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Uplatnění vybrané plodiny v rámci programu "fair trade"
Černý, Martin
This work deals with Fairtrade sugar trade, maps terms related to the Fair Trade organization and Fairtrade trade. It also deals with the growing of the sugar beet and sugar cane and compares its growing demands, describes differences between production of sugar from the sugar beet and sugar cane and the importace of both plants and sugar for Czech republic. The second part of the work is research mapping knowledges about fairtrade, related terms and respondents interest in the origin of sugar they consume.
Analýza druhového složení vegetace ve vinicích vybraných vinařských obcí
Černý, Martin
Diploma thesis of theme: Analysis of Species Composition of Vegetation in Vineyards of Selected Wine-Growing Villages deals with the evaluation of weed species composition in wine-growing villages Hlohovec, Moravský Žižkov, Sudoměřice and Horní Dunajovice. Observations were made in July 2018 and the composition of weed species was evaluated by using the phytocoenological surveys. Recorded data were statistically processed by DCA analysis, followed by RDA analysis and their output was ordination diagrams. 172 species were observed in all vineyards. In the vineyards of the wine-growing village Hlohovec were mainly species: Chenopodium hybridum, Artemisia absinthium, Consolida regalis. In the vineyards of the wine-growing village of Moravský Žižkov were mainly species: Plantago major, Festuca rubra, Carduus acanthoides, There were species in the vineyards of the wine-growing village of Sudoměřice: Festuca pratensis, Daucus carota, Picris hieracioides. In the vineyards of the village of Horní Dunajovice were mainly species: Trifolium repens, Hieracium pilosella, Cirsium arvense.
Marine Mammals as Apex Predators
Slavíčková, Tereza ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Storch, David (referee)
Amongst marine mammals there are many predators, however only four species can be considered truly apex predators. Polar bears, killer whales, leopard seals and sperm whales all dominate their environments, moreover, killer whales and sperm whales hold their position at the top of trophic relationships globally. Apart from being generally abundant and being large in relation to their closely related species, these four predators share very little. They differ in social structure, foraging ecology, life histories and levels of intraspecific cooperation. Very few studies focus on what characteristics makes each one of them such a dominant predator. Considering how abundant these species and their prey are, there is not enough research exploring predatory and non-predatory interactions with other large mammalian predators of our oceans. Our understanding of trophic relationships, large predators' influence on species hierarchy and ecosystem balance is poor. Considering the influence human population has on the oceans and large marine predators, more future research should be focused on exploring the complex interspecific relationships.
Apartment house
Černý, Martin ; Hrochová, Žaneta (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the design of an apartment building in Humpolec. It is an apartment building, which has four floors above ground and one underground floor. On the first floor part of the house is designed for administration. The building is built on a slightly sloping terrain and is free-standing. Main entrance with entrance to the collective garage is situated to the southwest, where the existing access road is. Nine different housing units are designed. The construction system is made of ground ceramic blocks. The ceilings are made of prestressed panels and the roof is single skin. The work contains project documentation of the actual implementation.
The law is the same for all but ignorance of law is no excuse
Černý, Martin ; Cvrček, František (advisor) ; Maršálek, Pavel (referee)
The law is the same for all but ignorance of law is no excuse. Abstract: This work discusses the comprehensibility and accessibility of law by the general public. Its goal is to analyse the barriers that make it difficult for the public to understand law. The instability and bad quality of statutes are identified as the key issues of law-making. The main reason for both of these problems is the motivation of politicians to present themselves as active legislators and gain publicity. The law publication is currently undergoing a transformation in the Czech Republic. This is due to the implementation of the e-Collection and e-Legislation. A great improvement will be achieved by the publication of consolidated texts. A personalized dissemination of legal information could be one of the future steps. The application of law by the Czech judiciary is of a very high standard but suffers from long proceedings. I confronted the theoretical conclusions with available research. I also tested selected government solutions. The Czech Republic is investing in digitalization, but the results are still unsatisfactory due to the poor quality of the services. In the last part of my work I suggested a solution based on the parallel between legal systems and software applications. My proposition is to divide law into three...
Genetic diversity of central European Cyclopsspecies
Krajíček, Martin ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Hudec, Igor (referee)
I studied the genetic diversity of central European Cyclops (Crustacea, Copepoda) species. The present thesis deals with all species of the genus Cyclops known from the Czech Republic (C. strenuus, C. vicinus, C. abyssorum, C.insignis, C. singularis and C. furcifer); the occurrence of C. singularis and C. heberti there is recorded herein for the first time. Other two species under study are C. ochridanus, an endemic species from the Ohrid lake, and an apparently new species of the genus Cyclops from the Retezat Mts. in Romania. Populations of Cyclops abyssorum from Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland were studied as well. The amplification of a part of the COI mitochondrial gene, using the universal arthropod primer (Folmer et al. 1994) or primers derived from it, was successful only in less than half of the populations under study. In contrast, amplification of a part of the 12S srRNA gene, using the primer of Machida et al. (2002), worked very well in all the populations. Cyclops abyssorum, a morphologically and ecologically variable species, showed very low between-population sequence polymorphism. The ecotypes "praealpinus", "divulsus" and "tatricus" seem to lack a species or subspecies status. They are likely to be, as Einsle (1980) supposed, morphological variations only. Populations of C....
Factors affecting the metacommunity structure of major freshwater invertebrate groups
Nagy, Alexander ; Juračka, Petr Jan (advisor) ; Černý, Martin (referee)
Freshwater organism communities are dependent on the ability of dispersion among habitats through inhospitable terrestrial environment. Therefore, these organisms have developed a variety of dispersal mechanisms. Some species are able to overcome barriers via active dispersion, but most freshwater invertebrates are passive dispersers, depending on abiotic or biotic vectors. Abiotic vectors are e.g., wind or floods, while biotic vectors are other animals such as birds. By linking several locations with dispersion, and thus with a gene flow, a meta- community is created. This is influenced by many factors, including habitat abiotic conditions, especially altitude, and biotic interactions, such as competition and predation. Freshwater invertebrate communities are very complex and influenced by many factors with varying degrees of influence.
Determination of the mechanical properties of materials used for 3D printing
Černý, Martin ; Sliwková, Petra (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
The thesis deals with the determination of mechanical properties of materials used for 3D printing (ABS, nylon and PLA). Standardized samples produced using a 3D printer using the Fused Deposition Modeling method were subsequently used for mechanical testing. The work is also extended to determine the mechanical properties of samples made by Soft Tooling. For the production of Soft Tooling samples, polyurethane resins SG 2000 and SG 145 were used. Individual materials were analyzed by mechanical tests (tensile test and hardness test). Surface integrity parameters have also been determined for 3D-printed materials. Parameters were selected from the individual tests (tensile strength, modulus of elasticity) ductility and hardness), which were subsequently statistically processed. The work is concluded by evaluating the results obtained, which were compared with the values given in material sheets.

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