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Values of alternative religiosity with contemporary young people
This bachelor's thesis deals with the subject of what values alternative religiosity brings to contemporary Czech youth. Traditional religion in the Czech Republic is on the decline, being replaced by new forms of alternative religiosity. The Bachelor's thesis first explains terms, such as faith, atheism, spirituality and religiosity, which is further divided into institutionalized and alternative forms. Using a qualitative research, the practical part of the Bachelor's thesis strives to find and describe factors which affect religious beliefs of young people to better understand how they perceive and relate to religion, faith and spirituality. A semi-structured interview method was used to collect data from a total of 15 participants aged 15-18. The analysis of the collected data was performed using the grounded theory research method to provide comprehensive insight of how alternative religion affects the perception of values of Czech youth.
Creation and verification of coerver training for the development of technical skills in older players
VOLF, Matěj
This thesis deals with the development of a training program according to the principles of the Coerver method for football players aged 9-11 years. It also aims to verify the effectiveness of this program on the development of technical skills in comparison with conventional training methods for this age group. A paired technical skill test and a 1-on-1 game situation test were used to test the effectiveness. Half of the probands incorporated the Coerver Method into their training for five weeks. The other group trained in the conventional way. After this training period, when the Coerver training plan was applied, both groups were tested again, and the results were compared with the initial measurement. The results speak positively in favour of Coerver training. In the final test, the players who had it implemented in their training were on average 2.8 seconds faster and committed on average 3 fewer errors than in the initial testing. Conversely, the group continuing with regular training worsened their average time by 0.2 seconds and committed only 0.3 fewer errors on average than in the initial test. In one-on-one situations in the attacking position, the Coerver group initially averaged 2.4 successful attempts out of 5 attempts, but after applying the training program, they averaged 3.6 successful attempts out of 5 attempts. The second group improved in this statistic by an average of only 0.2 successful attempts out of 5 during the period under review, from an initial 2.1 to 2.3 successful dribbles.
The level of a generic motor coordination of football players aged 6 - 11 old.
Červený, Martin ; Kokštejn, Jakub (advisor) ; Vampola, Jindřich (referee)
Title: The level of a generic motor coordination of football players aged 6 - 11 old. Purpose: The aim of this bachelor thesis was to determine the level of generic motor coordination in the football categories (6-11 years old). At the same time, we assessed the significance of group differences. Methods: Total of 90 players of SK Slavia Praha born between 2011 and 2016 were involved in the research (U6 n=10, age = 6,0 ± 0,3; U7 n=14, age = 7,2 ± 0,2; U8 n=13, age = 8,0 ± 0,3; U9 n=19, age = 9,1 ± 0,3; U10 n=18, age = 10,2 ± 0,6; U11 n=18, age = 11,2 ± 0,2). The level of a generic motor coordination was assessed using the KTK test battery (Kiphard, Schilling, 2007). The observational method in the form of field testing was used for the data collection. Coefficient of substantive significance called Hedges' g was used to assess the significance of differences between categories. Results: In the results, it was found that between 19% to 54% of the players scored in the top category of "highly above average" in the KTK motor test. At least 80% of the players achieved performance in the top two categories of "highly above average + above average". The U9 category had the highest representation of the highest rating of Highly Above Average (53%) and the U10 category had the lowest representation - only...
Working with Floorball's Talented Youth in Czech Floorball
Bihuš, Martin ; Běhanová, Michaela (advisor) ; Dragounová, Zuzana (referee)
Title: The work with talented youth in the Czech floorball Objectives: The aim of this work is to reflect on management of talented youth in the association called Czech floorball, which is the representative and organizer of floorball in the Czech Republic and processing of course of the camp. Methods: In my thesis I used the observational method of direct observation for the most part. I also applied methods of theoretical knowledge, analysis and research of Czech and foreign literature. Results: Reflection on management of talented youth, that is based on participation at the camp for talented youth. The course of the camp was created and processed with mainly focusing on the main parts of the training units. Keywords: Floorball, talent, youth, Czech floorball, coach, training units.
Benefits of volunteering from the perspective of teenagers in a membership organisation: a qualitative study
Smrečani, Martina ; Pospíšilová, Tereza (advisor) ; Frič, Pavol (referee)
This thesis explores teenage volunteering and examines the benefits of volunteering and factors affecting teenage volunteering. The thesis aims to explore the topic of formal teenage volunteering, focusing primarily on the perceived benefits of volunteering, the lived experience of volunteering and the factors that influence volunteering. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a insight into the topic of youth volunteering, discusses the specification of a teeanger and a member of Generation Z, and reviews motivations the motivations for volunteering and the personal and social benefits of youth volunteering. The empirical part of the thesis consists of focus group analysis, in-depth semi-structured interviews with teenage volunteers of the Hnutí Brontosaurus and documents of the membership organisation. By exploring this phenomenon and conducting my own research, I would like to contribute to the promotion of long-term volunteering and a positive lifestyle as a teen volunteer.
Media literacy in the digital age: Ethnic and national stereotypes in the media and their impact on high school youth
Truhlářová, Jana ; Kárníková, Lydie (advisor) ; Lütke Notarp, Ulrike (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the influence of the media on youth and explores it through the focus on ethnic and national stereotypes in the media. Through a quantitative method of questionnaire survey distributed among high school students in the Karviná region, it examines the ways of media consumption, experiences with media representation of ethnic and national minorities, as well as attitudes towards the represented reality. It also examines how students themselves perceive the influence of the media and what media and digital literacy tools they are aware of themselves. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the current state of media influence on youth, ethnic and national stereotype theory and digital literacy. The practical part is devoted to the analysis and presentation of the results of the questionnaire survey.
Types of religiosity of Czech youth
This study examines the religiosity of Czech youth. The theoretical framework delves into the nuances of religiosity, its various types, and the factors that influence its manifestation. It also elucidates the historical underpinnings of secularization in the Czech Republic and provides insight into the contemporary attitudes of Czech youth towards religion. Furthermore, it explores the concept of adolescence, detailing the religious socialization process within families, as well as the prevalence of atheism among Czech youth. The empirical aspect of the research investigates the typologies of religiosity among university students through a qualitative approach involving semi-structured interviews. The findings provide an interpretation of the attitudes of adolescents towards religion and their experiences with the supernatural.
Computer graphics in leisure education
VOLFOVÁ, Terezie
The thesis deals with the formation of an educational course focusing on vector graphics in the context of leisure activities. The course aims to learn how to use the essential tools and functions in the graphics program Adobe Illustrator. Understand how the vector program and the vector itself work and the uses of vector graphics. The theoretical part introduces the terms leisure, leisure pedagogy, youth, leisure activities, art education, vector graphics, colors, and formats. The practical part focuses on the course, where participants learn to create in a vector program during three sessions.

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