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Motivation for physical activity and exercise in people with Multiple Sclerosis
Tikovská, Iva ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Větrovská, Renata (referee)
1 BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Iva Tikovská Supervisor: Mgr. et Mgr. Klára Novotná, Ph.D. Title: Motivation for physical activity and exercise in people with Multiple Sclerosis Abstract: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is chronic neurodegenerative disease, which affects young adults between the age of 20 and 40 and manifests with various neurological symptoms, depending on localization of the inflammatory damage in CNS. Concerning right management of the disease, in addition to regular pharmacotherapy it is important to observe rules of healthy lifestyle recommended for MS (so called MS Brain Health Initiative). In this study we were evaluating adherence to healthy lifestyle recommendations for MS (level of physical activity, sleep, stress, healthy diet) through questionnaire survey. The data were obtained by online form only. The questionnaires were distributed via Facebook and also with help of patient organisations and MS centre of General University Hospital in Prague and 1st medical faculty of the Charles University. The questionnaires included: General questionnaire of healthy lifestyle as well as Hospital Depression and Anxiety Scale, General Self Efficacy Scale, Social Support Scale, Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale and The Diet Questionnaire. There were 133 MS patients (112 women and 21 men) involved...
Loyalty and dedication of employees in pharmacy in relation to evaluation and remuneration
Bittner, Josef
(AJ): The work entitled "Loyalty and dedication of pharmacy staff in relation to evaluation and remuneration" deals with the issue of maintaining the satisfaction and loyalty of employees in pharmacy, specifically in pharmacy networks. It focuses on finding the relationship between satisfaction, loyalty and the form of management and remuneration. The qualitative questionnaire survey helps to find those aspects of maintaining loyalty and satisfaction that can be developed and strengthened by strategic management in such a professional sector.
Performance and training of the female discus thrower
Hambergerová, Radka ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: performance development and training of female discus thower Objectives: describe and evaluate my own performance development and training and identify sources of motivation for my own coaching work Methods: case study, self-analysis, descriptive and comparative methods Results: I found that if I wanted to pursue coaching work (mainly with youth) I should get the highest possible vocational education, the role model was my father who brought me to sport Keywords: athletics, discus, structure of performance, technique, training, psyche, motivation
Motivation of children to athletics
Melová, Kateřina ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Motivation of children to athletics Objectives: The main goal of this Diploma thesis was to find out the level of motivation of children from the category U15 and U13 from athletic club. In general, I focused on the motivation of young athletes that can be affected not only by the past pandemic situation but also by modern technology and the time we live in. What type of motivation dominate in children, how is it related to the behavior, what impact does it have on children and if there is an increase of amotivation because of the covid pandemic situation. Other goal was also to collect an information about children's feelings regarding to functioning of Dipoli Athletics club and share the results with the leaders of the club to increase the quality. Methods: The research was carried out using a quantitative method using a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire contained five sections of different types of motivation. The first part examined the basic information of respondents (gender, age,..). For the second part I chose the Sport Motivation Scale questionnaire which evaluates how much the reasons of why the children are doing sport are related to the children's participation in sport using self- determination continuum. The main research question is "Why are they doing sports? " and...
The relation between healthy lifestyle and alcohol consumption among college students
Mráčková, Josefína ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (referee)
BACKGROUND: A healthy lifestyle is a popular topic nowadays, even among college students. However, the use of alcohol, which is associated with the lives of college students for various reasons, such as stress or sudden life changes, is also widespread. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this research was to find out whether there is a difference in the level and patterns of alcohol use between a group of healthy living college students and unhealthy living college students at different universities in the Czech Republic. METHODS: The research was conducted in the form of a quantitative questionnaire survey on a sample of college students in the Czech Republic. The questionnaire was distributed through social networks, and consisted of questions created on the basis of the theoretical part of this research and questions for alcohol use from the ESPAD study (Chomynová, Csémy, Grolmusová & Sadílek, 2014). The research group consisted of 150 respondents, namely 114 women and 36 men, and was subsequently divided into two groups. The healthy living group consisted of 77 respondents and the unhealthy living group of 73 respondents who either used an addictive substance or did not engage in any physical activity. RESULTS: Of the healthy group, 13 % of respondents reported current abstinence, while in the unhealthy...
Achievement motivation and competitive anxiety in hockey players
Duda, Tomáš ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Peřinová, Radka (referee)
Title: Performance motivation and competitive anxiety of ice hockey players Objectives: The main goal of this final work is to find out how the performance motivation of athletes is related to the emotional consequences of their participation in sports, their interest, but also anxiety or negative emotions related to burnout. Methods: This is a quantitative questionnaire study in which 53 professional or semi- professional ice hockey players participated. Participants completed a questionnaire battery examining various aspects of their performance motivation (Perception of Success Questionnaire, Dweck Mindset Instrument, Sport motivation scale-6), positive and negative emotions related to their sports activity (Athlete Engagement Questionnaire, Athlete Burnout Questionnaire, Competitive State Anxiety Inventory) and the team cohesion (Youth Sport Environment Questionnaire). Subsequently, the data were processed by Spearman correlation analysis and multiple linear regression analysis. Results: High values were measured for determination, integrated regulation, internal motivation and task orientation. Low values occurred in burnout and amotivation. The results show that in athletes, interest predominates over burnout and task orientation outweigh ego orientation. As a result, they tend to improve....
Emotional consequences of achievement motivation among figure skaters in the middle school age
Geletová, Alexandra ; Sedláčková Knoblochová, Michaela (advisor) ; Plevková, Lucia (referee)
Title of the bachelor thesis: Emotional consequences of achievement motivation among figure skaters in the middle school age Goals: The aim of this work was to find out what are the emotional consequences of achievement motivation. Using the questionnaire method, we examined the level of self- determination of figure skaters in the age 11-12, how they perceive the sport and what are their reasons to do figure skating. We were interested in whether these reasons come more from internal or external motivation, or whether they feel amotivated about the sport activity. We were also interested in the goal orientation of figure skaters at this age, which may be more focused on the ego, ie based more on external motives, or may be more focused on the task, ie based on internal motives. Another point of our interest was the motivational climate. Motivational climate could be created by a coach and it could influence the figure skaters in other ways. Last but not least, the aim of this work was to find out how all these factors are related to the negative phenomena of the achievement motivation, such as burnout or dropout from sport. Methods: The research was conducted using a quantitative questionnaire, which was composed of four standardized questionnaires, in their Czech versions, which are used in...
The influence of psychological safety on the motivation and personal engagement of workers in social services in Domov Maxov
Stříbrný, Martin ; Krejčí, Jiří (advisor) ; Bosá, Monika (referee)
Diplomová práce cílí na klima psychické bezpečnosti a možnou souvislost s motivací a osobní angažovaností pracovníků v sociálních službách v jedné organizaci poskytující sociální služby dospělým lidem se zdravotním handicapem. Hlavní text diplomové práce je tvořen teoretickou a praktickou částí, přičemž teoretická část se zaměřuje na definování a vymezení pracovních uskupení a návazně pak klimatu psychické bezpečnosti ve spojitosti s pracovním prostředím, dále pak vymezení pojmů motivace a osobní angažovanost. V praktické části diplomové práce jsou vyhodnocena data získaná prostřednictvím kvantitativního dotazníkového šetření v organizaci poskytující čtyři druhy sociálních služeb. Sociální službu Chráněné bydlení, Sociálně terapeutické dílny, Domov pro osoby se zdravotním postižením a Domov se zvláštním režimem. Dotazníkového šetření se účastnilo celkem 29 pracovníků v sociálních službách této organizace. Dotazník zkoumal klima psychické bezpečnosti v daných sociálních službách. Polostrukturované rozhovory se zaměřují na odhalení souvislostí mezi klimatem psychické bezpečnosti, motivací a angažovaností zaměstnanců pracujících v sociálních službách v rámci jedné organizace. Rozhovorů se účastnili vždy dva zástupci z každé sociální služby. Výsledky výzkumného šetření poukázaly na souvislost mezi...
The process of forming pre-election coalitions for the 2021 parliamentary elections and the motivation of the parties to cooperate
Volt, Adam ; Brunclík, Miloš (advisor) ; Stauber, Jakub (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the formation of pre-election coalitions at the turn of 2020 and 2021. The second theme is the motivation of individual parties to cooperate. The election of 2021 was famous for the phenomenon of pre-election coalitions. In the pre-election time, five opposition parties were cooperating - ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09, Pirates, and STAN. From which two alliances were formed, which proceeded together. There was a significant reduction in the highly fragmented relevant opposition scene. Eventually, also the victory of one of the coalitions in the election and these coalitions created a new government. The information is based on coalition agreements, media statements of key party politicians, and semi-structured interviews conducted by the author. The thesis seeks answers to why the individual parties joined the coalition or, for example, what role the chairs of the coalition parties played in the whole process. Another goal of the thesis is the method of induction to create a basis for the classification of motivations. This classification of parties according to their motives led them to join the coalition.

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