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Visualisation of stationery robot in C#/WPF
Doležal, Milan ; Chromý, Adam (referee) ; Burian, František (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with visualisation and simulation of stationery robot in programming language C# and WPF platform. In this thesis a DLL file was made with use of Helix Toolkit library for parametric manipulation of stationery robot. Then for testing purposes was made a application which can parametrically change values of robot joints. Protocol bridge is TCP/IP client which gets XML data from Kuka KRC6 sixx robot.
Geometric Measurement of 3D Models
Svoboda, Pavel ; Švub, Miroslav (referee) ; Šiler, Ondřej (advisor)
Work is discussing questions about measuring essential geometric property on model using OpenSceneGraph library. Program contains simple distance and angle measurement on model and distance and angle measurement on projection plane, which is defined by user. There is not missing usefull theory for measuring in Euclidean space, neither explanation of used methods and constructs for implementation by Open Scene Graph. For better understandig of work with OpenSceneGraph here is simply described use of OpenSceneGraph library. Manual and technical documentation is part of this work too.
Manipulation with Implants 3D Models for Medical Surgery Planning
Bišof, Martin ; Štancl, Vít (referee) ; Kršek, Přemysl (advisor)
This thesis describes development and solution of application for planning and simulation of medical surgeries. The documentary part begins with the theoretical principles, which are focused on representation of objects in computer graphics with closer look at the boundary representation. The following part focuses on the theoretical analysis of transformations and manipulators, which will be implemented in the program. The design part of the thesis briefly introduces chosen systematic solutions and informs us on the abstract level with the issues of the whole project. Implementation includes solved tasks according to the assignment from the choice of the implants through transformation of the models to manipulation with cameras. The practical part is documented in the connection to the theoretical knowledge and is developed with the view of the given proposal.
Physical Simulation in Virtual Reality
Grünseisen, Vojtěch ; Navrátil, Jan (referee) ; Pečiva, Jan (advisor)
This work describes using of SDL, OSG and ODE as tools in game development and how they can be integrated to work together. Theory about collision detection and its role in physics engine is also described. Used libraries are described as well. With this engine a game scene is created and driven. This scene contains bodies connected by ODE Joints. Scene content and application controls are meant to resemble first person shooter game style.
3D User Interfaces
Hradečný, Tomáš ; Beran, Vítězslav (referee) ; Žák, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the area of 3D user interfaces. It introduces several existing approaches to this topic as well as various types of I/O interaction devices. The main goal of this work was to design and implement concept 3D interface for hierarchical structures browser, that was demonstrated as a file-browser application. Final application was developed using OSG, undertaking simple user experience evaluation.
Vertex and Pixel Shaders for 3D Visualization of grass
Dokoupil, Martin ; Chudý, Peter (referee) ; Kršek, Přemysl (advisor)
This thesis describes the way to create three-dimensional visualization of grass in computer graphic. Contains progress of grass visualization from past to present. Contains shader intro and its use for visualization. Text mention scene graph which has been used for implementation. Text describes three levels of detail and implemetation of waving grass. Text compares frame speed for each level of grass and frame speed for complete visualized grass.
Simple Game Using Java3D API
Obr, Jakub ; Herout, Adam (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
This thesis concentrates on an application interface Java 3D and its usability for game programming. It presents description of this interface and a short presentment of its alternates. It also presents testing scheme for this interface and the tests results. In the end it shows simple game concept using this interface and main implementation features of this concept.
Advanced Rendering in OpenSceneGraph Library
Ondruška, Jiří ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (referee) ; Švub, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis presents OpenSceneGraph library and its use with shaders written in OpenGL Shading Language. First of all it presents the basics of GLSL. Next chapter introduces the basics of OpenSceneGraph library. Following chapters are about different shaders. First is vertex displacement mapping, followed by cartooning and the last one is water surface.
Using 3D Computer Graphics for Medical Applications
Javůrek, Jan ; Herout, Adam (referee) ; Kršek, Přemysl (advisor)
This thesis describes problems 3D computer graphic modeling and design graphic system for use in medicine. Design graphic system was successfully implement for concrete application in stomatology.
Advanced Editor of 3D Scene
Bišof, Martin ; Žák, Pavel (referee) ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work describes important periods of making application on editing 3D scene. It concerns a program which makes possible visualization of objects and simulation graphic scene. The introduction of this document is dedicated to theorical analysis, which is oriented on objects presentation in computer graphic with detailed orientation on Boundary Representation. The following chapter is about transformations and manipulators. Design part introduces basic problems and apprises with exercise solutions on general level. In the part of the implementation, we find detailed description of actual solution for particular phase of proposal. It states description of advanced camera system and transformation of objects by the help of graphic manipulators. The next chapter discuss implement effects, modifications and solution for graphical user interface.