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The effect of a first aid course on the disgust level
Váňová, Barbora ; Kuba, Radim (advisor) ; Dlouhá, Daniela (referee)
Disgust is an affective component of the behavioral immune system. The behavioral immune system is a set of psychological mechanisms that help the body to protect itself against pathogens and other potential risk factors, thus influences the life of an individual in a wide range of situations. An example of such a situation might be the provision of first aid. First aid is an important part of the process of saving a person's life and, if provided correctly and in a timely manner, can significantly improve the course of treatment in hospital care. Disgust is one of the factors that can reduce or inhibit the willingness to provide first aid. However, there is a lack of research evidence on whether and how first aid courses specifically modify perceptions of disgust. Therefore, we decided to focus on this fact in the present study. The study was conducted through questionnaire survey before, after and one month after the first aid course. The respondents were in the experimental group participants of first aid courses organized at the Faculty of Science of Charles University and in the control group participants of other, non-first aid related courses. Purpose-designed questionnaires focused on previous experience with first aid, evaluation of the distastefulness of the tasks performed on the course,...
Tennis injuries and their prevention
Zapský, Kryštof ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dragounová, Zuzana (referee)
Title: Tennis injuries and prevention strategies Aim: The aim of the first (theoretical) part of my Bachelor thesis is to compile a summary of the most up-to-date information about the most common tennis injuries, their causes and prevention options in tennis players based on professional literature. The aim of the second (practical) part is to find out through individual in-depth interviews what injuries selected professional tennis players face and what their prevention is against the occurrence of possible injuries. Methods: This Bachelor thesis is done in the form of an overview study, which can be found in the first part of the thesis and analyzes relevant professional literature on the most common tennis injuries and their prevention. The bachelor's thesis is to look into the issue of tennis injuries and injury prevention through in-depth interviews given to us by professional tennis players. All the players who gave me interviews are active professional tennis players. Results: Most of these players report upper extremity injuries such as fatigue fractures of the wrist, rotator cuff tears, shoulder impingement syndrome, elbow injuries or inflammation in the hand. When it comes to injury prevention, players agree on the importance of lifestyle and regular sleep, which should occur at the same...
Teoretické znalosti žáků z první předlékařské pomoci
Vlnová, Karolína
The bachelor's thesis deals with the determination of the theoretical knowledge of secondary school students from first pre-medical assistance. The aim of the theoretical part of the thesis is to define first aid, describe the procedure of pre-medical first aid for individual life-threatening conditions, summarize the inclusi-on of first aid teaching in RVP and the characteristics of didactic tests. The practi-cal part is devoted to research at the chosen high school. A didactic test is used to determine the theoretical knowledge of fourth graders. At the end of the ba-chelor's thesis, an analysis of the results and their evaluation is given.
Factors related to injuries in elite football players
Trunec, Lubomír ; Malá, Lucia (advisor) ; Zahálka, František (referee)
Title: Factors related to injuries in elite football players. Objective: The aim of the study was to identify factors related to the most common injuries in football based on available professional literature, articles, and studies, summarize the latest findings in this area, and provide an overview of the prevention of these injuries. Methods: This work was based on a systematic review of relevant literature, including both international and Czech books, scientific articles, and studies. Renowned databases such as Web of Science, Google Scholar, PubMed, GoogleBooks were used to find relevant sources. Key words and their synonyms were employed for efficient search of scientific articles, studies, and meta-analyses from which knowledge was drawn. Czech literature sources were also utilized to ensure a broad and balanced foundation of information. Results: Within the bachelor's thesis focusing on the causes of injuries in elite football, detailed analyses and studies were conducted. The aim of the thesis was to identify and evaluate the main factors and mechanisms contributing to the occurrence of injuries in professional football players. The research showed that increased workload during training and matches is one of the main factors leading to injuries in football players. Intensive physical...
Analysis of the most common injuries among the players of floorball aged 7-18 and the influence of the compensatory methods on their prevention
Zakonov, Filip ; Vomáčková, Helena (advisor) ; Žáková, Lenka (referee)
Author: Bc. Filip Zakonov Supervisor: PhDr. Helena Vomáčková, Ph.D. Title: Analysis of the most common injuries among the players of floorball aged 7-18 and the influence of the compensatory methods on their prevention. Objectives: The main aim of this thesis is to analyse the most common injuries among young people who regularly play floorball and find out the effect of the intervention of a physiotherapist or the application of compensatory exercises in the training process on the incidence of injuries. It is also important to compare the availability of physiotherapists for individual youth teams and whether the provided care is sufficient to prevent injuries. Furthermore, the aim is to verify whether the most affected segment even among floorball youth is the ankle joint, which in studies focused on the adult category has repeatedly emerged as the most frequently injured area of all parts of the body. Moreover, my effort is to evaluate the most common causes of injuries - whether a collision with another player is more probable risk factor than an injury caused by one's own fault. Methods: The special part consists of a study that was conducted using a non- standardized questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was sent deliberately in an electronic form to all clubs in the Czech Republic via the...
The effect of the compensation program on the reduction of muscle imbalances for football players U17 and U19
Kopecký, David ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: The effect of the compensation program on the reduction of muscle imbalances for football players U17 and U19 Objectives: The objective of this study is to design and test the effect of a set of compensatory exercises for U17 and U19 soccer players that will lead to a reduction in muscle imbalances. Methods: The theoretical part used content analysis of documents and other scientific publications discussing muscle imbalances in football players. In the practical part, an entrance diagnosis was performed to detect muscle imbalances. In the practical part of the study 38 players (boys) of the U17 and U19 category of the MFK Chrudim football club were included. Both categories (U17 and U19) were divided into two groups, the intervention group and the control group. The probands were tested with a standardized protocol according to the muscle test according to Janda (2004). The rating scales were also taken from these tests. Furthermore, the testing was completed with tests according to Kolar (2009), focusing on the deep stabilization system (diaphragm test, intra-abdominal pressure test) and joint mobility of the lower limbs in the form of a deep squat test. Other tests used were the Thomayer test, deep- seated forward bending according to the test battery: the Unifittest (6-60), and an...
Possibilities of Physiotherapy for Irish Dancers
This bachelor thesis explores the possibilities of physiotherapy for Irish dancers. Irish dance is a folkloric dance originating from Ireland. It has developed into a competitive sport where there is a strong emphasis on technical dance execution and posture (Wallace, 2020). The dance is performed on tiptoe in shoes with minimal support. Typically, there is rapid alternation of the lower limbs and high lunges with impact on the extended lower limb in plantar flexion. Starting dance positions with the right lower limb extended in front of the body and the weight on the left lower limb place high demands on the dancers' musculoskeletal system, putting them at risk of injury (Buck, 2012). The first aim of this research was to describe musculoskeletal difficulties of Irish dancers. The second aim was to design compensatory exercises based on the described difficulties and the third aim was to evaluate the results of the applied compensatory exercises on the musculoskeletal system of Irish dancers. The theoretical part summarizes the history of Irish dance, Irish dance music, types of dance and dance shoes. The specifics of Irish dance, the most common injuries of Irish dancers, and the ideal structure of dance training are described. Methods that can be used in therapy are also mentioned. The practical part took the form of qualitative research with 3 probands, non-professional Irish dancers. The results are presented in the form of case studies, where an initial kinesiological examination was performed on all probands and therapy was proposed, which took the form of 8 individual therapies and home self-therapy for 3 months. Subsequently, an exit kinesiological examination was performed and the results of the research were evaluated by comparison with the entry kinesiological examination. It was found that the most problematic parts of the Irish dancers were weakened hip stabilizers, insufficient trunk stabilization, insufficient activation of the foot muscles and weakened lower scapular fixators. The thesis can be used as an informative and educational material for dancers and trainers of Irish dance, or for the public interested in this issue.
Injuries caused by unilateral loading in tennis
Zmátlová, Anežka ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Name: Injuries caused by unilateral loading in tennis Elaborated by: Anežka Zmátlová Thesis supervisor: Mgr. Tomáš Kočíb Aims of the thesis: To identify the most common injuries associated with unilateral loading in tennis and subsequently propose a stack of compensatory exercises. Methods of data processing: Document analysis was used in the thesis using a systematic method and knowledge from a literature search. Results of the work: Based on the literature search, information and knowledge from scientific and professional sources were obtained concerning the issue of unilateral loading in tennis and compensatory exercises. Based on this knowledge, a stack of compensatory exercises was compiled, which includes relaxation, stretching and strengthening exercises. The result of this work is a practical tool for tennis players and coaches to actively work on preventing unilateral loading and reducing the risk of injury. The results of this work have the potential to contribute to a better understanding of unilateral loading in tennis and the importance of compensatory exercises. Overall, the thesis provides a comprehensive approach to the issue of injuries caused by unilateral loading in tennis. Keywords: Unilateral loading, compensatory exercises, injuries, tennis
Prevention of health risks among volleyball and beach volleyball players
Drahorádová, Olga ; Carboch, Jan (advisor) ; Žáková, Lenka (referee)
Title: Injuries in volleyball and beach volleyball and their prevention Objectives: The main goal of this diploma thesis is to compare the most common injuries in volleyball and beach volleyball in the Czech Republic and to find out their experience of subsequent recovery. Another goal is to find out what injury prevention athletes use and what experience they have with physiotherapy. Methods: Data were used from a non-standardized questionnaire which was filled out by Czech players of volleyball and beach volleyball. The obtained data were processed by software Microsoft Excel into tables and graphs. The questionnaire was completed by a total of 102 respondents. Results: It was evaluated that the highest frequency of injuries is found in the area of the ankle, knee joints and fingers in volleyball players. Conversely, beach players have a most injuries in the area of the lumbar spine and shoulder joints. They most often use kinesio tape of the compensatory aids and massage is the most popular from the forms of regeneration. Keywords: injuries, questionnaire, physiotherapy, Czech Republic
Role of physiotherapy in preventing injuries of floorball players
Bakosová, Natálie ; Táborská, Silvie (advisor) ; Kozel, Jakub (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Natálie Bakosová Supervisor: Mgr. Silvie Táborská Title: Role of physiotherapy in preventing injuries of floorball players Abstract: This theoretical-practical thesis focuses on the role of physiotherapy in preventing injuries by floorball players. The theoretical part consists of 6 various topics. The first topic is a general introduction to this sport, its history, rules, and course. The second topic focuses on the analysis of movement aspects typical for this sport, and the third one evaluates the impact of floorball on the musculoskeletal system. Next, the issue of the most common injuries in floorball and their causes are introduced. The fifth topic concentrates on the possibilities of prevention of injuries. The last topic is the role of physiotherapy and its application for intervention in preventing injuries in floorball. The practical part has two aims. The primary one is to create a modified neuromuscular training program (inspired by a Finnish study by Pasanen et al. (2008b)) which is subsequently applied to the players. The program is used as a physiotherapist intervention for the prevention of injuries. The practical use of this program was tested in three case reports of players from the floorball team TJ Sokol Dobříš. The secondary aim is to map the presence...

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