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Approximative symmetries of complex networks
Straka, Matej ; Hartman, David (advisor) ; Černý, Martin (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to investigate the problem of an approximate symmetry of complex networks. First, we analyze how to measure such symmetry. Then we explore two algorithms by which we can measure levels of symmetry of networks and also find permutations representing those symmetries. First method uses a simulated annealing algorithm which is very slow if implemented naively. We exploit properties of an objective function to make this approach much faster, making it usable for large networks. In second approach we modify an existing method for inexact graph matching, making it applicable for measuring symmetry. We then provide a comparison of these two approaches. We then apply these algorithms to explore levels of symmetry produced by artificial networks, which are used to generate networks with properties possessed by real sys- tems. We explore how does our measure of an approximate symmetry correlate with other network measures, such as clustering coefficient or modularity. Finally, we measure symmetry of real brain networks and look where their symmetry comes from. 1
Divination as a narrative device in narrative sources of late antiquity
Černý, Martin ; Vopřada, David (referee)
This thesis focuses on the interpretation of the narrative of divination in selected late antique sources. The aim of this historical probe is to refine the interpretation of RomanChristian relations using the methodology of historical science and historical sociology. The results of the research demonstrate the complexity of these relations, especially in terms of intertextual strategies and the importance of the works in the religious polemics of late antiquity. Powered by TCPDF (
Alternative resolution of labour disputes
Černý, Martin ; Tomšej, Jakub (advisor) ; Vysokajová, Margerita (referee)
Alternative resolution of labour disputes Abstract This thesis discusses the issue of alternative dispute resolution methods in terms of suitability of their use in the context of individual labour disputes. Alternative dispute resolution methods typically represent a fast, informal, and less costly alternative to court litigation. In the field of individual labour law, they are expected to help maintain the employment relationships between employers and employees, which are characterized by their longevity. The thesis provides a structured analysis of the applicability of alternative dispute resolution methods to disputes arising from individual employment relationships. Subsequently, the thesis focuses in more detail on mediation, which is regulated in act No. 202/2012 Coll., on mediation. The existing Czech legal framework is critically analysed and compared with foreign legislation and practice. Based on the findings acquired through legal and comparative analysis, new legislative measures and non-legislative tools are proposed. These include in particular proposals for the improvement of the expertise of registered mediators and its guarantees, for the extension of the legal duty of confidentiality, for adoption of new motivational and informational tools, and for the implementation of non-legislative...
Cathegorization of small ponds in the PLA Broumovsko
Mňuková, Veronika ; Tátosová, Jolana (advisor) ; Černý, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about small artificial ponds and their value in landscape. It characterizes their basic features, colonization rate, role the play in maintaining biodiversity and their significance for nature conservation. In the practical part of my thesis, I am focusing on small ponds in CHKO Broumovsko and analyzing them in context with their possible colonization. The main aspects that I take into consideration, are their spatial distribution, age, biotopes in which they are situated, their relation to streams and terrain in their surroundings. The result of my work is cathegorization of the ponds, which reflects these characteristics and defines groups of potentially similar and different ponds. Hypothesis that emerged from this cathegorization will be further used in biodiversity research within my subsequent master thesis. Key words: small ponds, biodiversity, colonization, mapping, cathegorization
Seasonal and long-term dynamic of plankton communities of small water-bodies
Pejsar, Patrik ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Juračka, Petr Jan (referee)
Zooplankton pool-inhabiting organisms form metacommunities and metapopulations. Locations are connected through dispersion which is an essential part of colonization-extinction dynamic. Locations vary with the environmental conditions, the specifics of the community and the biotic interactions taking place there. Differences in these parameters may occur between spatially separated pools or in one pool throughout time. These changes are caused by seasonal dynamics, disturbances, long-term development of environmental conditions or biotic factors such as predation, competition and parasite influence. On a long-term scale the locations are classified into rather stable and ephemeral. In pool environment the ephemeral locations may unexpectedly be the driving force of metacommunity and metapopulation processes according to the "inverse mainland-island" theory. Global climate change has an essential influence on zooplankton dynamic in smaller water-bodies. Hydrology of pools and through it also life dynamics of plankton organisms is directly influenced by temperature changes and precipitation. Regional metacommunity and metapopulation dynamics are changing in dependency on regional course of climate change and the specifics of these water-bodies and the communities living there.
Local dispersal of Golden-ringed dragonfly Cordulegaster boltonii
Hančíková, Barbora ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Dolný, Aleš (referee)
We carried out a pilot study of local dispersion and patterns of movement of Golden- ringed dragonfly Cordulegaster boltonii (Odonata: Cordulegasteridae). Cordulegasteridae is a family with many primitive traits present and rather restricted geographical distribution ranges (at least among European species). Their migration seems to be limited despite the body size that predetermines them to high mobility over large spatial scale. Linear habitat (upper parts of narrow forest streams) specialisation along with behavioural ecology (peculiar premating habit of scanning streams for females) is a unique life history, which bring lot of questions. We collected mark-release-recapture data during two adult flight seasons in year 2010 and 2011. We were simultaneously capturing patrolling males along three separate streams (Dračice, Koštěnický and Struha) in total length of 9.9 km in, located in the Natural park Česká Kanada, in the Southern Czech Republic. We captured and marked 440 individuals and recorded 113 recapture events (26 % recapture rate) in year 2010 and 355 individuals were marked, 171 recapture events made (48 % recapture rate) in 2011. Our data suggested high level of stream fidelity (only 10 inter stream dispersal events, 2.8 % dispersal rate). What was as well reflected in a closeness of...
Genetic and morphological diversity of Central European populations of the genus Acanthocyclops
Slouková, Jana ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Přikryl, Ivo (referee)
Abstract This study aims to compare morphological and genetic diversity of Central European populations of Acanthocyclops vernalis-robustus species group. To asssess a genetic differentiation on a species level, 12S rRNA gene was used because of suitable evolution rate. Additional analysis of otherwise widely used CO I gene was not successful as the PCR amplification of this gene was successful only for some A .trajani populations, and it failed for the others. Genetic analysis of 12S rRNA validated the recent morphological redescription and establishment of three separate species: A. vernalis (Fischer, 1853) A. trajani and A. einslei (Mirabdullayev and Defaye, 2002; 2004). In general on 12S rRNA, the intraspecific variation was negligible in comparison to interspecific one. All of four analyzed populations of A. einslei shared one haplotype, as well as 12 from 14 populations of A. trajani did. The highest intra-specific variability was recorded in 5 populations of A. vernalis (0.5 - 5.6 %). Morphological determination and morphometrics of all analyzed individuals has been performed without using so called micro-characters, on which the description of A. einslei and A. trajani (Mirabdullayev & Defaye 2002, 2004) mainly relies on. From my morphometric analyses, the shape and armature of distal endopodal...
Cross-taxon congruence in species diversity in non-forest habitats
Hřebíková, Veronika ; Sedláček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Černý, Martin (referee)
Estimating of the overall species diversity at any place on Earth is very difficult. Generally, we use only several surrogate taxa for predicting of species diversity of other groups. Typically, these surrogates are represented by well observable and conspicuous organisms (e.g. plants, butterflies, large beetles, birds). The first part of my theses presents the basic insight in the species concepts used in biodiversity conservation - umbrella, indicator, flagship, and surrogate species. The second part focuses on the use of these concepts in practice. I discuss the conclusion of studies that focus on evaluation of species concepts in biodiversity conservation, with a special regard on non-forest habitats. In the last chapter, I deal with the impact of management practices in non-forest habitats on different taxa of organisms. KEYWORDS: biodiversity, keystone species, umbrella species, flagship species, surrogate species, non-forest biotops, management

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