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Aquatic insects versus fish: adaptations to fish predation
Chawner, Adam Mark ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Jor, Tomáš (referee)
in English In this thesis, I review how aquatic insects have adapted to fish predation in various habitats during all phases of their life cycles. Aquatic insects are a large group of heterogeneous species and this review introduces these orders and species, including the environments they inhabit. Fish are some of the most common and most impactful predators of aquatic insects and this thesis identifies a wide range of behavioural, morphological, chemical and life history defence mechanisms of various complexity and uniqueness aquatic insect orders have developed to counter fish predation. Most aquatic insects are subject to predation during their aquatic larval stage. A few orders also inhabit the water as adults, as is the case most notably for aquatic Coleoptera. More complex adaptations to fish predation are presented in this order. Oviposition is noted as a strategy used to negate fish predation even before individuals hatch. The use of fish predation as means to control mosquito larvae communities is presented and reviewed. Keywords: aquatic insects, fish predation, defence mechanisms, adaptation to predation
Effect of global climate change on areal and phenology shifts of dragoflies species
Perthen, Ervín ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Bílková, Eva (referee)
Climate change in recent decades affects the distribution and phenology of dragonflies. The main factor causing these changes is the increase in the average global temperature, but other factors, such as loss of habitats or changes in precipitation regime, also play a role. As a result of climate change, phenological processes are accelerating. We can therefore observe a faster egg development rates, an earlier emergence of adults, a longer flight period and also a shift in voltinism towards a greater number of generations per year. Good dispersal abilities allow dragonflies to respond to changing environmental conditions also by shifting their distribution. The ranges of most species are currently expanding towards the poles. Generalists and species capable of using temporary waters expand their ranges the most, while specialized species with a narrow niche are the most threatened by climate change. Shifts are also visible in the altitudinal distribution, increasing temperatures allow warm- adapted species to expand their ranges to higher altitudes. Keywords: climate change, dragonflies, distribution, phenology, temperature, altitudinal shift
Visual orientation of dragonflies - using polarized light
Kalavská, Tereza ; Černý, Martin (advisor) ; Kolář, Vojtěch (referee)
Polarized light is a physical phenomenon that is quite common in the nature. It has been known for a long time that some animals use such kind of light for various purposes in their lives. This group also includes dragonflies, which use horizontally polarized light to detect areas of water where mating and egg-laying takes place. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to summarize the current knowledge of the visual orientation of dragonflies in space using polarized light. In my thesis, I focus on habitat selection and in which spectrum range dragonflies can perceive polarized light. Furthermore, I focus on the area of perception of polarized light by dragonfly larvae in the aquatic environment, which has not been properly researched yet as there are very few studies. Key words: orientation, insects, dragonflies, visual, polarized light, habitat selection
Segmentation of Electrocardiographic Signals Using Deep Learning Methods
Hejč, Jakub ; Černý, Martin (referee) ; Halámek, Josef (referee) ; Kolářová, Jana (advisor)
The thesis deals with deep learning methods for the segmentation of surface and intracardiac electrocardiographic recording with focus on atrial activity. The theoretical part introduces current segmentation aproaches of electrocardiographic signals. Issues related to the development of deep learning models in context of standard ECG databases were also discussed. We proposed a pipeling for processing multimodal electrophysiology data from interventional procedures in order to build reliable training datasets. A deep model for segmentation of intracardiac recordings based on a modified residual architecture was proposed. A series of experiments was conducted to evaluate the effect of both model and dataset properties on segmentation quality. The annotation methodology of recordings with atrial fibrillation proved to be a crucial factor. Properties of loss function and type of data augmentation were revealed as secondary important parameters. A novel P wave segmentation method for incomplete references was proposed in the thesis. The approach was inspired by the deep contrast learning. It was modified to distinguish local segments of signals at different levels of abstraction of the extracted feature maps. Results were analyzed using standard quality metrics and post-hoc visual analysis. In some cases, a statistical comparison of experiments for different settings was performed. The results of the work showed that it is possible to use intracardiac signals for embedding a vector representation of local atrial activation into deep models.
Desing and Production of Plastic Adapter to Floor Nozzle
Černý, Martin ; Sliwková, Petra (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
This work deals with the design and manufacture of prototypes of plastic reduction to the floor nozzle. Individual shapes and dimensions of the reduction are designed and constructed in 3D parametric software Autodesk Inventor. Models of reduction are produced using an additive method of Fused Deposition Modeling utilizing a 3D printer uPrint. Work is completed techno-economic evaluation with the subsequent analysis and overall evaluation of the applied technology.
Development of the Control program for Total station for athletics field Events
Papež, Jakub ; Černý, Martin (referee) ; Kuruc, Michal (advisor)
In this Bachelor’s thesis is created system MERADIS, which controls a total station, measure angles and lengths and processes the measured values. The system is designed for use in measuring performance in athletic field events. In the introductory part of this work are presented athletic field events and their measurement. Next part is devoted analyzes of measurement accuracy and measurement development program. The last part briefly describes the individual components of the system MERADIS.
Design of Data Acquisition Equipment IMC Fastening System in the Car
Černý, Martin ; Jeník, Radomír (referee) ; Ramík, Pavel (advisor)
Devices for measuring the dynamic load and vibration of certain parts of the bodywork or parts of other parts of the vehicle are made using accelerometers and measuring instruments IMC. It must be simply installed into the interior of the vehicle so that it is not necessary to remove any parts of the interior and to avoid damage to all parts of the interior. The preparation must also withstand the considerable dynamic load generated by the harder operation tests.
Analysis of escape routes in 3D building model
Marešová, Kristýna ; Bartoněk, Dalibor (referee) ; Černý, Martin (advisor)
The primary object of the master thesis is creating escape route analysis in 3D model of a building. Analysis is created using mainly open source tools like PostgreSQL with PostGIS and pgRouting extensions.
Modification of a diesel generator for parallel operation with the grid
Černý, Martin ; Ctibor, Jiří (referee) ; Knobloch, Jan (advisor)
This works applies the idea of adjustment an engine-generator, so it is possible to connect an engine-generator, or other type of a generator, to the electricity. Consequently, the machine can transform the power supply without an outage. This work concerns the complex approach, provides the descriptions of particular parts, sensors and active components of a motor-generator and includes the explanation of their function. Further research is focused on designing and drawing a plan with a choice of a control unit for the whole system. Finally, the work deals with the complex implementation and testing the machine in real operation.
Apartment house
Černý, Martin ; Hrochová, Žaneta (referee) ; Sedláková, Markéta (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the design of an apartment building in Humpolec. It is an apartment building, which has four floors above ground and one underground floor. On the first floor part of the house is designed for administration. The building is built on a slightly sloping terrain and is free-standing. Main entrance with entrance to the collective garage is situated to the southwest, where the existing access road is. Nine different housing units are designed. The construction system is made of ground ceramic blocks. The ceilings are made of prestressed panels and the roof is single skin. The work contains project documentation of the actual implementation.

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