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Gamification in teachning/learning French as a second language
Zámečník, Tomáš ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Suková Vychopňová, Kateřina (referee)
Annotation: Title of the thesis: Gamification in teaching/learning French as a second language Abstract in English This master's thesis focuses on the innovative field of gamification and its application in teaching French as a second foreign language. Gamification, whose elements are gradually implemented into teaching through modern pedagogical approaches, is examined in detail in the work, defining the term itself and introducing its key aspects. The work also deals with the historical development of gamification, which is traced in both the field of marketing and education. As part of the theoretical part, potential advantages and disadvantages of using gamification in teaching are outlined. Concrete examples of successful implementation of gamification in marketing and education are also presented, providing a comprehensive view of the possibilities and limitations of this approach. The practical part focuses on a detailed analysis and reflection of specific gamification elements in the popular language application Duolingo and in two selected French language textbooks. These elements are evaluated based on their frequency of occurrence, quality of execution, and potential effectiveness on student motivation. In case some elements are missing, the work suggests their possible supplementation. In...
Gamification of Mobile Application for Intelligent Home Control
Lamacz, Jan ; Korček, Pavol (referee) ; Žádník, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of raising users' motivation to use the application for the Intelligent home control. It describes common principles of implementation of game-based mechanics into the real-life systems and deals with the concrete design of motivational programme. Practical part of this thesis describes the implementation of the designed system of rewards and its display in the mobile application. The final application contains the motivational system for users based on collecting points and achievements and covers the majority of the functions of the Intelligent home.
30-day Challenge
Přibylová, Kateřina ; Szőke, Igor (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design and implementation of a web-based application whose job is to fight procrastination and help the user achieve goals using 30-day challenges. This work addresses the problems of putting off or delaying something that requires immediate attention and analyzes similar existing solutions on the market. The development of the application focuses most on user-friendliness, intuitive control and responsiveness. The problems of maintaining users active and motivated are solved by using gamification and socialization elements. The application is implemented through modern web technologies. The end of the thesis mentions a testing process and the future of the application.
Gamification for Festival Organization Support
Došlík, Tomáš ; Kocman, Radim (referee) ; Křivka, Zbyněk (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the creation of a new module to be used in an already existing information system used for the organization of Animefest festival. The goal of this module is to create an interface for an effective evaluation and awarding of its users, the festival organizers. This is done with the use of gamification techniques. The purpose of this project is to help increase motivation for organizers' volunteer activities and for the improvement of their user experience.
Creating Dataset for Narrative Structure Recognition by Crowdsourcing
Ignác, Igor ; Dočekal, Martin (referee) ; Smrž, Pavel (advisor)
Goal of this work is creation of extensive dataset for recognition of narrative structure by crowdsourcing method. For this purpose, it was necessary to create a web interface which offers dataset of films for user annotation. The annotation of data gained from IMDb database is established on three different types of annotation. Users validate similarity of movies based on computation done by Sentence-BERT, extraction of keywords from movie plots done by RAKE and precomputed similarity between movies based on their keywords. User's gamification is based on points assignment, which are related with badges, achievements accomplishment and leader board of most successful users.
Firefox OS Application for Learning Languages
Chudík, Jakub ; Fiedor, Tomáš (referee) ; Vojnar, Tomáš (advisor)
Tato práce se zabývá vytvořením aplikace pro výuku jazyků specificky pro mobilní operační systém Firefox OS. Vzhledem k své povaze, uživatelské rozhraní aplikace se snaží uspokojit ergonomické potřeby aplikací určených pro kapesní zařízení. Aplikuje několik konceptů gamifikace ke zlepšení procesu učení, jehož výsledky jsou prezentovány a vyhodnoceny. Aplikace také přináší své vlastní jedinečné vlastnosti, které jí pomáhají vyniknout mezi ostatními aplikacemi pro výuku jazyků.
User Interface for Pole-Dance Training Application
Kašparová, Nela ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
Goal of this project is making effective graphical user interface for learning pole dance. A sub-task is development of experimental application, by which the interface would be tested. The most important part of this thesis was finding out user's needs and making suitable components layout. Tests have shown that potential users are satisfied with the system. They can use this application for learning pole dance to improve outside of pole dance courses in the comfort of their homes.
Driving-School Quality Improvement Using User Experience Sharing
Hrivnák, Jan ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
This thesis analyzes the User Experience in design and development of new Web applications. Thesis describes the proper use of the UX methods and also deals with the possibility of using gamification in the design of new services. The work also contains analysis of the market of driving-schools in the Czech Republic and defines its main problems. Like a solution to these problems, the work includes the design and implementation of a new web application for sharing experiences among students.
Tool for Professional Profiling and Excellence of Students
Paulus, Tomáš ; Szőke, Igor (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
This theses focuses on development of web application, which aims to provide intrinsic motivation to students to work on their professional profile. The thesis explores the concept of gamification, analyzes the aspects of motivation and describes the fundamentals of web application development. The practical part focuses on describing the students'; problem with motivation, presenting the application as the solution and dividing it into key parts. Furthermore, the thesis describes the actual implementation based on the Laravel framework and the results of user testing along with suggestions for future expansion of the application. 
User Interface for Web-Based Games
Hlaváč, Martin ; Beran, Vítězslav (referee) ; Hradiš, Michal (advisor)
This thesis describes challenges in designing, developing and testing web user interfaces. It discusses human-computer interaction, communication channels and user interface analogy to the real world. User interfaces can be designed     to be optimal for a specific action or to suite the user. A design of interfaces focused on users utilize methods, such as gamification and improving user experience, which can improve interface usability. User interface development is demonstrated on     web page development. Further, the thesis describes 3 web user interface testing methods. The methods are demonstrated by designing, developing, and testing user interface of a web strategy game.

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