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Alcohol use among college students who belong to the LGBTQ community
Šilhavá, Tereza ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Jandáč, Tomáš (referee)
Background: Being non-heterosexual is still not fully accepted in the Czech Republic and research shows that the stressors that affect community members, negatively impact their mental health and therefore can among others cause substance abuse. Studies to date point to the distinct role of alcohol in this community and its increased use. Aim: The aim of this study was to map and describe alcohol use among university students aged 18-26 years who identify as members of the LGBTQ community. Three hypotheses were established for the realisation of the objective. The hypotheses chosen are as follows: Homosexual men have higher scores on the AUDIT questionnaire than homosexual women. Bisexual people have higher scores on the AUDIT questionnaire than people who identify as homosexual. Respondents who score higher on the AUDIT questionnaire suffer more from internalized homophobia. Methods: The work was carried out as a quantitative research, an online questionnaire which contained 39 items was created. The questionnaire was distributed through social networks and groups that bring together university students and the LGBTQ community. 122 respondents participated in the research. The data collected was processed using Microsoft Excel and further processed in the statistical program Jamovi. Descriptive...
Problematic viewing of Internet pornography in relation to social phobia
Pavelec, Jan ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Rolová, Gabriela (referee)
(v AJ) Internet porngraphy offers immediate sexual pleasure without much effort. Pornography also provides almost unlimited content and the possibility of watching harder pornography when soft pornography doesn't meet one's needs anymore. This is similar to substance induced tolerance. These properties make watching pornography a potentially addictive behaviour. Social phobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by severe anxiety in social situations This thesis attemps to find an association between social phobia and problematic pornography viewing. The purpose of this study was to determine, if there was a correlation between problematic pornography viewing and social phobia. Another goal of this study was to determine the prevalence of problematic pornography viewing and look at how different sociodemographic factors impact it. Prevalnce of problematic pornography viewing was slightly less than 5%. Only severe social phobia was pozitively correlated with problematic pornography viewing. The overal correlation of the two phenomena is poor. keywords: Problematic pornography viewing, social phobia, behavioral addiction, correlation
Attitudes of patients towards the smoking ban in inpatient addiction treatment units
Brejchová, Jabira ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
Background: Cigarette smoking is one of the main causes of high mortality and morbidity rates in addiction patients. The prevalence of smoking among patients in addiction treatment is many times higher than in the general population. Addiction treatment centres in the Czech Republic and abroad do not have the same strategy in treating tobacco dependence. The priority for professionals working in addiction treatment centres is the treatment of primary addiction, therefore treating tobacco dependence in the context of treating other addictions is often considered burdensome. Aim: The aim of this bachelor thesis was to describe the experiences and attitudes of patients in inpatient addiction treatment towards smoking prohibition in addiction treatment units. Methods: The research is based on a questionnaire research conducted in six wards of 144 respondents within six wards of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic. All of these participates were being treated for substance abuse disorder in the Hospital. It is a quantitative research. A questionnaire was used to collect data for the purpose of the bachelor thesis, which patients received in hard copy. The Fargeström nicotine dependence test was used to assess the degree of tobacco dependence. The data in this thesis are analyzed...
Evaluation of client satisfaction with the Managed Alcohol Program of the Drop-in center Vlhká
Liďák, Jan ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Drop-in center Vlhká, operated by the organization Podané ruce, implements the Managed Alcohol Program as the only organization in the Czech Republic, inspired by similar programs abroad. In this work, I utilize satisfaction evaluation as a research method with the intention of providing clients an opportunity to express their views on the program and the operation of this center. The aim of the research was to conduct a satisfaction survey among clients of the Drop-in center Vlhká, involved in the Managed Alcohol Program. The objective was to evaluate clients' satisfaction with this program, as well as other interventions provided by the center, the approach of the staff, the environment, facilities, and opening hours. The intention was to provide the results of the work to the service management as a potential inspiration for further changes and development, as well as feedback on the changes that have already been implemented. The research sample consisted of 17 respondents, clients of the Drop-in center Vlhká, participating in the Managed Alcohol Program, who correspond to the target group of the service. These are individuals experiencing homelessness and alcohol use disorders. Respondents were selected for the research using purposive sampling through the institution. They were approached...
Patterns of use of psilocybe mushrooms among students of art universities and its influence on artistic creation
Matoušková, Adéla ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
Background: Psychedelics are substances that affect the nervous system and have the ability to influence thinking, perception and feelings of the user. In the Czech Republic, psilocybe mushrooms are the second most used psychedelic. 5.7% of the population over the age of 15 used them at least once in their lifetime, and over 70,000 people in the last 12 months. Research shows that this hallucinogen has potential uses in medicine and psychotherapy, especially in the treatment of depression, anxiety or PTSD. In the past, psychedelics were associated with the phenomenon of psychedelic art, in which artists were inspired in their works by psychedelic experiences they achieved under the influence of hallucinogenic substances, which entails significant risks. Patterns of magic mushroom use among artistic college students have not yet been adequately described. Objectives: The aim of the work is to find out the patterns of use of psychedelic mushrooms among university students with an artistic focus, to find out what effect the use has on their artistic creation and what is the motivation for using it. In this work, I will focus on the prevalence and amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms used by students and try to evaluate whether there is a connection between the pattern of using psilocybin mushrooms and...
Mechanisms of the controlled food consumption within the eating disorders and their use in addictology: qualitative study
Česalová, Michaela ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Rychlá, Kateřina (referee)
Background: One of the great recent topics in addiction medicine is controlled use. Despite not having a clear definition, the term is universally associated with addictive substances. However, its use can also be found in eating disorders. Individuals who are trying to recover from eating disorders must eat in a controlled manner. Unlike addictive substances, this is not a choice, as food is essential to life and abstaining from food is not an option, like abstaining from an addictive substance. I find this connection very interesting and therefore I would like to deal with the mechanisms of controlled eating and its comparison in addictology in my bachelor thesis. Aim: The core of the research is to map the mechanisms by which people with eating disorders engage in controlled eating. In this thesis, I am looking for mechanisms in two types of eating disorders, bulimia and binge eating. The second aim is then to compare these mechanisms with controlled eating. For my thesis I have chosen controlled alcohol use. The third aim is to compare how these mechanisms also coincide with addiction treatment in addiction medicine. Methods: The data collection will be done through a semi-structured interview, the interview will have a prepared set of questions, but also leave room for new questions as the...
Therapeutic potential of ibogaine in treating addiction
de Donnová, Selma ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Minařík, Jakub (referee)
Presently, addiction constitutes a major global issue, both for people directly affected by it, and for society. Many people would benefit from innovative, safe, and effective treatments. Psychedelic renaissance in the 21st century brings potential solutions for some of the most common psychiatric issues, including addiction. The molecule subjected to the most extensive scientific research in this area is ibogaine - atypical psychedelic of plant origin displaying a complex mixture of dissociative, oneirophrenic, and hallucinogenic effects. This thesis is a non-systematic review of scientific literature published mostly after the year 2000, aiming to summarise information about the therapeutic potential of ibogaine in treating addiction, including risks, efficacy, and comparison to other types of treatment. Total number of citations included in this thesis is 92. Published scientific literature provides several general conclusions. Ibogaine is a potent substance that has caused several fatalities. These instances and further research suggest that ibogaine is dangerous particularly for people suffering from cardiovascular health conditions, in combination with other substances, and in absence of medical supervision. Clinical studies show, that in certain conditions, and in a controlled environment,...
High risk drug use among arab immigrants in the Czech Republic
Tibová, Aza ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Background: In recent years, a constant number of people from other countries have moved to the Czech Republic, who, unlike in the 1990s, no longer continue west, but increasingly want to settle permanently in the Czech Republic. People migrate because they are not happy in the place where they were born. Natural disasters, epidemics, political unfreedom, unfavorable economic conditions, war conflicts drive people away or attract people to migrate. Diploma thesis deals with the topic of high risk drug use of addictive substances among immigrants of Arab ethnicity. In the Czech environment, there is a lack of sources focusing on the use of drugs in specific groups of the population and their treatment, and there is also a lack of examples of good practice. A number of foreign authors draw attention to the urgency of this phenomenon, which has an impact on the overall health status of the population. Objective: The goal of the work was to come into contact with as many drug users as possible and to reach those who are not in contact with any addiction service. The thesis maps the specifics of the problem drug use of addictive substances by the selected respondents. Another goal was to map the specific problems of Arab immigrants that may be a predictor of risky behavior and to determine the...
The relationship of emotional attachment in adolescence to the development of problematic use of social networks: a questionnaire survey
Chalupová, Alexandra ; Vondráčková, Petra (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Background: Addictive and excessive use of the Internet and social networks are viewed as increasingly relevant topics and are widely discussed in professional and non-professional society. Research shows that these problematic forms of social network use are most prevalent among younger individuals, especially adolescents and young adults. Emotional attachment theory is one of the many important theories of addiction science that offers an explanation for the development of addictive forms of behaviour. Aim: The aim of this thesis is to describe the relationship of emotional attachment in adolescence to the onset of social network use and the development of its problematic use. Methods: A cross-sectional online questionnaire survey was conducted. The questionnaire consisted of two original sections of questions and the BFAS and ECR-RS questionnaire. Respondents were selected using a combination of self-selection and the Snowball method. The questionnaire's criteria for the respondents were age 18-26 years and having at least 1 established account on any social network. The data were assessed using descriptive statistics and the statistical significance was verified by chi-square test. Results: A total of 310 people participated in the research, of whom 44 people (14.2%) used social networks...
Attitudes toward parental strategies for regulating the use of screens in primary school children - a pilot study
Bláhová, Karolína ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Backround: Due to the ever-increasing availability of modern devices, children today are routinely in contact with the digital world. As much as this world benefits us, it also presents many risks. Children are a very sensitive group in terms of development, and it is the parental approach to education about digital media in general that can have a major impact on a child's future attitude towards its use. Aims: The aim of this research is to map the ways in which parents regulate their children's use of screens and how children perceive each strategy. The work investigates children's awareness of the risk of developing addictive behavior on the internet. The pilot study also verifies the adaptation of the Czech media parenting scale from the parent version to the child version Methods: Quantitative research conducted by questionnaire survey was chosen. The collected data were processed by selected statistical methods (univariate and bivariate statistical analysis) and displayed through graphs and tables. Results: Research has shown that mothers show a higher degree of mediation compared to fathers. A statistically significant difference was found in active mediation between the third and fourth year of school education. There was no statistically significant relationship between the gender of the...

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