles University in Prague Supervisor: Doc. RNDr. Pavel Hlídek, CSc. Abstract: Energy levels connected with defects in nominally undoped crystals CdTe, indium-doped crystals and chlorine-doped crystals were studied using low- temperature photoluminescence. The crystals are intended for X- and gamma- ray detectors operated at room temperature. An effect of annealing in cadmium or tellurium vapor on luminescence spectra was investigated. Some changes were interpreted by filling of vacancies not only by atoms coming from gaseous phase but also by impurities from defects like interstitials, precipitates, inclusions, grain boundaries etc. The luminescence bands assigned to defects important for compensation mechanism were examined, namely A-centers (complexes of vacancy in cadmium sublattice and impurity shallow donor) and complexes of two donors bound to a vacancy. It was shown, that temperature dependence of the luminescence bands results from more complicated processes than a simple thermal escape of bound excitons or thermal excitation of electrons (holes) from defects to bands. We observed expressive "selective pair luminescence" bands (SPL) on partially compensated In-doped samples during sub-gap...
The impact of Fam84b in retinal homeostasis
Raishbrook, Miles Joseph ; Procházka, Jan (advisor) ; Mašek, Jan (referee)
Fam84b is a largely unstudied protein, where its function in eukaryotic cells is unclear. This thesis work presents a FAM84B knockout mouse model and characterises the resulting retinal phenotype in detail. FAM84B KO mice were morphologically assessed by optical coherence tomography and histological processing, revealing dynamic changes stemming from the photoreceptor and pigmented epithelial layers. This potent phenotype progresses with age, spreading inwards towards the inner retinal layers, as well as laterally to adjacent retinal regions. Comparative localisation of standard retinal cell markers demonstrates that FAM84B KO retinal layering becomes increasingly disorganised, together with deformation of the retinal macrostructure. Due to this, KO mice experience reducing responses to light, as demonstrated by electroretinography, where overall retinal efficiency falls. Fam84b shows homology to the HRASLS enzyme family, which are capable of attenuating Ras-associated signalling. To investigate whether Fam84b possesses a similar function, the level of phosphorylated and activated downstream Ras effectors were compared between wild type and FAM84B KO mouse retinal lysates. A reduction of pERK1 (pY204) in KO lysates suggests that Fam84b holds some function related to this pathway downstream of Ras....
Immunoscore in 3D tissue
Novák, Jaromír ; Drbal, Karel (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
Solid tumors are complex structures comprising besides the cancer cells vasculature, extracellular matrix (ECM), soluble molecules and a plethora of various other cell types. These components form a so-called tumour microenvironment. From the numerous cell types that are part of tumor microenvironment, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) play a major role in patient prognosis. Their presence is also of major importance with regard to new biological therapies based on immune checkpoint inhibitors. Crucial role of TILs is also reflected by the new approaches in cancer diagnostics namely by Immunoscore method (currently used in clinical settings). Immunoscore is based on localization and quantification of CD3+ and CD8+ TILs in thin histological sections of tumor tissue. The question remains to which extent the information obtained from 2D slices reflects the situation in tumor microenvironment considering its spatial heterogeneity. The development of new methodological approaches allowing evaluation of histological information in 3D is the key to answer this question. The theoretical part of this work first describes the heterogeneity of the tumor microenvironment and the role of immune cells within it. Then, the role of spatial heterogeneity and its possible influence on the histopathological...
Study of regenerative potential of Sertoli cell progenitors in Xenopus tropicalis tadpoles after tail amputation.
Wróblová, Aneta ; Krylov, Vladimír (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
African clawed frogs (Xenopus) represent an ideal model organism for study of regeneration mechanisms. In frogs, complete regeneration occurs in the tadpole stage. In later stages the regeneration capacity is lost. The Laboratory of Developmental biology was successful in establishment of cell culture called Xenopus tropicalis immature Sertoli cells (XtiSCs) derived from X. tropicalis testes. These cells are common progenitors of Sertoli cells and peritubular myoid cells. XtiSCs show similar characteristics as mesenchymal stem cells. MSCs hold interest of scientists for their immunomodulatory properties and multipotent differential and regeneration potential. In this thesis, we studied regeneration and migration potential of XtiSCs after X. tropicalis tadpole's tail amputation in developmental stage 47 - 50. Transgenic XtiSCs culture expressing RFP was prepared to facilitate transplantation experiments. Transplantation experiments showed preferential migration of XtiSCs into the site of injury. XtiSCs transplantations in X. laevis tadpoles with downregulated NO synthases eNOS and nNOS revealed their migratory dependence on nitric oxide signalization. Imunocytochemical staining of XtiSCs in vitro showed positive iNOS, nNOS and Pax7 expression. Imunohistochemical staining of tadpole's tail vibratome...
The impact of changes in public procurements law on the behaviour of actors
Procházka, Jan ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Zápotocká, Veronika (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to contribute to our understanding of the legislative framework governing public procurement in the Czech Republic. Using data from interviews, applying Game Theory and the Principal-A|gent model, and using the Goal Tree tool I show that individual actors behave rationally. Before submitting a tender they evaluate not only expected profits, but also possible corruption, threat of penalties. I also identify several practices used by actors in order to to manipulate public procurement. After evaluating actors' behaviour, developments inf public procurement legislation and of possible penalties, and drawing on extensive literature search I draw up recommendations for public policy. These t would help improve public procurement in the country, their efficiency, effectiveness and economy, without violating key public procurement principles (non-discrimination, equal treatment, transparency and proportionality). If adopted they would contribute to reducing the level of corruption in the Czech Republic.
Marketing plan of a sports club in a non-profit environment
Zeman, Lukáš ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
Title: Marketing plan of a sports club in a non-profit environment Objectives: The main aim of this thesis will be to create a marketing plan for non-profit sports organization TJ SK Markvartice based on collected and analyzed data. The created marketing plan will be based on an analysis of the current situation of the club and at the same time use the knowledge of non-profit marketing so that the goals set are achieved in 2020-2024. Methods: In our work we used methods of participatory observation, semi-structured interviews, analysis of texts and documents and SWOT analysis method. All these methods were applied in order to create a detailed situational analysis of the researched sports organization, which helped to identify the most important factors affecting the researched entity and based on them to determine marketing goals and strategies of the sports organization. Results: Based on a thorough scrutiny of the club's target market (social group) and factors influencing the internal and external environment of the sports organization, the most suitable marketing strategy has been chosen. The implementation of this marketing strategy was carried out in the form of complex of preferred marketing precautions, which we identified as the most important elements with regard to meeting the set...

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