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Common defence policy in the contex of the EU law
Syruček, Václav ; Říha, Michal (advisor) ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee)
178 Common defence policy in the context of EU law Abstract: This thesis deals with the common defence policy in the context of EU law. The common defence policy is an undefined area of the EU's common defence and security policy. The first part of the work is devoted to the necessary theory of security policy, the theoretical concept of grand strategy, deterrence strategy and a brief history of the security integration of Europe, up to the establishment of the European Union and the increasingly extensive legal regulation of the area of common security and defence policy. Special emphasis is placed on the presentation of less well-known concepts in the Czech Republic, such as the theory of grand strategy, the theoretical approach to the formation of an ends-ways-means strategy and peace research. Peace is seen in the work as an ideal state, which itself, however, needs wider theoretical research. An understanding of peace theory is important for understanding the steps the European Union must take towards potential allies and systemic adversaries in order to ensure the security of its sovereignty, democracy and the lives, health and property of its citizens and residents. Positive peace is built using soft power and international cooperation. Negative peace is maintained through hard power and a strategy...
Recognizing Faces within Image
Svoboda, Pavel ; Žák, Pavel (referee) ; Švub, Miroslav (advisor)
The essence of face recognition within the image is generally computer vision, which provides methods and algorithms for the implementation. Some of them are described just in this work. Whole process is split in to three main phases. These are detection, aligning of detected faces and finally its recognition. Algorithms which are used to applied in given issue and which are still in progress from todays view are mentioned in every phase. Implementation is build up on three main algorithms, AdaBoost to obtain the classifier for detection, method of aligning face by principal features and method of Eigenfaces for recognizing. There are theoretically described except already mentioned algorithms neural networks for detection, ASM - Active Shape Models algorithm for aligning and AAM - Active Appearance Model for recognition. In the end there are tables of data retrieved by implemented system, which evaluated the main implementation.
Image Viewer for Windows Mobile
Miklósy, Jiří ; Kajan, Rudolf (referee) ; Svoboda, Pavel (advisor)
Over the past few years,  sales of pocket pc have increased dramatically due to the devices' popularity. As a result, these devices have replaced desktop computers in an increasingly wireless world. In this bachelor's thesis, I will describe different technologies that can be used with these computers. In the following chapters, I will try to explain programming in DirectX. The aim is for the reader to be familiarized with this framework, its usage, and problem-solving techniques. In the last chapter, I propose and implement image viewer, image upload, and tagging in 3D.
Project Documentation from Engineering Base
Domanský, Martin ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with creation of documentation for electro-technical projects based on the Engineering Base tool. It cintains the new access how to obtain data from the Engineering Base database and describes how it is used. The practical aim was to develop an application that should serve as the basis for the commercial use of this functionality. The application was implemented using the .NET Framework and EB API for Engineering Base version 6.5.2. The work also describes testing of the basic application, while the outcome of the testing provides suggestions for possible extensions. These suggestions can be used for further development and solving various restrictions.
Effect of Noise on Image Compression
Pavlík, Jiří ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Bařina, David (advisor)
This thesis examines effect of different types of noise on performance of significant image compression formats. Three different types of noise are examined, Gaussian noise, Gaussian noise with bigger granularity and shot noise. Two older loosy image compression formats JPEG and JPEG 2000 are compared with newer format WebP. This examination is based on results of experiments with images, which are intentionally degraded by noise, then compressed to examined formats and compared with result of experiments for original images without noise. The effect of noise on performance of comparised formats is based on image quality metric SSIM. From results of experiments, Gaussian noise with bigger granularity seems to be the least distruptive from all types of noises. The other two types of noise have much more dwindling effect on quality of images.
Weldet constructions in technical documentacion
Bartošek, Daniel ; Brandejs, Jan (referee) ; Svoboda, Pavel (advisor)
The presented bachelor´s thesis deals with design documentation of welded con-structions. It provides an overview of weldment design types, basic usage principles and formal prerequisits. The thesis should serve for education of weldment design documentation, for which purpose the set of tasks included in the annex was also created.
Design of fuel flow meter
Krejčí, Martin ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Dvořáček, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with the structural design of flow meter for fuel at petrol stations. Begin of work deals with the theory of flow measurement. The brief overview of different types of flow meters is shown here. Coriolis flow meter is described in more detail. Another part includes the design options of the flow meter. One of them is selected for further processing.
3D Reconstruction of Human Body Motion (MOCAP)
Černák, František ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Šolony, Marek (advisor)
This thesis deals with object recognition in image, motion capturing and his transformation into 3D coordination system and 3D reconstruction. The problem was solved by building stereo camera system, detection of markers on a moving object and getting his position in space using triangulation. Hit rate of 95%  was achieved in marker detection at close range and accuracy of 3D reconstruction answers to reality at certain extend. The main finding of this work is that it is possible to reconstruct body motions with a pair of simple web cameras.
Automatic System for Downloading of Scientific Papers
Šebela, Ondřej ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
Goal of this work is the creation of application designed for automatic downloading of scientific papers by using online databases of scientific publications. This work is studying the structure and means of retrieving information about scientific documents. It also describes the final application and rates it based on results of testing.
Simple Character Recognition
Hamrský, Jan ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Polok, Lukáš (advisor)
This work deals with the process of text location and recognition in an image document. It discusses the matter of feature extraction and its usage in machine learning. Portion of this work is devoted to design and implementation of application for simple character recognition of machine printed text.

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