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Immunomodulatory potential of Sertoli cell progenitors during heart regeneration after injury in Xenopus
Žabková, Světlana ; Krylov, Vladimír (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
The high percentage of mortality associated with cardiovascular diseases shows the importance of studying cardiac muscle regeneration. An interesting approach for heart regeneration may be the use of a cell culture of Sertoli progenitor cells and peritubular myoid cells derived from juvenile testes of Xenopus tropicalis that was named XtiSC. These cells were found to share a number of characteristics which are typical for mesenchymal stem cells. Mesenchymal stems cells are well-known for their immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory abilities that promote heart regeneration. The goal of this master thesis was to test the immunomodulatory potential of Sertoli progenitor cells during heart regeneration after heart apex amputation in Xenopus tropicalis without macrophages. The reason for macrophages depletion was the assumption that XtiSC behave like macrophages in many aspects. Clodronate encapsulated in liposomes was chosen as a tool for macrophage depletion. It was confirmed that XtiSC can positively influence heart regeneration in a classic model of heart regeneration, but also in a model with depletion of macrophages. It was revealed that Xenopus tropicalis adults without macrophages injected with XtiCS into the hindlimb skeletal muscle 3 days before apical resection showed reduced fibronectin...
Role of transcription factors MEIS in the origin and development of the neural crest
Fábik, Jaroslav ; Machoň, Ondřej (advisor) ; Buchtová, Marcela (referee) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
Unique to the vertebrate embryo, neural crest cells represent a multipotent cell population that migrates throughout the body and gives rise to a multitude of different types of cells and tissues. Cranial neural crest cells populate the developing pharyngeal arches and establish skeletogenic condensations that generate the future bones and cartilages of the face and neck. Moreover, these cells send out and receive signals from adjacent tissues of non-neural crest origin, such as the mandibular epithelium and muscle precursor cells. Such reciprocal interactions give rise to organs and structures, for instance, to the tongue. The aim of this work was to elucidate the roles of homeodomain-containing MEIS transcription factors in neural crest cells and in craniofacial development, by using a mouse model with conditional inactivation of Meis2 gene in neural crest cells. We show that transcription factor MEIS2 is expressed in the medial region of the developing mandible and in the developing tongue. Conditional Meis2 inactivation using the Wnt1-Cre2 mouse strain caused mandible and tongue hypoplasia, and ectopic bone formation at the expense of tongue development. These mandibular arch anomalies were accompanied by the loss of Hedgehog signaling in the mandibular epithelium, expanded RUNX2 expression in...
Analysis and Comparison of Power Plays at 2022 Men's World Floorball Championship and 2021 Junior's World Floorball Championship
Procházka, Jan ; Běhanová, Michaela (advisor) ; Dragounová, Zuzana (referee)
Author: Jan Procházka Title: Analysis and Comparison of Power Plays at 2022 Men's World Floorball Championship and 2021 Junior's World Floorball Championship Objectives: Purpose of the bachelor thesis is to analyse and compare the game situations with uneven number of players on the play field at 2022 Men's and 2021 Junior's World Floorball Championships. Thesis analyses the offences that lead to power plays. Methods: The main method is indirect observation of power plays from match replays at the 2021 Junior's World Championship and 2022 Men's World Championship, their analysis and statistical comparison. Results: Results of the thesis are knowledges about the power plays at the 2021 World Junior's Championships and the 2022 World Men's Championships. The results present an analysis of power plays according to their success rate and shooting areas in goalscoring situations. The resulting data highlights the formations that leads to goal score and highlights the formations to defend power play. The formation with one player on the top was the most used for power play goal. Slashing recorded the most frequent incidence for penalty box ejection. These findings are used to compare between the national teams and both championships. Keywords: penalty, match, short-handed, statistics
Virtual commissioning of the CNC milling machine tool changer
Procházka, Jan ; Bražina, Jakub (referee) ; Štěpánek, Vojtěch (advisor)
The aim of this master thesis is the virtual commissioning of the automatic tool change for the MCV 754 Quick CNC milling machine with the Sinumerik One control system. In the first part of the thesis, research in the field of CNC machine tools is presented with a focus on automatic tool changing. The second part of the thesis deals with the actual virtual commissioning procedure. The procedure maps the setting of all necessary parameters and configuration of individual programs to achieve successful virtual commissioning. In addition, the thesis describes the principle of communication between the programs (Create My Virtual Machine, TIA Portal, NX Mechatronic Concept Designer). The thesis concludes with a full virtual commissioning of the automatic tool exchange, an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of virtual commissioning in the software NX MCD and recommendations for practice.
Information Combination Analysis in Multi-Channel Speaker Verification
Procházka, Jan ; Plchot, Oldřich (referee) ; Mošner, Ladislav (advisor)
In this work, we deal with the analysis and comparison of information combinations of multi-channel speech data for a speaker verification task. Three levels/representations were chosen for data fusion: signal-level, embedding-level, and score-level. At the signal level, spatial filters (beamforming) are implemented. Speech recordings serve as input to a neural network (ECAPA-TDNN architecture) that extracts embeddings, vector representations of the speaker. The vectors are further compared by cosine similarity module that results in scores, real numbers. Score-level fusion achieves the best relative improvement against single-channel recordings (up to 70 %). Embedding-level fusion provides the most consistent results for different recording conditions.
Analýza průběhu spalování akustickým signálem
Procházka, Jan
The presented diploma thesis monitors and evaluates the combustion process in conventional internal combustion engines according to the measurable and observable parameters, such as acoustic signal specifically. The first part of thesis focuses on the classification and use of internal combustion engines. Moreover, the combustion of the mixtures in cylinders is described as well as individual components of the engine that monitor and measure the combustion process. In the next part, the issue of acoustic emission is specifically addressed followed by the analysis of the combustion process using th acoustic signal. In conclusion, the use of the acoustic signal as an analytical tool for the evaluation of the combustion process is assessed according to the obtained results.
Renaissance concept of perspective and ways of its presentation
The bachelor thesis consists of theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part will cover the perspective basics, especially the invention of so called linear or analytical perspective in renaissance. The text will also tackle didactic approach to this issue. The practical part builds on the theoretical part. It's aim is to create a serie of three presentation boards (minimal size - A1), which will intelligibly and freshly summarize the theme of linear - analytical perspective, and also present a graphic approach, which will be attractive for pupils in lower-secondary schools. The work will take into account the pursuit of a new didactic approach and quality graphic design.
Types of Personality, Lifestyle and Mental Hygiene of Employees in a Particular Organization
This thesis focuses on types of personality, lifestyle and mental hygiene of employees in particular organization. The aim of this thesis is to optimize the performance of the organization based on the analysis of personality types, lifestyle and mental hygiene through self-knowledge, knowledge of others, improvement of lifestyle and optimization of employees' mental hygiene. Literary research is based on books and articles about personality typology, psychology, lifestyle, mental hygiene and self-management written by Czech and foreign authors. The practical part contains data from the questionnaire survey. This data is used to analyze the company and make subsequent recommendations. The result of the work is an overview of the current situation in the selected organization with respect to personality typology, lifestyle and mental hygiene levels and several recommendations for employees regarding healthy nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation and mental hygiene. The result of this work is a summary of actual situation of chosen organisation with regards to typology of personality, life style standard and mental hygiene and numerous proposals and recommendations for employees on healthy nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation and mental hygiene. However, the resulting recommendations and knowledge of personality typology can also be beneficial for other organizations and their employees.
Awareness and Attitudes of UK FTVS Students to Discgolf
Vlček, Tomáš ; Procházka, Jan (advisor) ; Janák, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Knowledge and attitudes of UK FTVS students to disc golf. Aim: The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to find out what attitudes students of Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Charles University have to disc golf and what awareness they have of the sport. Methods: The electronic survey method was used in this work. Through surveying FTVS UK students, data about their awareness of disc golf and their attitudes towards this sport were collected. Results: The research found that most students have a basic knowledge of disc golf. More detailed knowledge of this sport is less common. Students' attitudes are most often positive or neutral. Half of the students have experience playing. Keywords: Awareness, attitudes, disc golf, marketing research, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
NG2-glia proliferation and differentiation following CNS injuries
Kirdajová, Denisa ; Anděrová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee) ; Novák, Ondřej (referee)
NG2-glia proliferation and differentiation following CNS injuries Abstract NG2 glia display wide proliferation and differentiation potential under physiological and pathological conditions. They are very well known as precursors of oligodendrocytes, however, following central nervous system (CNS) injury they play an important role in regeneration. For this reason, we examined these features following different types of brain disorders such as focal cerebral ischemia (FCI), cortical stab wound (SW), and demyelination (DEMY) in young (3-months-old) mice, in which NG2 glia are labeled by tdTomato under the Cspg4 promoter. In the case of FCI, the factor of age was also studied using 18-months-old mice. To address these issues, we employed many techniques on tissue/cellular levels, such as single-cell RT- qPCR, single-cell/bulk RNA-sequencing, immunohistochemistry, and the patch-clamp technique in situ. First, such approach enabled us to distinguish two main populations (NG2 glia, oligodendrocytes), each of them comprising four distinct subpopulations. Next, the expression profiling revealed that a subpopulation of NG2 glia expressing GFAP, a marker of reactive astrocytes, appears transiently after FCI. However, following less severe injury, namely the cortical SW and DEMY, subpopulations mirroring different...

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