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Medieval cultural centers in the Sahara region
Buchtyar, Petr ; Půtová, Barbora (advisor) ; Jiroušková, Jana (referee)
1 Abstract This bachelor's thesis focuses on various ethnic groups in the region of the Sahara, particulary during the golden age of medieval empires. It also emphasizes the importance and influence of Islam in the whole region and it's role among key ethnic groups. Geographically, the thesis spreads from today's Mauritania to the region around Lake Chad. Sahara is viewed in a wider geographical sense, as it also includes regions considered to be in the Sahel. Also due to extensive historical scale of this thesis, it also deals with influences within concerned ethnic groups. Main goal of this thesis is in depth description of intellectual centers, such as Timbuktu or Walata and the current state of manuscript research in Mali and Mauritania. Repeatedly throughout the thesis, involvement of elite tribal groups into the large scale Trans-Saharan trade is also mentioned, as are some of their mutual alliances that are key factors in today's understanding of this turbulent region. Keywords: Ethnic groups, Sahara, Manuscripts, Timbuktu, Tuareg
Ethnic Groups in Singapore and Their Presentation in Media
Korbel, Matouš ; Šatava, Leoš (advisor) ; Pargač, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis called "Ethnic Groups in Singapore and Their Presentation in Media" introduces Singapore as a multi-cultural state where three different ethnic groups (Chinese Malaysian and Indian) live. The theoretical part presents the history of Singapore and the development of ethnic minorities' coexistence as well as the theory of nationalism and ethnicity. The attention is drawn to media theories and above all to concepts of agenda setting and gatekeeping. The practical part aims at quantitative and qualitative content analysis of the most sold Singaporean daily newspaper in English, The Straits Times, in period from 1 January, 2011 to 31 December, 2011. The analysis focuses on the media perception of ethnicity and ethnic groups.
The Influence of Parents on the integration of Vietnamese children into Czech society
Horáčková, Tereza ; Řezáčová, Vendula (advisor) ; Tuček, Milan (referee)
The thesis deals with the problem of the influence that parents have on the integration of Vietnamese children into the Czech society. Immigration strategy for majority of Vietnamese residing in Czech Republic is not any more based on sacrificing their lives for material profit and the vision of the return to homeland. The author observes the tendency of Vietnamese immigrants to build appropriate conditions for permanent residence in Czech Republic and to raise their children there. Being the offspring of Vietnamese immigrants, that is actively integrating into Czech society and creating the bridge between relatively separated minority and majority. The whole work is based on case study of a group of Vietnamese immigrants, more precisely of the immigrants of second generation, who find themselves between two separate cultural units - the Czech majority, and Vietnamese community, represented by their parents. The main topic examined in the thesis is the influence that education has on children's integration into Czech society and on the process of forming their cultural and social identity. Identity of young Vietnamese is being formed by ascription and eventually by playing social roles. The author bases the work on the theoretical concepts, as acculturation strategies, identity, identification and...
Ethnic groups in the former Soviet Union space
Tkáčová, Kateřina ; Plechanovová, Běla (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is ethnic groups in the space of the former Soviet Union in the time period 1994-2006 and their involvement in ethnic conflicts. The aim of this thesis is to identify key parameters driving these ethnic groups towards armed conflict as a response to their needs, interests and living conditions. Key assumptions of this thesis are derived from qauntitative as well as qualitative studies. Important characteristics of ethnic groups are also included in the analysis of possible causes of ethnic conflicts. The theoretical discussion shows three main factors which can make ethnic groups more prone to conflict: permanent exclusion, strong identity and lastly dissimilarity of an ethnic group. Influence of these factors is tested using descriptive statistics, odds ratio, correlation and logistic regression. Statistical results shows that strong identity as well as discrimination of ethnic groups increase the probability of ethnic conflicts.
Position of Primary and Secondary School Pupils from Selected National and Ethnic Minorities in the Czech Republic
Švarcová, Eva ; Prokop, Jiří (advisor) ; Střelec, Stanislav (referee) ; Tamašová, Viola (referee)
The topic of the submitted dissertation thesis is the problamatic of position and integration ethnic minorities in Czech Republic with emphasis on multicultural education and on the part of a school in this procedure. The theoretical part is standing on a delimitation of the fundamental concepts, which are related to a problamatic of a multiculture. There is presented a legislative scope of a conception of the integration of foreigners in Czech Republic, including a system of a care of under age foreigners without any escort. An attention is paid to questions of aculturation and adaptation of immigrants and multicultural specification selected ethnic minorities, which are characterized in details. These are immigrants from Vietnam, Ukraine, the Near East and the Middle East. A comparation of the specification comes out from outlines family customs, cultural traditions and significances of particular minorities. For a comletion of this problematic there are an essential characteristics of significant religions- Christianity (Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxism), Islam, Judaism and some other ones. In a scope of cocretization and operative formulation of the position of pupils these ethnic minorities in czech schools in holistic signification, in the text there is used a phrase a social steady, which is...
Analýza mezinárodní účasti při konfliktu v Bosně a Hercegovině
Veselá, Adéla
This Bachelor's Thesis evaluates the integration of the international structures in the country. In order to achieve this goal I am going to analyse the deficiencies in the international partnership integration during the process of the post-conflict development, socio-economic situation in the region and the approach of the security hegemony in terms of post-conflict reconstruction. Afterwards, I am going to evaluate how the demography developed before the conflict and after, possible future scenarios of the Dayton Agreement and a potential decentralization of the country.

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