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Study of implementation of SPC statistical method for control of technological operations
Ondruška, Jan ; Zeman, Karel (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The master’s thesis contains a procedure of implementation of statistical process control for a machining process in a chosen company. The method is based upon knowledge of this topic which are mentioned in the first part of the thesis. The output is a comparison of general process performance before and after implementation of the above-mentioned statistical method and evaluation of the influence of this new method at the process. The comparison is done using hypothesis testing of specific statistical variables and analysis of process performance and capability of both data sets. The acquired knowledge and experience will be used for implementation of statistical process control for other processes in the company’s production portfolio.
Mechanical properties of fiber reinforced composites for automotive applications
Bayer, Adam ; Žídek, Jan (referee) ; Jančář, Josef (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis deals with studying mechanical features of fiber composites. As a matrix was chosen PMMA and as reinforcement was chosen glass fabric. Theoretical part sums up contemporary issues of polymer composites in automotive industry such as their production techniques and methods of impregnation. In experimental part were prepared samples by block polymerization of 30 % solution PMMA in monomer with initiator by 65° Celsius warmth oath, when was fabric directly unfolded in pre-polymer solution. On these samples were executed tensile tests by testing device Zwick and these samples were compared with results of theoreticaly calculated values.
PC application design animation scripts for animated features headlamps / tail lamps.
Kalina, Michal ; Macho, Tomáš (referee) ; Valach, Soběslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with design and creation of user-friendly computer application, which is in the simple and intuitive way capable of creating animation scripts for animated features of headlamps and tail lamps used in automotive industry. Part of this solution is visualization of these scripts using miniature computer Raspberry PI and suitable diplay device.
Optimization of the Armrest Manufacturing Process
Baláž, Branislav ; Juřica, Pavel (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the optimization of production processes taking place in the manufacturing company IAC Group Slovakia. The work includes a presentation of the company and an analysis of the current state of production processes taking place in the company. The theoretical part of the work describes the methods of lean manufacturing, basic concepts associated with the process management of the organization. In the analytical part, the manufacturing company is first introduced and a global analysis of processes is performed. Then a specific production process is analyzed, which will be optimized. The proposed part shows the proposed part of the process and there are evaluated the benefits of the proposed solution.
Comparison of steels and technologies in car bodywork production
Wojcik, Rudolf ; Šlais, Miroslav (referee) ; Dohnal, Ivo (advisor)
The project developed in the bachelor study describes the types of steel and technologies of car bodywork. The introductory chapter contains a brief description of the various parts of the body. The distribution, characteristics and uses of steel follow. The summary contains a set of technologies, including hydroforming method, hydro-mechanical forming technology, hot forming technology and tailor-welded blanks.
Measurement of mechanical quantities with the support of CCD cameras
Marek, Petr ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Havlíková, Marie (advisor)
This master’s work deals with types of digital cameras used in industry. Furthermore, there are mentioned application areas of cameras in the automotive industry. There was created searches industrial cameras on the market. In the next part is described hardware interconnection of Basler acA 1300-60gc camera and measuring platform cDAQ 9178. Part of this work is to create a system for synchronization of camera and measured data. In the last part is developed program for image processing and determine the angle of rotation of the steering wheel.
Concept design of a Long-Range Car
Baka, Michal ; Siebert, Petr (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis is concept design long-range car of future, using electric drive. The main goal is to solve analyzed problems, which are reflected in the conceptual design of the vehicle that meets the ergonomic, technical and visual aspects, all focused in car interior.
Identification and prevention of errors during the assembly of air-conditioning systems
Vyškovský, Jan ; Krbalová, Maria (referee) ; Kotek, Luboš (advisor)
The subject of this master thesis is identification and prevention of mistakes during assembly process of air conditioning system in automobile industry. Thesis was created at Halla Visteon Climate Control Company in the Nový Jičín. The theoretical part is dealing with failure mode and effect analysis and seven quality basic tools for detection of failure and prediction of the failure. The practical part is focused on identification and analysis of failures at the assembly line.
The Comparison of Innovation of Automotive Industy in V4 Countries.
Jakubčík, Petr ; Krška, Petr (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
Bachelor thesis focuses on the comparison of innovations in the automotive industry compared to Visegrad Four. It compares the development of automotive production in individual countries including economic indicators that affect it. It also looks for incentives for innovation in the Czech Republic and looks for the reasons for innovation activities and suggests investment opportunities for innovation.
Rapid Prototyping Technology in Automotive Industry
Skrutek, Ivo ; Svída, David (referee) ; Ramík, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis offer basic overview about today´s Rapid Prototyping technologies, their principles and possibilities of usage in automotive industry. It is aimed on the description of each method, explanation of function, depicting advantages and disadvantages For each individual case there are some real examples of usage RP technology in automotive industry. One part shows practical process of producing part by FDM. At the end is mentioned a possible development of this technology in future and her widening in automotive industry.

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