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Gallery of modern art
Husárová, Anette ; Kipila, Lubomír (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
The conceptual design of the Gallery of Modern Art is created with the aim to build the timeless social and cultural center, situated in urban conservation zone, which is in the connection with the cultural axis of the existing round avenue of Brno. The proposed building is located in the Moravian Square, in the place of the existing park. It is a neoplasm in the historic space, which is adding the uniqueness of surrounding by its concept. This proposed building will reflect the most modern architectural, building and construction elements.
Chronicle of House of Arts
Mažárová, Monika
Kronika Domu Umění slouží jako pracovní sešit pro návštěvníky muzea, zejména pro děti a teenagery. Plněním úkolů, které jsou vázány na muzejní truhlice umístěné v jednotlivých expozicích, se návštěvník seznámí s muzejními sbírkami a konkrétními sbírkovými předměty.
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Anton Vrbkas Diary
Zárubová, Eliška
Deník Antona Vrbky slouží jako pracovní sešit pro návštěvníky muzea, zejména pro děti a teenagery. Plněním úkolů, které jsou vázány na muzejní kufříky umístěné v jednotlivých expozicích, se návštěvník seznámí s muzejními sbírkami a konkrétními sbírkovými předměty.
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Minorite Monastery
Jihomoravské muzeum ve Znojmě
Propagační skládačka seznamuje návštěvníky města Znojma s objektem minoritského kláštera, jeho historií a současnými muzejními expozicemi, které jsou v něm umístěny.
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Indikátory zranitelnosti dopravy změnou klimatu
Mertl, Jan
Příspěvek je věnován vyhodnocení zranitelnosti dopravy ČR projevy změny klimatu, a to na základě indikátorů zranitelnosti. Metodickým základem indikátorů zranitelnosti je koncept zranitelnosti rozlišující tři základní komponenty zranitelnosti – expozici, citlivost a adaptační kapacitu.
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Vstup ftalátov do živého organizmu
Vaculčiaková, Silvia
This bachelor thesis deals with phthalates and their part in living organisms. Phthalates are diesters of phtalicacid, which can be found all around us. They have had the negative focus of many studies and researches forquite a long time now because they are pollutants of the environment due their toxic effects on all living things. Phthalates are mainly used as a plastics oftener and they improve plastic qualities, but their negative side is that they leak into the material which they are in contact with. Phthalates can get into every part of the environment including us, humans. It´s negative effects on reproductive systems, kidneys and livers were proven by many studies. Furthermore, they have teratogenic and carcinogenic impacton living organisms. People facing the highest danger of phthalates are people working with them, gravid women, haemophiliacs and children.
Zoologické zahrady a krajinářská architektura
Smékalová, Andrea
The aim of the bachelor thesis Zoological gardens and landscaping architecture is to evaluate the approaches of contemporary design in zoos. And introducing of the examples to make the public understand, that these are not places, where they meet animals in captivity, but there are a places of peace and green areas in the cities. The goal of the work is to show, that each zoo has its own concept and its own way of vegetation adjustments in outdoor expositions and relaxation spots for visitors. It is also objective to show that each zoo is focused on a particular species composition of reared animals and has its professional mission. An outdoor exposure for giant pandas was designed in the architectural part of bachelor thesis.
Child exposure to aerosol particles inside bicycle trailer during the usual ride
Nechvátalová, Karolína ; Bendl, Jan (advisor) ; Mašková, Ludmila (referee)
Bicycle trailers represent a popular way of transporting children during cycling, however increased exposure to aerosol particles due to the location of the trailer in the immediate vicinity of the cycle path surface and of the bike tire may pose a health risk. Some aerosol particles can cause respiratory as well as other severe diseases, since the surface of the paths may also contain toxic substances, such as those produced by traffic. Children are more prone to developing respiratory and other diseases than adults, and therefore more attention is needed. The aim of this project is to find out how many times are the concentrations of PM10, PM4, PM2,5 and PM1 aerosol size fractions and the particle number concentrations higher in the trailer in comparison to the cyclist in front of it at different driving speeds while driving on dusty roads and to confirm the hypothesis that the particles are resuspended from the surface of the road and penetrate into the trailer, which has not been quantified so far. The possible health consequences are also discussed in this project. We did three measurements on two roughly 200 m long dusty sections of cycle paths (Stromovka park, cycle path A22 in Braník) in Prague. For the measurement, the trailer (Chariot Cougar 2, Thule) and the box placed on the handlebar...
The effect of air pollution on the incidence of asthma symptoms
Velická, Helena ; Štípek, Stanislav (advisor) ; Bencko, Vladimír (referee) ; Rychlíková, Eva (referee)
The effect of air pollution on the incidence of asthma symptoms MUDr. Helena Velická ABSTRACT The aim of the thesis was to establish the effect of short-term ambient air pollutant concentration changes on asthma exacerbation and symptom variability. The study concerned 147 child patients (age 6 - 18 years) and 304 adult patients (age 19 - 62 years) with confirmed diagnosis of asthma. Their respiratory symptoms and other complaints were recorded in diaries during the heating season (November 2013 - February 2014) in the high- polluted industrial city of Ostrava, Czech Republic. The concentrations of PM10, NO2 and SO2 were measured and provided as smoothed daily maps. GPS coordinates of two addresses of each respondent (the residence and the school/work) were linked with the maps and 24-hour exposure of the respondents to each pollutant was determined, regarding the individuals'daily pattern. The relationships between exposures and health effects were analyzed using Generalized Additive Models (GAM) and expressed as odds ratios per 10 µg/m3 increase in the mean 24-hour exposure at the same day, and also in lag days (1-5), both separately and as moving averages (1-5). Significant associations were found between increase of one- to several days exposure to air pollutants and asthma symptom incidence both in...
Kraví hora - BUT Family silver
Davčíková, Gabriela ; Kyselka,, Mojmír (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The subject matter of the Master's Thesis deals with the design of the Brno University of Technology (BUT) compound on Kraví hora and comes as a follow-up to the work done in the previous academic term. The aim was to combine the interests of the city of Brno and that of the Brno University of Technology (BUT); to create a common zone which would incorporate attractive park areas for the general public and a representational space for the promotion of BUT and other activities that the university has been lacking to date. The primary objective was to make the compound more accessible to the public as there are currently community gardens which stand as a barrier. The entire BUT compound is thus integrated with the neighbourhood, providing numerous public areas that are ideal for relaxation and leisure activities where people may enjoy their free time. The new buildings will offer visitors an introduction to the history and current state of the University of Technology, mainly via exhibitions and entertainment. The faculty buildings, designed as a recruitment centre and used to present student work, will perform additional functions. The current facilities will be utilized as areas for graduates in creative disciplines who will be able to rent their first art studios there. The new buildings are set in the terrain so as not to disrupt the natural aspect of the park, seamlessly blending into the surrounding landscape. Another interesting feature is an observation tower, designed to further utilize the location's potential and provide visitors with a wide view of the area, far into its surroundings.

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