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The impact of digital music distribution on the structure of songs and the way they are published
Škopek, Matěj ; Ježková, Tereza (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
The topic of this thesis is musical compositions and the potential impact of the modern method of their distribution on their structural characteristics, overall form, and method of their release. The work compares two periods, from the years 2005-2010 and 2015-2020, i.e., before and after the rise in popularity of music streaming services such as Spotify. The author's goal is to find a correlation between the changes of parameters selected by him and the development of the music industry and music distribution. In the work, the author first presents the concept of distribution in this broader, general sense of the word and its role as part of the marketing mix. It follows the role of distribution in the context of the music industry and a more detailed description and overall shape of the music market in each of the defined time periods. For each researched year, 10 songs were chosen that ranked at the top of the American music chart Billboard Hot 100. Therefore, the author's research includes 120 recordings. The monitored parameters are the length of the song, its tempo, the location of the first chorus, the total number of choruses, and whether the song was released as a separate single. The author presents five hypotheses that are based on the authors' publications in the field of music. As...
Analysis of Marketing Communication of Selected Czech Movies Released in 2022 by a Distribution Company Aerofilms
Kořánková, Zuzana ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Zavadilová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor work focuses on promotion of Czech independent movies distributed under distribution company Aerofilms in 2022. Theoretical part centers universally on the topic of film marketing. It's definiton, history and each components of marketing mix. Practical part follows three chosen films - And then there was love..., Borders of Love and Art Talent Show. Firstly the readers get in detail specified Czech film industry from the view of distributor in general so that they can easily understand specific case studies. After that each films are being analysed based on a qualitative interview with a marketer, media analysis and analysis of social media. This work contains complex view of marketing of Czech independent films. Keywords Film, film marketing, distribution, cinema, marketing mix, public relations
Možnosti distribuce a marketingové komunikace Matějova pekařství a.s.
Borovcová, Adriana
Borovcová, A. Possibilities of distribution and marketing communication of Matějovo pekařství a.s. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2023. The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the current state of distribution and level of marketing communication. Its aim is to propose improvements in the functioning of selected elements of the communication mix and the level of distribution. The proposals are based on an analysis of the external and internal environment, analysis of competition, and the conducted marketing research. The work includes a literary review in which basic concepts are defined. In the main part of the work, individual analysis methods such as PESTE, SWOT, and competitive analysis are applied. A questionnaire survey is used to create recommendations for improvement. The results of the research were used to formulate a proposal for improving the level of marketing communication and distribution.
Marketingová strategie vybrané kapely
Lubal, Jan
Lubal, J. Marketing strategy of the selected band. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel Uni- versity, 2023. Marketing strategy plays an essential role, not only in the field of ordinary busi- ness, but also in the field of the music industry, where it is thanks to a quality mar- keting strategy that new musical figures are created, who will establish themselves with their work, not only in their city or country, but also thanks to social media and the rapid spread of information all over the world. This bachelor's thesis deals with the first steps in this journey, where the metal band Coincidence from Brno stands as a pattern. With the help of the available literature, the basic specifics, tools and trends are defined in the theoretical part. In practical work, emphasis is placed on consumer behavior, especially in the field of digital music distribution, and on the overall development of the music market in recent years. All this will result in the suggestion of a marketing strategy for this band, after the application of which the number of listeners will increase, which will lead to the monetization of the band's activity.
Marketingová komunikace a distribuční cesty firmy ROTEX Vysočina s.r.o.
Strohmer, František
The bachelor thesis deals with marketing communication and distribution channels of the company ROTEX Vysočina s.r.o. The main aim of the bachelor thesis is to propose improvements in the field of marketing communication and distribution channels for the selected enterprise. The first part of the thesis contains the theoretical background of the issue, followed by the analytical and then the proposal part of the thesis. The result of the analysis is mainly the determination of the current state of marketing communication and distribution channels in the company. Based on all the information gathered, a marketing communication and distribution plan was developed along with the definition of target segments.
Distribution of financial instruments
Hobza, Martin ; Kohajda, Michael (advisor) ; Kotáb, Petr (referee)
in English language Distribution of financial instruments This thesis deals with the issue of distribution of financial instruments and its legal regulation. The aim of the thesis is to theoretically define, within the financial law systematically classify and analyze the issue of legal framework for the distribution of financial instruments. The secondary objective is to highlight the partial incoherence of legislation regulating the various forms of distribution and propose possible solutions. The first two chapters of this thesis are devoted to general theoretical issues related to the present topic, among others to the concepts of distribution in the financial market and financial instrument. The third chapter deals with investors as addressees of distribution and with the various categories of distributors and analyzes the extent of their qualification in the area of distribution of financial instruments. The chapter four analyzes the different legal forms of distribution of financial instruments with a focus on marketing of investment funds. Within particular chapters, author's views on the issue are given, including proposals de lege ferenda. Finally, the draft of legislative amendments in the area of distribution of financial instruments, representing participation in the investment fund is...
Morphological differentiation and distribution of taxa in the Galium palustre group
Dohnalová, Pavla ; Kaplan, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Chrtek, Jindřich (referee)
This work is focused on the polyploid group of Galium palustre. The process of polyploidization has significantly influenced the evolution of angiosperms and in the studied group led to the emergence of 4 cytotypes known so far. Two of the cytotypes are found in the Czech Republic, diploid and octoploid, distinguished as species Galium palustre and Galium elongatum, respectively. Both taxa are mostly considered as species, which differ in quantitative characteristics, but these show considerable phenotypic plasticity. Therefore, the exact extent of morphological variation, precise distribution and ecology of the species are still unknown. The flow cytometry was used to distinguish cytotypes; it also showed variation in genome size and revealed a new dodecaploid cytotype in the Czech Republic. Subsequent morphometric analysis identified characteristics suitable for distinguishing the individual cytotypes. The most reliable are the length and width of a stem, the length of the leaf, the length of the longest branch, the number of leaves in whorls, the length of the inflorescence and the length of the mericarp. Based on these results, herbarium specimens from several herbaria were examined. The results also showed slightly different ecological preferences of cytotypes and their distribution in the...
Selected impacts of climate change on birds in European mountains: shifts in altitudinal distribution, population changes and changes in phenology
Mikulcová, Eliška ; Reif, Jiří (advisor) ; Hološková, Adriana (referee)
Many studies focused on the impact of the climate change on organisms including mountain birds. Mountain birds are particularly threatened by the impact of climatic change because they occur in an extreme environment. Climate change impacts mountain birds through increasing temperature, which affects their altitudinal shifts and abundances. These two variables depend also on species-specific traits, distribution area and habitat change. This thesis aims to sort knowledge about impacts of climate change on mountain birds and to explain the variability of altitudinal shifts of these species. Species occupying lower altitudes, open habitat species and short-lived species showed the biggest upward shifts. Downward shifts occurred when the impact of habitat change outweighed the impact of climate change. No significant shifts were recorded in species that respond to climate change by changes in phenology which likely compensate the adverse climate change impacts without the need of translocation. Population trends were usually negative with the steepest declines in high- alpine species, ecological specialists, long-distance migrants and short-lived species. In order to reduce decline in numbers, it is important to set up effective local vegetation management and globally stick to climate targets. Key...
Abundance and habitat use of reintroduced populations of the Hermit (Chazara briseis) in the Czech Republic
Pešová, Lucie ; Sedláček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Vrba, Pavel (referee)
The Hermit (Chazara briseis) belongs to the critically endangered species in the Czech Republic. Its last population survived until recently in the NPR Raná in the České středohoří Protected Landscape Area, but it has gradually declined. The specie's habitat is short-stemmed grasslands, which are maintained mainly by extensive grazing and management. Currently, these sites are declining, traditional management has changed and the sites are gradually becoming overgrown. Therefore, the reconstruction of the butterfly's habitats has been undertaken in selected localities that the butterfly used to inhabit in the past, in the České středohoří Protected Landscape Area (PR Číčov, Dlouhá hora, PP Radobýl) and in the Český kras Protected Landscape Area (Třesina, Radotín). Reintroduction of eggs and caterpillars took place in these sites in 2020-2021. The aim of the thesis was to evaluate the population abundance and habitat use of the Chazara briseis at these sites immediately after reintroduction. I estimated the size of the populations using the mark-capture-recapture method in 2020 and 2021. The size of the populations in the Lonské středohoří (Dlouhá hora and Číčov) was around 400-500 individuals with a fairly balanced sex ratio. Overflights were also recorded between these sites, which may indicate...
Numerical simulation of oil flow in the gearbox
Činčár, Vojtěch ; Prokop, Aleš (referee) ; Řehák, Kamil (advisor)
Component design, subsequent functional verification and possible optimization are an integral part of any production process. Based on increasing customer requirements, the aim is to achieve the smallest possible dimensions and the lowest possible price, while maintaining safety. Incorporating both aspects can be achieved using advanced computational approaches, while this work focuses on the area of flow simulation. Specifically, it deals with the analysis of oil flow in a railway vehicle gearbox using computational fluid dynamics or CFD. The flow simulations were performed using ParticleWorks software, which works with the semi-implicit moving particle method MPS, whose suitability was verified by short analysis works. By monitoring the flow in the workspace, the geometry of the gearbox housing was first verified. However, the critical areas are the bearings whose lubrication quality was analysed using a series of computational models that included the service conditions that may occur. In addition to summarizing the overall evaluation, the paper concludes by outlining a possible suggestion for the potential improvement of bearing distribution and lubrication quality.

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