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Construction of foundry core boxes and their use for the production of silicone parts
Skalický, Jan ; Kaněra, Miloš (referee) ; Jelínek, Radim (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of a mold for use in casting of plastics and rubbers. The product is two different gaskets used in the testing of tubes for automotive industry. The part has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 19 mm and a length of 25 mm, where two holes with a diameter of 4 mm are additionally drilled in one of them. Depending on the service life, the batch size is approximately 200 pieces per year. The material was not specified, so after research two options were chosen. The first was RTV-2 condensation silicone rubber LUKOPREN N 1522 from Lučební závody a.s. Kolín and the second one was RTV-2 additive silicone rubber ELASTOSIL M 4642 A/B from Wacker-Chemie, s.r.o. The second material came out better from preliminary testing. By gradually improving the design of a simple single-piece steel mold, a final version was created which is double in size and consists of three parts. It is made by 3D printing using FDM method from PLA material. It was found that in order to achieve a defect-free casting, the mix must be vacuumed before casting.
Qualitative analysis of professional terminology in specialized fields
Homolka, Adam ; Zmrzlá, Petra (referee) ; Šťastná, Dagmar (advisor)
Cílem bakalářské práce je charakterizovat odborný styl (rysy, funkce, forma, syntax, lexikum) a následně shrnout teoretické poznatky z oblasti překladu odborného stylu týkající se terminologie a překladatelských postupů na úrovni lexikální a gramatické. Praktická část bakalářské práce se zaměří na aplikaci teoretických poznatků v rámci kvalitativní analýzy vybraných odborných textů.
The Translation of Problematic Passages from Lemony Snicket´s Series All the Wrong Questions
The aim of this thesis is to take a closer look at the contemporary theory of translation and its changes throughout history. The theoretical part of this thesis is a summary of the works of prominent Czech and foreign scholars of the translation theory field and their research and results. In the second section of this work, these pieces of information, as well as the author's knowledge of the work of Lemony Snicket, are going to be used to translate the problematic parts of All the Wrong Questions series by Lemony Snicket, which at the time of writing doesn't have an official Czech translation. The problematic elements are play-on-words, ambiguous or unclear dialogues or fictitious names of people and places. The translation is commented by the translator, who describes and explains the use of particular techniques and methods.
Live Architecture. Organic motifs of modern architecture as inspiration for free graphic creation.
DRÁBKOVÁ, Veronika
The diploma thesis "Organic architerue. Live Architecture. Organic motives of modern architecture as inspiration for free form graphic creation" consists of teorethical and practical part. The theoretical part consists of development of the architecture and in this part is specific focus on the organic architecture. It focuses on the most important representatives of this direction. The thesis highlitghts one of the most important person of nowadays, she is originaly of Irac and her name is Zaha Hadid. This chapter describes her life, cooperation and influences that influenced her work. In the end of the theoretical part, there are selected awards which she has received in her life. The practical part contains a set of inspirational photos and preparatory drawing sketches, which there are supporting work for results graphic lists isnpired by the work of Zaha Hadid and another organic motives. The final realization of the practical part is the author's book, which was inspired by organic architecture.
Educational strategies in kindergartens of Jindřichův Hradec Region.
The bachelor thesis finds out what educational strategies are currently used in kindergartens. In the theoretical part, the author focuses on contemporary preschool education. The first chapter focuses on the educational policy of the Czech Republic, the concept of preschool education and describes the personality-oriented model with its features. Furthermore, it highlights the objectives and content of preschool education in connection with the Framework Educational Program for Preschool Education with the characteristics of the needs of preschool children. In the second part, the author elaborates on educational strategies, methods, and educational offerings in kindergarten. It classifies activities in terms of the degree of management by the teacher and describes the organizational forms of work. The practical part presents quantitative and qualitative research. The author uses responses from a questionnaire survey and data collection from semi-structured interviews to answer two research questions. These questions determine what kind of educational strategies teachers use in kindergartens and what strategies they use most often. The respondents to the research surveys were kindergarten teachers in the Jindřichův Hradec region.
The teacher´s view of methods of the pupils performance evaluation at primary school
BLÁHOVÁ, Kristýna
Diploma thesis The attitude of teachers towards the assessment of pupils at the primary school deals with various aspects of the assessment of pupils by the teacher and by the individual factors influencing the evaluation. In theory part, I explain the concept of evaluation in general. I go into details about school evaluation as a specific field. I describe the different forms, methods and types of evaluations, their importance for the pupil, the teacher and parent. The practical part includes research by using an online questionnaire for parents and a semi-structured interview with teachers. The aim of the online questionnaire was to find a parent point of view about satisfaction with the evaluation and the form of evaluation of their children, and I also found out what of the forms of evaluation is clear and readable for them. Through the semi-structured interview with teachers, I wanted to reveal an opinion on the demands or ease of use of the evaluation process, the pedagogue's view on forming and motivating the pupil through evaluation and the importance of evaluation for the teacher himself.
Dadaistic and constructivistic object and its inheritors
Bouchalová, Barbora ; Bláha, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
Submitted graduation theses has charakter as a theoretical study, which offers different views of questions of sameness and differences in dadaistic and constructivistic objects and in objects of its inheritors. I have made criterions to observe relation between these objects, criterions are: principle of creation, relation between content, form and matherial.We observe also using movement in object art. We show, that object-art have disturbed the then tradition of plastic art. New approach of matherial, decleration common thing as a part of art open up a lot of questions about function of art. The main aim of these theoretical study was to find out samenesses anddifferences in these objels, show a process of object art.We came to the conslusion that between dadaistic and constructivistic objels are some samenesses (for example discruption of visual art, realiton between system and chance, using movement). Didactical, didactical-visual and visual parts are fasten together with theoretical part. These parts watch on object art in two viewpoint: utilization of common thing as a dadaistic principle, relation between matherial and form as a constructivistic principle
The variability of facial expressions in relation to age and sex: pilot study for monitoring the treatment of facial palsy.
Danková, Simona ; Velemínská, Jana (advisor) ; Schmidová, Kamila (referee)
This thesis deals with the analysis of 3D morphological changes and variability in the shape and form of facial expression during five specifically defined facial expressions (raising eyebrows, close both eyes, lips pursing, inflating both cheeks, smile). Changes in facial expression were evaluated in relation to sexual dimorphism and age category of probands using the methods of geometric morphometrics (Dense Correspondence Analysis, Paired Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, Shell-to-Shell Deviation) in program Morphome3cs and RapidForm. The analysis consisted of evaluating the surface of soft tissue changes that occur due to the contraction of facial muscles. Materials used for the analysis are 3D surface facial models of adult healthy people of the Czech nationality (63 women, 58 men) in the age interval 20-60 years. We considered methodology based on Paired Analysis to be more accurate, when we worked only with differences between the neutral expression and facial expression. By choosing a Paired Analysis, we prevented the morphological features of the face from being reflected into the results. Morphological features are a manifestation of sexual dimorphism or age factor as such, but they are not themselves the essence of facial expression. In this way, we analyzed the shape of the face after...
Importance of detail public space
Viková, Tereza ; Sedlák, Michal (advisor) ; Arbanová, Linda (referee)
By examples of detail in various levels of meaning the author discovers concrete layers of relation between man and public space. The creative part is focused on crossing borders, both in given relation and between life and art - and art forms. Didactic part refers to transmissivity of the fields, concerning the (public) space and developing possibilities of the theoretical bases in practical exercises.

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