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Longitudinal Dynamics Control for Vehicle Platooning
Straka, Václav ; Míša, Jiří (referee) ; Fojtášek, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design a test model for testing a longitudinal dynamics control algorithm for driving in an automated convoy. The thesis will include a brief research section, a summary of currently used solutions for automated convoy testing, the design of algorithms for maintaining spacing by sensor-based dynamics control, and finally the construction of a virtual automated convoy with a single vehicle longitudinal dynamics control algorithm.
Šmak, Martin ; Fojtášek, Jan (referee) ; Zháňal, Lubor (advisor)
Hybrid motorcycles represent opportunity in reducing fuel consumption and emissions of motorcycles, but also in increasing overall performance parameters while preserving the original propulsion unit. The thesis deals with the design solution of a hybrid motorcycle and its simulation in various operating modes. The model is compared to a conventional motorcycle model, and the differences between both concepts are observed. Simulations have shown higher acceleration and lower fuel consumption in the hybrid concept for most tests, except for highway traffic. The largest difference in fuel consumption of hybrid motorcycle was evident in urban traffic, where the use of a hybrid motorcycle proved to be suitable.
Virtual Testing for ADAS and Autonomous Driving
Novák, Adam ; Repka, Martin (referee) ; Fojtášek, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with methods for testing ADAS and autonomous driving. To introduce the subject, the concepts of ADAS and autonomous vehicle are first discussed. The functionality of these systems would not be possible without sensors monitoring the vehicle's surroundings, so the most used types of these sensors are described in more detail. Then, the thesis focuses on the testing itself. The testing takes place virtually or fully in a real environment. The advantages and disadvantages of these two different approaches are mentioned. Within the virtual, the principles of the different XiL testing methods are explained, and within the real, the options of tests in normal traffic and on proving grounds are explained. The final part is a description of CarMaker and its comparison with other softwares also used for virtual testing. An example scenario in which the automatic emergency braking system is triggered is used for the description.
Driveline Design and Testing Methods
Poláček, Jan ; Straka, Tomáš (referee) ; Fojtášek, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the methods of designing and testing of vehicle drivetrains. The first part of the thesis describes and explains the individual drivetrain components and their possible arrangements. Then, the test methods used in the development of vehicle drivetrains, which are increasingly demanded in terms of their efficiency and reliability, are explained. Therefore, this thesis summarizes the sophisticated simulation tools used in the design and development of vehicle drivetrains. In conclusion of thesis the importance of simulation and testing of drivetrain is considered.
Dynamic Model of Air Suspension System
Janečková, Radka ; Zháňal, Lubor (referee) ; Fojtášek, Jan (advisor)
This master’s thesis is about creating a dynamic model of pneumatic suspension. At first reader gets to know some general information about pneumatic suspension like: classification of this type of suspension, historical development and how modern air suspension systems work. Next, there is review of some created analytical models of this type of suspension. Last but not least, the new dynamic model of air suspension is created in the software ADAMS/Car. It is tested in different types of analysis, such as quasistatic or dynamic suspension analysis and then the model is implemented in the full vehicle Tatra T158 4x4 and more analysis are made. The new model is then evaluated in terms of pros and cons.
Measuring tyre characteristics in the longitudinal direction on a Formula student car
Dvořák, Daniel ; Fojtášek, Jan (referee) ; Míša, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with longitudinal characteristics of tyres. Its goal is to create measuring algorithm and a whole process of measurement for these characteristics. The introductory part contains descriptions of key parameters. Following is the description of specific procedures leading to determination of these parameters. Thesis also includes description of sensors which are used for measurement of key parameters. The emphasis of the thesis is targeted towards keeping the costs low and making the whole process as repeatable and simple to prepare as possible. The proposed methodology in this thesis considers use of measured data in combination with data determined by performing analysis in Adams View. This analysis is necessary for determination of values of our coefficients, which deal with anti-feature parameters of the suspension. The final data processing and evaluation of the results is performed in MATLAB software.
Impact of cross-country double earth faults on voltage condition in LV networks
Fojtášek, Jan ; Vyčítal, Václav (referee) ; Topolánek, David (advisor)
This master's thesis is focused on the influence of double earth fault on voltage ratios in the compensated network. This thesis is focuses on, in particular on the analysis of voltage ratios on the secondary sides of distribution transformers when this non-local fault occurs. The compensation of the non-local double earth fault using the symmetrical components method is performed and the performance of this method is verified. The analysis of the effect of double earth fault on the proposed power system is carried out in PSCAD software and further evaluated. This type of non-local fault is investigated while modifying the various parameters of the designed system. To differentiate the double earth fault from the two phase ground fault, the asymmetry on the LV sides of the distribution transformers is investigated. A locator is provided to locate the location of the double earth fault and the two-phase ground fault, which, combined with the asymmetry values, is able to determine both the location of the fault and the differentiation of the co-located fault from the non-co-located fault.
System of adaptive rear axle steering
Dostál, Marek ; Fojtášek, Jan (referee) ; Míša, Jiří (advisor)
The topic of this master’s thesis is the design and optimization of adaptive rear axle steering algorithm used on a Formula Student race car. The main goal of the thesis is to analyse a vehicle transient state to develop a vehicle dynamics control system by changing rear wheel slip angles. A steering function was built, which was then optimised by MBS simulations. Simulations were validated by measurement with Correvit optical sensor. Additionally, the steering function algorithm was improved by rear axle compliance compensation. Compliance in lateral direction was measured on the real car. Finally, the whole mechanism has been assembled and tested.
Road racing sidecar F2 cathegory
Šťáva, Rudolf ; Fojtášek, Jan (referee) ; Tobiáš, Martin (advisor)
Thesis defines the history and characteristics of sidecars in the period before and during World War II. It contains a description of modern sidecars and their constructions. It also focuses on the design of chassis for a specific racing sidecar of the F2 category and the evaluation of strength results in the program ANSYS Workbench 2021. Lastly, it evaluates the results of the stiffness of my design solution with the results of the already analysed and existing structure.
Electric Longboard Powertrain Design
Pliešovský, Libor ; Tobiáš, Martin (referee) ; Fojtášek, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design of electric longboard drivetrain for commuting. The first part deals with the recherche of electric longboards and drivetrain concept selection. The second part contains the design of the whole assembly with focus on the drivetrain. The last part is devoted to the longitudinal driving dynamics.

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