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Gambling among football fans: a questionnaire study
Zemanová, Anna ; Petruželka, Benjamin (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Title: Gambling among football fans: a questionnaire study Background: Gambling is perceived as a common leisure activity in our society. However, this pastime has its risks, which affect the individual on an individual, family and societal level. Football and gambling have a common history. However, in general, this topic is not well researched in relation to football fans, which I would like to change by writing this bachelor thesis and contribute to the understanding of the issue Methods and research population. The only method of data collection was an electronic survey. A total of 534 respondents completed the questionnaire. I processed the collected data using descriptive statistics. Results and conclusion: Based on the analysis of the data obtained, it can be concluded that the prevalence of gambling among the football fans who participated in the research is high. At the same time, the results indicate a significant representation of respondents showing symptoms of pathological gambling according to the PGSI and Lie/bet screening questionnaires. Specifically, 215 respondents (44%) fall within some level of risk of pathological gambling, while 270 respondents (56%) are completely outside this risk. The most commonly reported gambling is betting on sports (93%). From these results, I conclude...
Addiction care for clients with dual disorders in Mental health centers for persons with severe chronic mental illness
Hašková, Lenka ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vacek, Michal (referee)
Background: According to the standards of the Mental Health Center services, their function is integrated care for persons with a dual diagnosis (MZČR, 2021). Objectives: The goal of the work is to describe and understand how and by whom care is provided to clients in the field of addiction in selected centers. Methods: The practical part of the work consists of semi-structured interviews with workers from 15 (52%) different centers involved in the care of clients with a dual diagnosis in the field of addiction, processed using the method of thematic analysis. Main results: Respondents from 87% of the examined centers had some theoretical or practical training in the field of addiction. Addictologists worked in 40% of the examined centers, all of them in the position of social worker. Those in the center fulfill the role of specialists in working with people with a dual diagnosis. Most centers combine different treatment models. If the client is indicated for residential addiction treatment, they apply the model of successive treatment. They widely use the parallel treatment model. If necessary, they integrate elements of addiction treatment into the care provided. Groups for clients with a dual diagnosis are held in only one investigated center. Conclusion and recommendations: The diverse...
Substance use among seniors in Prague: questionnaire survey
Stříteský, Vít ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Mravčík, Viktor (referee)
Background: Substance use also occurs among the elderly and poses an increased risk of various health and social problems in this group. Currently, this specific group is somewhat neglected in addiction studies. In my opinion, seniors are a highly vulnerable group associated with the consumption of addictive substances, and this issue has not been extensively studied in the Czech Republic yet. Objectives: The main goal of this study is to determine which addictive substances are currently used by seniors in Prague and their prevalence. Secondary objectives include determining which sociodemographic and health characteristics affect substance use among seniors, the reasons they use these substances, and their awareness of addiction services. Methods: Given the focus of this study and its objectives, a quantitative approach was chosen for the research. Data was collected using a custom-designed electronic and printed questionnaire as the research tool. Results: The research indicates that seniors in Prague are frequent users of addictive substances. Coffee and alcohol are the most commonly used, followed by the use of medications (such as hypnotics, anxiolytics, and analgesics), cannabis products, and nicotine products. Only a small percentage of respondents reported using other addictive substances...
Risky use of lootboxes in Czech video game players
Podlipný, Matyáš ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
Background: There is an element called lootbox in videogames that appears to be an attribute with addictive potential with respect to gambling. It is a form of element within video games that offer players random digital rewards. This aspect has been present in games for a long time, and countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands have reacted to this by law to regulate the availability of certain types of lootbox. Lootboxes as a phenomenon are not sufficiently explored and mapped in the context of the Czech Republic. Aim: The aim of this thesis is to map the general and risky use of lootboxes through a questionnaire using the Risky Lootbox Index among Czech video game players. It asks how Czech video game players behave in relation to lootboxes and to what extent this risky use occurs. It also looks at differences in this use and whether gamers themselves perceive this use of lootboxes as a form of gambling. Methods: Quantitative in the form of an online questionnaire, using the Risky Lootbox Index tool. Where 292 respondents completed the questionnaire with an age range between 15 and 40 years. The research population is predominantly male and consists of Czech video game players. In the questionnaire they are selected according to other criteria such as experience with lootboxes. Data...
Public opinion towards drug compsumption rooms among Prague's inhabitans
Součková, Gabriela ; Janíková, Barbara (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of establishment of the supervised injecting center for the drug users in the Czech Republic. Target of thesis is monitor public opinion on drug consumption rooms among inhabitants of the capital city Prague. The theoretical part deals with the explanation of terms related to tertiary prevention of addictive behavior, especially the priciples of the Public Health and the Harm Reduction. The theoretical part also includes information about practice of existing grug consumption rooms in the Word and Czech Republic possibilities to the establishment of the supervised injecting center. The research probe detects with questionnaire method the opinion on the drug consumption rooms in the sample of Prague residents. The investigation was partially complemented by an analysis of online discussions of Internet information articles from the year 2013 of the subjekt the establishment of drug consumption room in Prague. The results show that more than half of survey respondents agree with the introduction of drug consumption room in the capital city Prague. The results are significant diferences in the qualitative responses reasons of agreement or disagreement with the establishment of services between respondent of questionaire and debaters of online discussions. Most of...
Accessibility assessment of the nononline counseling centers for tobacco smokers
Mrázová, Věra ; Vondráčková, Petra (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
OF BACHELOR'S THESIS Name: Věra Mrázová Study Program: Addictology, distance study program Year of Entry into program: 2008 Advisor : Mgr. Petra Holcnerová Assessment of the Accessibility of Non-Online Clinics for Tobacco Smokers in the Czech Republic In the Czech Republic, there is a network of medical centers for the treatment of tobacco addiction. This network is supplemented by cooperating clinics for smokers. This thesis surveys the availability of these clinics for regular smokers, excluding intentionally the online help centers. The basic objective of the thesis is to survey the availability of such clinics in the individual regions of the Czech Republic and to test whether these clinics (listed in an online register) are actually active in providing services to potential clients. The data used for this research were obtained via mystery shopping method using a set of strictly defined rules. Based on the research output and its analysis, the thesis presents a thorough assessment of the clinics' services to clients, e.g. whether they cater to clients coming from the particular region or whether they are open to any client regardless of his domicile. The survey also assesses whether the clinics under examination fulfill the criteria for low-threshold facilities. The research pays particular...
Pathological gambling: betting and gambling in the life of sport journalists
Činátlová, Monika ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Frouzová, Magdalena (referee)
This thesis deals with the definition of the concept of pathological gambling, diagnosis, prevalence and a description of vulnerable groups. It also discusses the creation, development and various stages of pathological gambling. Theoretical knowledge is enhanced by our own research, carried out a questionnaire, which has pointed out that the profession can be a risk factor for developing an illness / addiction. The research objective is to describe the rate and quality of risk-taking behavior in gambling on sports editor, and identify any related pathological gambling with their selected characteristics. The paper looks at what it looks like gambling and betting on sports editors in terms of rates, forms and circumstances. Whether the people in this group of pathological gambling occurs and, if so, to what extent and with what consequences. They try to answer it then also, what is the relationship between work characteristics and playing sports editor of gambling or betting. How this relationship sports editors perceive themselves and how to understand. Keywords: Pathological gambling, pathological player, gambling, gambling
Obtaining cannabis drugs by adolescents: experience of wards of selected facilities of Czech and other nationality comparison
Piskáčková, Kristýna ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Gabrhelík, Roman (referee)
University: Charles University in Prague Faculty: First Faculty of Medicine Psychiatric clinic, Center for Addictology School Year…….2012/2013…… ABSTRACT DIPLOMA WORK Name …………………Bc. Kristýna Piskáčková....………………………………….… Branch of study: Addictology Matriculation Year: …………2006….………… Thesis supervisor: Mgr. Jaroslav Vacek The number of pages:……80…………… Diploma Thesis Title: Obtaining cannabis drugs by adolescents: the comparison of the wards experience from facilities for foreigners with the selected facilities for wards with Czech nationality The goal of the diploma thesis is to determine the ways and circumstances of obtaining hemp drugs by adolescent users - wards of selected facilities for juveniles. Theoretical part mainly deals with issues such as cannabis drugs, usage patterns, cannabis distribution patterns, drug market and school facilities system for the performance of residential care and protective upbringing. The research part first deals with research questions, methods of data creation, then with the help of data analysis are given the answers to research questions. The used method of obtaining data is semi-structured interview. The survey was conducted with 16 participants. The sample only consists of one gender - male. Their age is from 15 to 18. Participant's statements are kept and...
The importance of hagiotherapy in therapeutic process of women addiction treatment in the Psychiatric hospital Bohnice
Herešová, Alice ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Remeš, Prokop (referee)
The thesis deals with importance of hagiotherapy in therapeutic process of addiction treatment of women. Hagiotherapy is a kind of bibliotherapy, which uses the Holy Scripture as a mirror. Due to biblical stories patients can take the view of their troubles and situation from different perspective. The aim of the text is to answer the following questions: What is the contribution of hagiotherapy in the addiction treatment in patient's view?, How do the patients perceive hagiotherapy in comparison with the other treatments in Psychiatric hospital in Bohnice? and How does the therapist and founder MUDr. Prokop Remeš evaluate the effect of the hagiotherapy. The first part of this thesis produces theoretical base for the following survey. It looks into phenomenon of addiction, means of addiction treatment - psychotherapy - existential psychotherapy - hagiotherapy. The second part of this text describes all the process of my survey. It includes methods of this survey (half-structured dialogue), description of survey set and in the end analysis of survey results. My research indicates that the hagiotherapy is a really effective component of addiction treatment. The patients say that the hagiotherapy is very helpful in contrary to the other therapy. Some of them think about continuing with hagiotherapy...

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