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Basketball in the PE on the high school
Martínková, Anna ; Velenský, Michael (advisor) ; Jurková, Kateřina (referee)
Title: Basketball as a part of high school sports Objectives: The main objective of this work is to determine current students' perception of sports classes, in particular of basketball practices. The aim is to focus on their views on individual exercises and to use their feedback to modify the class plan so that it is more appealing to the students. Methods: A high school in Prague 6 was used as a test subject. Data were collected using an on-line questionnaire which was sent to all students. The data were subsequently analyzed and the results are presented in a graphical form. Results: The results are based on an on-line questionnaire. They show that more than a half of the questioned high school students favors ball games. However, basketball does not belong to the most popular ones. Shooting practices turned out to be the favorite type of basketball practices, while passing was the least prefered one. Keywords: didactics, basketball, appercetion interaction, class blocks
Bulimia and anorexia, psychiatric affairs, or genetic determinations?
Barešová, Markéta ; Hubáček, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Jurková, Kateřina (referee)
Bachelor thesis is covering eating disorders and it root cases namely anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Theoretical part describes those two disorders in details and their diagnostics within MKN-10 and DSM-5. Following is description of nutrition indicators related to disorders, it's anamnesis and physical examination. The main cases of eating disorder are described in detail including the key risk factors. Thesis than highlights known treatment methods and its successful rate and points out possibility of relapse. Prevention is also covered as well. Practical part focus on research realized via quantitative questionnaire method evaluating current level of knowledge of general population related to eating disorders and nutrition. Thesis points out the general public is aware and informed however lacking the latest data and findings. Research identified gap mainly in general public ability navigate and understand compilation of disorder impact.
Practical aspects of high-carbohydrate dieting in top sport
Jurková, Kateřina ; Vítek, Libor (advisor) ; Kovářová, Lenka (referee)
Topic: Practical aspects of high-carbohydrate dieting in top sport The topic of this thesis is sports nutrition. After a comprehensive summary of current scientific and generally accepted guidelines, the practical part is based on an example of the current state of sports nutrition in one concrete men's basketball team. Subsequently, the practical part combines the knowledge of theory and results of diet analysis of the current nutritional status in the team. The aim of the analytical part of the thesis was to find out the individual and subsequently average data of the monitored file through the registration of weekly eating diaries, both in terms of macro and micronutrients. These data were statistically processed using the program Sportvital-Nutrition (, whose database contains the most comperhensive information about the composition of individual foods and meals, allowing analysis of up to 30 nutritional parameters. The main aim of the application part of the thesis was to design and calculate a sample menu for seven whole days for top athletes based on predetermined and defined criteria based on theoretical background and analysis of collected eating diaries. These criteria were to follow the principles of healthy nutrition, i.e. primarily the variety, regularity and...
Interpretation of violations and offesive fouls in the youth basketbal
Musil, Jan ; Velenský, Michael (advisor) ; Jurková, Kateřina (referee)
Title: Interpretation of the occurence turnovers in youth basketbal in Czech republic. Objectives: Our goal is to assess the degree forced and unforced turnovers in basketball matches in two age categories. Our assumption is that the in the higher category, the occurrance of unforced turnovers is lower. Methods: Method of work is indirect observation of videos, analysis and creation of quantitative research on teams category U15 and U19, then a detailed analysis of the number and type of turnovers of individual categories and matches follows. Results: We found that younger category reached a larger number of unforced turnovers and forced turnovers too. Turnovers were caused primarily from the mistakes of the players.Both categories reached more forced turnovers. The possible solution is emphasis on the development of individual game performance in practice. Keywords: youth basketball, team game performance, quantitative analysis, turnovers
Participation of foreign players on team game performance in our highest competition for women.
Minarovičová, Kristýna ; Velenský, Michael (advisor) ; Jurková, Kateřina (referee)
Title: Participation of foreign players on team game performance in our highest competition for women. Objectives: The goal of this master's thesis is to compare game performance of foreign players with Czech players from season 1998/1999 to season 2017/2018 in the highest Czech basketball competition for women. The partial goal of the thesis is to find out and observe the evolution of number of foreign players participating in above stated twenty-year period. Methods: In our thesis we used a method of collecting secondary information, which means secondary statistical data analysis. Results: By data analysis we found out, that foreign players were more effective than Czech players in all monitored seasons while comparing played time and reached index of success. The number of foreign players in the highest league was gradually growing until reaching its peak in season 2014/2015. Keywords: globalization, migration in sport, basketball, Czech women's basketball league, foreign players, comparison, game performance
Motivatiional factors contributing to the changing lifestyles of athletes during adolescence
Jurková, Kateřina ; Slepička, Pavel (advisor) ; Karger, Jan (referee) ; Man, František (referee)
Title: Motivational factors contributing to the changing lifestyles of athletes during adolescence The main goal of this dissertation is to identify the main reasons of dropping out from sport in adolescence. In order to make a better interpretation of the results and to better understand the respondents' testimonies another goal of this study was set and that is to define the positive benefits but also the negative effects of sport on the lifestyle of the studied participants as well as an impact on the whole society. The main aim reflects the scientific questions in which we are interested what demotivational factors are involved in changing the lifestyle of athletes in the period of adolescence, and how the non-fulfilment of basic psychological needs (autonomy, competence and the need of relatedness) influence the change of lifestyle of athletes in adolescence that dropped out from sport. In order to thoroughly investigate the goals of the work, we decided to use qualitative scientific procedures, multi-case studies. Using semi-structured interviews, we have collected data from eight participants (4 boys, 4 girls, 4 representatives of collective sports, 4 representatives of individual sports) in the form of their narrative about motivational or demotivational factors leading to leaving the...
Comparison of shooting efficiency among wheelchair basketball players with respect to their point classification.
Papežová, Vanda ; Velenský, Michael (advisor) ; Jurková, Kateřina (referee)
Title: Comparison of shooting efficiency among wheelchair basketball players with respect to their point classification Objective: To compare basketball shooting efficiency of wheelchair players according to their point classification. To compile brief history of wheelchair basketball in Czech Republic till January 2018 and to frame basketball shooting technique theory of wheelchair players. Methods: Structured observation, recording and comparison were basic methods of this research. Correlative - predictive approach was used. Each wheelchair player went step by step through this research having done together 30 shooting attemps consisting of 3- shot sets from 10 different spots. One player shooting record together with limbering up took approximately 20 minutes. To verify gained results additional data collection was done for all players in period of 4 weeks. Pilot research for diploma thesis was the part of this bachelor thesis.Video record of basketball match was prepared in order to verify analogic tendencies in game condition. Results: Results of this research are compiled in charts and text version. They are analysed in Discussion chapter. Entry hypothesis for measurment of each separate wheelchair basketball player did not proved. Having all wheelchair basketball players divided into groups...
Preparation and study of molybdenum disulfide layers
Jurková, Kateřina ; Kalbáč, Martin (advisor) ; Nižňanský, Daniel (referee)
This work deals with preparation and study of sandwich heterostructures of MoS2 and graphene. MoS2 layers prepared by mechanical exfoliation were detected by optical microscopy and characterized by Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Spectroelectrochemical cells were created for sandwich heterostructures MoS2/graphene and Raman and photoluminiscence spectra were studied in dependence on applied electrical potential. Also spectroelectrochemical measurements were performed on mono- to four-layer MoS2 in microdroplet. Changes in the parametres of E1 2g (E') a A1g (A1') peaks in the Raman spectra and both direct and indirect photoluminiscence transitions in the photoluminiscence spectra of MoS2 were observed in dependence on the applied voltage. Splitting of the indirect transition into two parts I- and I+ was observed during the measurent in the microdroplet. Keywords: MoS2, graphene, Raman, spectroscopy, spectroelectrochemistry 1
Spectroscopy and spectroelectrochemistry of MoS2
Jurková, Kateřina ; Kalbáč, Martin (advisor) ; Matulková, Irena (referee)
This work deals with studies MoS2 layers prepared by mechanical exfoliation was detected by optical microscopy and the number of layers was determined from AFM measurement. The layers were characterized by Raman spectroscopy in various wavelengths. A spectroelectrochemical cell for the sandwich sample consisting of a MoS2 layer and two layers of graphene with various isotope composition and Raman spectra measurements were performed at voltages from 0.0 V to 0.9 V. A larger shift of the G band of graphene was observed on the layers containing MoS2 than on layers consisting just from graphene layers. Keywords: MoS2, graphene, Raman, spectroscopy, spectroelectrochemistry

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