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The impact of JUMP Summer Camp on the authentic Christian experience and personal growth of young people
Škáchová, Barbora ; Přibyl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Zimmermannová, Marie (referee)
The impact of JUMP Summer Camp on the authentic Christian experience and personal growth of young people The topic of this thesis is the pastoral care of young people. Specifically, it looks at the pastoral methods used at Jump Christian Summer Camps. These camps have been held regularly for over twenty years, and over time the organizers have sought to respond to the needs of the youth so that the Good News can be effectively communicated to them, so that the youth can respond, and follow Jesus Christ in freedom. The work describes the pastoral methods used, comparing them with the teachings of the Church. It explores their compatibility with contemporary magisterium and provides a theological reflection on them. It goes on to examine whether these camps are really fulfilling their vision, whether they are helping young people to have an authentic Christian experience, and whether their camp experience is bringing about concrete spiritual and personal growth. Through longitudinal research, it looks at which pastoral methods most appeal to young people. The research also reveals in which areas young people experience growth at JUMP and the extent to which this growth is observable in the longer term.
Ethical principles of mentoring as social support of young people
Walters, Ester ; Červenková, Denisa (advisor) ; Zimmermannová, Marie (referee)
Youth mentoring involves matching a young person who may be experiencing social, economic, or personal challenges with a volunteer mentor who serves as a positive role model, providing guidance, support, and encouragement. The mentoring relationship usually lasts for a specific period, such as a year or more, and may involve regular meetings or activities between the mentor and mentee. The goal of youth mentoring is to assist young people in developing the skills, confidence and resilience they need to overcome obstacles, challenges and achieve their full potential. This diploma thesis explores the ethics of mentoring, specifically in the context of formal youth mentoring. The primary focus of the work is centered around ethical aspects of mentoring as a means of providing social support to young individuals who are facing social exclusion. The main objective of this thesis is to examine how mentoring can provide positive social support to young individuals during times of transition, taking into account the ethical principles of mentoring and the impact of relationships on the well-being of mentored youth. The thesis aims to explore the various ways in which mentoring can be beneficial, while also considering the potential ethical risks such as power imbalances and boundary violations.
Accompanying patients in hospitals
Zemanová, Radka ; Zimmermannová, Marie (advisor) ; Prokeš, Josef (referee)
The thesis "Counselling the Sick in Hospital" deals with the issue of hospital chaplaincy in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part defines key terms (illness, accompaniment, hospital chaplain), describes the challenges of the sick, addresses the question of their value and the meaning of life during illness, and describes the stages of coping with illness. The theological excursion deals with love from a biblical perspective and concludes with a chapter on the meaning of suffering. The empirical part consists of an analysis of articles on hospital chaplaincy, primarily interviews with chaplains. The topics from the interviews were sorted by frequency into chapters (introducing the service, prejudices, death, covid, etc.), in which chaplains express their opinions from various perspectives, which complement each other, and from which a media image of chaplaincy in the Czech Republic can be assembled. The results of their testimonies are summarized in the conclusion of the thesis.
Spiritual Accompaniment with Dying People and Palliative Patiens
Cehová, Beata ; Přibyl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Zimmermannová, Marie (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Spiritual accompaniment about dying and palliative patients" deals with the spiritual care and approach of a seriously ill patient, is not only his body and social environment but especially his soul. Although modern secularized society is technologically advanced, despite these facts, the spiritual need in our health care system is minimally themed. This is more concerned of palliative care and the care of the dying, where the goal is no longer the cure of the disease, but the treatment of pain, the symptoms of the disease and the accompaniment to a reconciled departure from this world. My work deals with these questions in more detail and clarifies which spiritual approach is possible to calm the patient through believe and how it is possible to mature spiritually even in unmanageable moments.
The life and mission of a catechist sisters of Maria Laetitia Milada Popelova, OSU
Škerenčáková, Jolana ; Zimmermannová, Marie (advisor) ; Přibyl, Stanislav (referee)
Život a poslání katechetky S. Marie Laetitie Milady Popelové, OSU Jolana Škerenčáková ABSTRAKT: The central idea of this bachelor's thesis is the personality, life and mission of Sister Maria Laetitia Milada Popelova from the Order of Saint Voršila. The thesis focuses mainly on the period when she could devote herself to catechetical and pastoral activities. The thesis will reflect on her approach based on developments in the Catholic Church in the field of catechesis. Testimonies of witnesses and chronicles of the sisters of the Order of Saint Voršila will be used during the research. The first chapter deals with catechesis and its development, especially during the period of active activity of Sister Laetitia in this area. It reflects the state of catechesis based on the work of Sister Consilia Nováková from the Order of St. Voršila. Both sisters worked in essentially the same period and in the same community of Voršila sisters, only the places sometimes passed. The second source for learning about the state and perspective of catechesis at the time of the sisters' work are church documents. Approaches are formulated from them, with which I will compare the work of Sister Laetitia Milady Popelová. In the second chapter, the life of Sister Laetitia Milady Popelova is presented based on her biographical...
The view of contemporary Christians on superstition
Šindelářová, Markéta ; Zimmermannová, Marie (advisor) ; Přibyl, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis is based on the experience of the author with various approaches of today's Christians to popular piety and superstitions in the context of their life and faith. At he beginning of the text questions are raised concerning maturity of these Christians' faith. In order to facilitate answers materials were gathered and processed for reflection such as: examples of accepted superstitions and practiced manifestations of popular piety; similar behaviours recorded in the Holy Writ; statements of the teaching authority of the Church regarding superstitions and popular piety manifestations; results of the theological field of catechetics concerning maturing in faith and its support in catechesis. The main method of solving the questions is a qualitative research using a questionnaire. The core of the thesis is the analysis of answers that are put into context of understanding maturity in faith and impulses for catechesis - catechesis being the instrument of the Church for promoting religious education aiming at maturity in faith.
Pastoral meeting with parents requesting the baptism of a child based on documents of the Magisterium for the Pastoral of Sacraments in the precinct Kolín
Červený, Martin ; Přibyl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Zimmermannová, Marie (referee)
The theses deals with the theme of pastoral meeting with parents requesting the baptism of a child, based on documents of the Magisterium for the Pastoral of Sacraments in the Vicariate of Kolín. The first part of the thesis deals with the most important documents of the Magisterium and the Pope Francis' speeches on the baptism of children. The aim of the second part of the theses is to investigate the state of putting the recommendations of the Magisterium's documents into practice in the Vicariate of Kolín. The research method is structured interview with the individual vicars of the vicariate. The data were classified into ten thematic areas. The final evaluation identifies the problems related to the implementation of the magisterium's documents into practice. The evaluation also proposes recommendations to address the problematic issues.
The formation of catechists in the Czech and Moravian dioceses (1990-2015)
Bartoňová, Eliška ; Dřímal, Ludvík (advisor) ; Zimmermannová, Marie (referee)
The dissertation entitled "Formation of the catechists laymen in the Czech and Moravian dioceses (1990 - 2015)" focuses on the development of the formation of lay catechists in Czech and Moravian dioceses in the last twenty five years. With a view to the official catholic documents referring to the formation of lay catechists, this work is aimed to evaluate the fundamental and lifelong formation of catechists in particular dioceses. The dissertation is based on a combined research consisting of inquiries, which are being answered due to a solid insight into documents of dioceses, internal documents of diocesan catechetical centres as well as surveys and interviews with heads of catechetical centres and witnesses of the historical activity of these centres. The practical part contains charts. Final part of the dissertation indicates advantages of this work which can be used in future following research on the subject of formation of lay catechists in the Czech Republic. Keywords catechists - fundamental formation - lifelong formation - diocesan catechetical centre - service - education
Preevangelizational and evangelizational aspect of the project Night of Churches
Šatánková, Radana ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Zimmermannová, Marie (referee)
The thesis investigates the Night of Churches schedules in selected parishes of the Prague Archdiocese in years 2011-2013. It also deals with the principles, procedures and methods of evangelization. The terms related to the above mentioned are defined. Additionally, part of the thesis aims to introduce the objectives and developments of the Night of Churches project not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The practical part of the work classifies three consecutive years of the event according to their characteristics and the outcome is subsequently compared and analysed with regard to the challenges that arise in front of the Church during pre-evangelization and evangelization. Keywords Night of Churches, church, preevangelization, evangelization
Verbum Domini as inspiration for the meeting the Bible
Souradová, Marie ; Zimmermannová, Marie (advisor) ; Dřímal, Ludvík (referee)
The thesis deals with the creation of the methodology of holding Bible discussion meetings for adults in the parish of Žamberk. The theoretical section focuses on the importance of the Bible in the life of a Christian and finds its resources in the documents of the Magisterium of the Church, especially in the Apostolic Exhortation Verbum Domini and in the dogmatic constitution Dei Verbum. The thesis selects the criteria for catechesis with the Bible from the documents. The objective of the project is to create its own methodology for a particular group of adult believers from the parish of Žamberk. When creating the metodology, results of a probe from other parishes are taken into account. The methodology is tested and its evaluation is based on the feedback of the participants. Keywords methodology, Bible, parish, Verbum Domini, Christian

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