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Burnout Syndrome in Professional Team Sports
Halbichová, Adéla ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Janák, Vladimír (referee)
Název: Burnout Syndrome in Professional Team Sports Cíle: The aim of this study is to assess a prevalence of burnout syndrome and engagement in team professional sports and explore relationships between burnout and engagement and social resources and demands produced by teammates, coaches, and global sport environment and other selected variables (motivation, perfectionism etc.). Metody: The research was carried out by means of an electronic survey. The questionnaire was constructed from 7 separate questionnaires, each focusing on one of the selected predictors of burnout and engagement. It was distributed to professional male and female players of volleyball (extra-league), hockey (Chance League and 2nd League) and handball (extra-league). A total of 102 professional athletes participated in the study. The obtained data were processed using descriptive statistics and correlation and regression analysis. Výsledky: The results provide an overview of the relationships between burnout and engagement and the selected predictors, which are types of motivation, effort goals, perfectionism, coach-created motivational climate, and team cohesion. The general assumptions of the relationships of engagement and intrinsic motivation, and conversely burnout with extrinsic motivation and its related introjected...
Sport motivation in competitive rhytmic gymnasts
Horová, Eliška ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Sport motivation in competitive rhythmic gymnasts Objectives: The main aim is to investigate the commitment to sport in rhythmic gymnasts at the performance level at different age categories and the relationships between commitment and different forms of motivation. Based on the results obtained, to make recommendations for coaches. Methods: The research was conducted using a quantitative method with an online questionnaire survey. 91 modern gymnasts from the West Bohemia region, mostly practicing sports at the performance level, participated in the research. The questionnaire battery was divided into four parts according to the sub- questionnaires. The first one measured the female athletes' involvement in the sport using the Athlete Engagement Questionnaire. The second questionnaire addressed team cohesion using "The Youth Sport Environment Questionnaire". The third questionnaire investigated what is the motivational climate created by the coach based on ,,Empowering and Disempowering Motivational Climate Questionnaire-Coach". The last questionnaire in this section measured goal orientation using the ,,Perception of Achievements Questionnaire". Results: The results show significant relationships between motivational constructs and motivational climate and sports engagement in modern...
Summer Camps from the Instructors' Point of View
The thesis deals with instructors at summer camps. The main aim of the thesis is to try to find out, through qualitative interviews, what motivates counselors to continue to be involved as camp counselors. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the pedagogy of leisure and leisure time, the theoretical part introduces summer camps, their staff and the concept of motivation. The research part deals with the research question itself. In this part, four stories obtained through individual interviews with camp counselors are analysed. The analysis of the stories was conducted in the form of narrative-oriented research using two of its perspectives that range in content.
Students' sport activities and their family background
JIROUT, Vladimír
The aim of this bachelor's thesis was to investigate similar trends in the families of informants regarding sports. We compared individual responses and found matches in some cases. In the theoretical part, basic concepts were explained, and we focused on children of older school-age. We were also interested in the family background in relation to child upbringing and parenting styles within the family. In the third chapter, we paid attention to motivation and attitudes towards sports activities. In the practical part, we conducted interviews with children from two selected schools, totalling eight informants. To maintain anonymity, codes were assigned to all participants. We use the codes to refer to the participants in our discussions. We processed and compared the individual responses and identified common trends, which are summarized in the final discussion. One of the interviews can be found in the attachment listing.
Educational computer game, its creation and use use teaching of thematic unit Water
NOVÁK, Zbyněk
The thesis deals with the creation and use of an educational computer game in teaching the thematic unit Water in the teaching of inorganic chemistry at the second level of primary schools. The aim is to convey selected knowledge to pupils in an attractive form, or to practice this knowledge, to develop inter-subject relations, to activate pupils and to strengthen their key competences by means of didactic procedure. The game story takes place in the environment of the town of Mariánské Lázně. The player is continuously introduced to the geographical and historical attractions of this location. Due to the storyline's connection to a specific location, the educational process is in line with the principles of place-based learning. The theoretical part consists of an analysis of the literature on the topic of place-based learning and STEM subjects. The acquired knowledge represents the theoretical framework of the practical part, where a description of the created game and verification of its use in pedagogical practice is presented. The research was conducted in a questionnaire form.
Evaluation and remuneration in the shop
The bachelor thesis is about the system for evaluating and rewarding employees in the field of trade. Within the theoretical part, assessment, its types, principles and procedures are defined. It also defines the remuneration, options and ways of remuneration and theoretical knowledge relating to this subject from which it continues to be drawn in the processing of the practical part. In addition to theoretical information, the practical part is based on its questionnaire investigation, which anonymously examined the terms and conditions relating to the evaluation and remuneration of employees in shops with different orientations. Finally, the evaluation of the research is enriched with its recommendation drawn up based on the identified shortcomings.
Demotivating Factors in Educational Reality And their Impact on Students
In bachelor thesis on Demotivating Factors in Educational Reality and Their Impact on Students, I am dealing with factors which subjectively demotivated students during their studies. These are factors based on educational reality but also from reality apart from it. Respondents are selected from among students of the field pedagogy of leisure time. The aim of the bachelor work is to point out the problematics of demotivation factors within university students and get to know how educational reality impacted the motivation of the students (particularly my respondents) within studying. Subsequent summary of demotivation factors, aknowledge of how the demotivational factors impacted students psyché and process of their studies of pedagogy of the leisure time. The main outcome of this bachelor thesis are the problems of five particular respondents - students. In practical part of work I focus on their statements from our interviews. Theoretical part of work is for better understanding of the statements of the respondents with help of particular elemental terms.
Use the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment at special educators in South Bohemia region
BERANOVÁ, Veronika
The thesis deals with the use of Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment by school special educators working in the South Bohemia region. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment is used by the addressed special educators. The research was carried out by qualitative research through semi-structured interviews. The interviews were conducted with five special educators working in the South Bohemia region who are trained in the Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment. The results of the research are divided into three parts. The first part focuses on the motivation for training, the second part focuses on the use of the Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment by the interviewed special educators in practice, and the third and final part describes their perspective on the process of training in this method. The results of the research show that the Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment finds its use among the special educators interviewed when working with pupils with different types of special educational needs, who make noticeable progress after its application. The research may serve to motivate other special educators to be trained in this method.
Improving the company's employee remuneration system
FIŽOVÁ, Veronika
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of improving the employee remuneration system of a selected business entity. Specifically, it concerns ČSOB and the branch Nám. Fr. Křižík 348/1 390 01 in Tábor. The aim of the presented work is to propose appropriate measures leading to the improvement of the remuneration system of the company. Data collection is based on observation and questionnaire survey. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part focuses on the most important concepts in the field of employee remuneration and motivation. It defines the key laws, decrees and regulations related to employee remuneration. The second part analyses the results of employee effectiveness and satisfaction with the reward system. Based on the findings, the thesis concludes with an evaluation of the data and subsequent suggestions for measures that will ensure reform in the ČSOB branch's reward system.
Benefits system in the selected sector
CHVÁLOVÁ, Kristýna
The main aim of the bachelor thesis was to analyse and evaluate the system of benefits in the social services sector and to propose possible alternatives. For the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis it was necessary to study the literature and explain the basic concepts drawn from this literature. The research method chosen was a questionnaire survey. Sufficient data was collected for the research to analyse and evaluate the results. The data was divided and the public and private social service system was evaluated in terms of benefits. The data was further analyzed using Statistica software by using correlation analysis and T-test. The evaluation of the questionnaire showed that social service employees are more likely to be dissatisfied with their benefits. The range of benefits in social services proved to be inadequate, especially in the frequency of benefits offered. In the evaluation of the public and private social services sector, the public social services sector performed better in terms of benefits. In the private social services sector, employees are dissatisfied with benefits. At the end of the paper, solutions and possible alternatives to improve satisfaction with benefits in social services are suggested.

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