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Posttraumatic growth after death of a close person in adulthood and old age
Finkousová, Andrea ; Valentová, Hana (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis deals with the theme of posttraumatic growth in adulthood (40-60 years) and old age (70 + years) following the death of close person during their adolescence, adulthood and old age, whom they have been in a close relationship with. The purpose of the thesis is to detect the occurence of posttraumatic growth and to determine in which areas and how the posttraumatic growth manifests in eighteen respondents. Another goal of this thesis is to compare the outcomes with the concepts of Tedeschi and Calhoun, Janoff-Bulman, Joseph and Linley, Hana Valentová and with the research conducted by Finkousová. The theoretical part is dedicated to decription of posttraumatic growth, it's definitions, models and factors of influence. Further theoretical chapters are dedicated to the topic of death of a close person. The empirical part of the work uses qualitative research using semi-structed interviews with eighteen respondents and subsequent content analysis using open coding. The analysis has revealed seven main areas of posttraumatic growth and their sub-areas: The area of relationships (Family, Care of others), Reconstruction of relationship with self (Self-belief, Importance of health, Independence), The value of life (Change of priorites, Appreciation of life, Fragility of life), A different...
Perception of ageing from view of caregivers in retirement home
Němečková, Marta ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Perception of old age by caregiving professionals of assisted living facilities" maps attitudes towards aging across care professional tems in assisted living facilities and students preparing for this profession. The objective of this thesis is to remove taboo associated with attitudes towards aging in care professional and comparartion with attitudes of students of caregiving. Theoretial section defines caregiving professionals in assisted living facilities, clarifies concepts of perception and attitude. Furthermore it describes proces of aging, standing of senior citizens in society and residence programs. In empirical section are presented results of this respective quantitative investigation in their relationship with established hypotheses. Chosen Method was czech standardized questionaire Attitude to aging WHOQOL-AAQ supplemented with demographic questionaire devised by autor, which was distributed among caregiving professionals in two assited living facilities in Prague and in Girls school among students of caregiving. Results: In this thesis were included 112 properly filled in questionaires. From data arose positive attitude increasing wit age of students of caregiving to aging. Next was found more positive attitude to againg among caregiving professionals then among...
Psychological burden of family caregivers of seniors with dementia and its aspects in the family system
Broučková, Eliška ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (advisor) ; Šturma, Jaroslav (referee)
Taking care of seniors with dementia in the home environment can prove itself difficult not only for the individuals burdened with the main caretaking, but it is also challenging for their close family relationships. There is usually some way of sharing the care in the families, where more family members are put into a caregiver's position. Based on the semistructured interviews with the family caregivers this paper describes the alterations of the family relationships and the forms of support between the family members, as well as the common conflicts and rejections. The issue is being described from the point of view of the caregivers with a direct, actual and long-time experience in the home caregiving. Also the data of the interviews has been shortly compared to the information retrieved from the anxiety, depression and burden inquiries, all collected among the respondents. Powered by TCPDF (
Speech therapy care in homes for the elderly from the perspective of employees of these facilities
Siváková, Kateřina ; Komorná, Marie (advisor) ; Horynová, Jana (referee)
This bachellor thesis is focused on logopaedic intervention and its benefits in retirement homes. It is subdivided into a theoretical and an empiric part. The theoretical part is mainly dedicated to defining the terms of ' age' and 'ageing', characterisation of the most common communication disorders among elderly people and their diagnostics, etiology, therapy and symptoms. The system of care of elderly people in the Czech Republic is also depicted in the theoretical part, introducing all kinds of services provided to seniors, mainly in retirement homes. Further, logopaedic intervention and its possible application is described. The following empiric part of the thesis inspected logopedic intervention in a particular retirement home including the assessment of logopedic care contribution by the retirement home's employees. Employees were specifically chosen to assess their clients' progress as they are in a day-to-day contact with them and can therefore observe any improvements brought on by this kind of care. At the same time, they shall be more unbiased as opposed to the logopedician providing the logopedic care or the elderly people themselves. The research has proven that the employees have no deep knowledge in terms of specific methods used in the intervention, they rather have a vague grasp...
The sources of happiness of seniors living in a retirement home
Kovalová, Diana ; Valentová, Hana (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the happiness of seniors living in a nursing home. It focuses primarily on what are the core and main sources of happiness that people in a nursing home draw upon. As the population grows older, issues of care and happiness in the elderly are becoming more and more pressing and important, when it is a topic that will one day have an effect on everyone. It is therefore important to explore this area in more detail and to find out the main areas of people's lives where they really feel happy and help them to cope with the difficult moments that old age and the decline of strength bring with it (poorer health, diminishing social ties, depression, fear of death, etc.). Last but not least, there is an effort to show how much the environment in which the elderly live has an impact on them and how important it is to improve the quality and care of retirement homes to maximise the satisfaction of the people who live there. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The theoretical part introduces the topic of old age and ageing. How the period of old age is periodized, what are the manifestations of ageing and how the individual adapts to this period. Then there is the topic of happiness, its characteristics, concept and what are its sources. Last but not least, there are...
Fraud on Seniors - Prevention and Solution of the Problem in Context of Social Work
This bachelor thesis deals with fraud against the elderly and prevention from the perspective of social workers and police officers. The aim of the thesis is to find out what the current prevention by social workers and the Police looks like. The aim of the thesis is also to find out what kind of fraud occurs most often. The theoretical part of the thesis contains definitions of basic terms related to this topic. They were defined with the help of professional literature. The known types of under-fraud used by the perpetrators are described. The practical part was prepared in the form of qualitative research. Semi-structured interview was used as a technique. The interviews were conducted with police officers from the Press and Prevention Department of the South Bohemia Region. Furthermore, interviews were conducted with social workers working in social services focused on this issue.
The social work with seniors - The violence on seniors
This work deals with what are the current possibilities of help and solutions in the issue of domestic violence against the elderly in České Budějovice. The theoretical part, which is divided into four chapters, describes concepts related to old age, changes in this period, as well as society's attitude towards old age. It further defines the phenomenon of domestic violence. It also focuses more on domestic violence against the elderly, its causes and consequences. The third chapter deals with the possibilities of help and solutions in the territory of Českobudějovicko. The final chapter of the theoretical part describes the stories of seniors, victims of domestic violence. The work is supplemented by qualitative research using the semi-structured interview method. The actors of the interviews are social workers working in organizations dealing with the issue of domestic violence. The research is focused on the experiences of actors with domestic violence against the elderly. Subsequently, the obtained data are put into context and compared with theoretical knowledge and professional literature.

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